Influence, Excitement, Time

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Monday through Thursday

by Beth McLendon

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A Spiritual Checkup 

A Spiritual Checkup

that focuses on the words:

Influence, Excitement, and Time.

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Monday September 5, 2016

The First Word is Influence.

Who influences you?      Who is important to you? 

   Who are you dedicated to?  

Who or what do you spend
your time and money serving?


Who influences you the most?

Is it your friends,

is it your spouse,

is it your parents,

is it the internet,

is it movies,

is it your entertainment heroes?

Who has the most power to influence you?

      How much does God influence you?

Is God so important to you that you listen carefully to what he says?

Does God’s words written in the Bible make a difference to you?

If God says something in his word


everybody disagrees with it -

how much influence does God have with you?


If something on television

or in a movie

disagrees with the Bible,

do you believe in what the Bible says


are you more influenced by what the media says?


 In your day to day life, are you more influenced by what the Bible says or are you more influenced

  • By  what the internet says or
  • By  what TV says or
  • By  what people in your daily life say?


Tuesday September 6, 2016

The Next Word is Excitement.

How Excited are you about God?

Are you as excited about God as you are about your favorite sports teams, your hobbies, your favorite pastimes, your friends?

Think about watching your favorite baseball teams and football teams play. What is your sports-watching behavior look like?

When you go to a game, do you sit quietly and observe others around you as they are standing and cheering and waving? Are you standing and cheering with them?

Do you give as much excitement to God as you do your sports teams? 

Do you have as much excitement

about God

as you have about watching your child

play sports

or participate in gymnastics or dance, etc?

Do you have as much excitement about God as you do the things of this world?


Wednesday September 7, 2016

The Final Word is Time.

Where do you put your time?

Where do you give your time?      

Where do you give your free time?    

How much of your free time

do you give to the Lord?

How much time do you spend

with God?

If you were to die
right now,
would you be eager
to see God face to face?


Is God your best friend


constant companion?


Are you eager to one day 

go to heaven

and be with him?

Are you looking forward to

hearing the Lord say to you,

“Well done thy good and faithful servant?”

Will you hear something like that

from the Lord

because of your love and dedication to him?

Think about what it would be like to suddenly be face to face with God.

Allow that to motivate you to make positive changes in your life.

How long has it been since

you had some quality time with God?

For many people seeing the Lord for the first time, God might say, “I haven’t heard from you in months.” For some people, he might say, “I haven’t heard from you in years.”

But rest assured that no matter how long it has been,

God is thrilled to hear from you!

Is God boring......irrelevant..... or is he your best friend?

Words matter.

Actions matter.

                       Time - How do we use it?

God calls us to

Spend Time with Him.

Thursday September 8, 2016

Influence……. Excitement…….. Time

The Lord gives each of us an assignment. After we are born again, he tells us to go and make disciples.

Are you making disciples of Jesus Christ?

Are your words giving glory to God?

Are you sharing with people how important God is to you?

Are your actions showing people your dedication to God?

Words are important.  

Actions are important.

Even if you are extremely close to the Lord, I encourage you to ask God about those three words:

   1.   "God, is the amount of  influence  you have on my life appropriate for YOU - the king of kings and Lord of Lords?"

   2.  "God, is my  excitement  toward you equal to my excitement toward things in my life and people in my life?"

   3.  "God, is the amount of  time  I spend with you talking with you, reading your word, and serving others in your name -  is it adequate?  Is it enough time to develop a good relationship with you, God?"

I challenge each of us to make sure that life hasn’t gotten so busy that we have moved God aside.

Today and everyday  - make sure that God  is  first place in your life.

Be determined to

Create a Great Relationship

with God.

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