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Monday August 24, 2020

Watch, stand fast in the faith,

be brave, be strong.

1 Corinthians 16:13 NKJV

Dear Lord,

I need greater faith.

I need the kind of faith that will give me courage and motivate me to follow you each day.

I need the kind of faith that will stand up and say no when sin comes to tempt me.

I need the kind of faith that will choose to be alone rather than to be with people who do sinful things.

I need the kind of faith that can steady my knees when I have to walk down a difficult path for you.

I need mighty faith, strong faith, overcoming faith.

Lord, I ask for greater faith.

Lord, I will believe your promise that if I read your word, my faith will grow.

I declare today that I will read your word, and I will believe your word, and I will increase my faith.

I pray this prayer in Jesus' name,


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As our FAITH grows,

we change.

~ ~ ~

As our FAITH grows,

we begin to reject ungodly entertainment.

I will make the godly of the land my heroes


invite them to my home.

Psalm 101:6a TLB

The front door is not the only way people come into our home.

People also come into our home through our electronic devices.

Our television, DVD player, internet devices, etc. all bring people into our home.

As our FAITH grows,

we find ourselves more and more

choosing godly entertainment.

I will set no wicked thing

before mine eyes.

Psalm 101:3a KJV

Witchcraft, immoral sex,
strange music video rituals,
people mocking God,
are not
godly entertainment.

In a way, we could actually say that:

We dwell with those who entertain us.

Mine eyes shall be upon

the faithful of the land,

that they may dwell with me.

Psalm 101:6a KJV

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As our FAITH grows,

we value the wisdom in the Bible

more and more.

"Whatever things are true,

whatever things are noble,

whatever things are just,

whatever things are PURE,

whatever things are lovely,

whatever things are of good report,

if there is any virtue

and if there is anything

praiseworthy -

meditate on these things."

Philippians 3:8 NKJV

~ ~ ~

Would you pray with me?

Dear God,

Give me a wake-up call today about the things that I have been viewing and listening to that are not godly.

Remind me that I cannot follow the world and follow you also.

Remind me that you want me to become more and more like Jesus.



FAITH is believing God's Word.

1 John 3:3 tells us:

All who believe God's Word

purify themselves.


I know nothing about the speaker.


I have    NOT    listened to any

of the other 4 videos in this series.


is becoming more and more contaminated.

Dear Lord,

Draw me away from the world


closer to you every day.


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