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Proverbs 17:22

Laughter is GOOD medicine!

We NEED to laugh!


Have you ever had a brain freeze ....

And everyone is watching!


What did I just see?

Heads up!

Dangerous Toys

This hits close to home!

This youtube channel won't let me post that video on our website.

There's a reason


are called

Man's Best Friend.


Don't criticize your wife's judgment -


think about who she decided to marry.

What a Great Best Man!

Brotherly Love



Don't you just

love it

each time your pastor

has a new

sermon series?

Our church is like fudge - 

Sweet with a few nuts!

Weather map




News Anchor

isn't prepared for this.

This is not a spoof.

It is a real picture sent to them by the police.

Here are comments from people

who watched the above Youtube video:

* * Fun Fact: The guy turned himself in to show that he wasn’t that bad looking...

* * Imagine the confidence of that sketch artist.

* * When art students pass their college via online classes...

* * LOL...When he clarifies “the guy on the left” went to jail.

* * Don’t know what is more embarrassing... the sketch or the fact that he was caught.

* * If they going to rely on that description, they would arrest Pinocchio

* * I'm confused because it's both horrible and kind of precise at the same time.

Airline humor

An extra airline humor video

Police are investigating


 What is going on?

Two cats

having a casual conversation.

More cute than funny

More cat conversations -

I thought I knew

where this was going....




Truth is funny!

Church Chuckles

Let's sit back and relax

for a few minutes


watch a classic Andy Griffith show.

Barney buys his first car -

a used car from a sweet little old lady.

To see the entire show....

Putting the FUN in Funeral 

Please, don't listen to this

if you have

recently had a loved one die.

You might not think it is respectful.

This will only be funny 

to those who were awake during history class.

If you like this one - you might like this one

A woman says:

"If only my child would be this patient."

Dads Telling Jokes

Dad Jokes

skip to 45 seconds

Doggie Treats

Christmas Silly Song

And here is a


for some funny puns.

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