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This week's topic:

Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John


Day 1

Exploring the book

that Matthew wrote.


Matthew was one of the 12 disciples.

He was a tax collector.

He is also referred to as

Levi or the son of Alphaeus.

(See Mark 2:14)

Matthew was probably written
about 50 A.D.

This was probably the first Gospel written.


The key title
for Jesus in this book is


Matthew wanted to write a book of history

where Jesus is revealed as King.


The key image is a



Key Word:


used 28 times


Other key words -

Righteous, Righteousness,


The book was specifically written

to convince the Jews that

Jesus is Messiah.

Matthew uses many Old Testament quotes
convince the Jews
Jesus truly is the awaited Messiah.


16 times the book of Matthew

points to a fulfillment of the

Old Testament


We see the following phrase 16 times:

"This was done

that it might be fulfilled..."


Matthew is the book that

gives us

The Great Commission

to go and tell people

about Jesus.


Matthew 28:16-20

DISC Personality Styles

There are 4 main personality styles.

The "D" style.

The "I" style.

The "S" style.

The "C" style.

We are a blend of traits

from all four styles.

But each of us

has more traits

from one of the styles

than the other three.

The book of


is often a favorite of people with the


DISC personality style.

The "D" style is outgoing and task-oriented.

They usually like to look
the big picture
are not as interested
in getting or giving
lots of details.

"Ds" want people to get busy
DO something
not just
talk about doing something.

We see this idea

in the

Great Commission!

Day 2

Exploring the book


Mark wrote.


The view of the early church
Irenaeus, Tertullian and
Clement of Alexandria
was that
Mark wrote this book


that he got his information from Peter.

Papius tells us that  -

Elder John said Mark
was the interpreter of Peter.


So Peter told the stories to Mark,
and Mark wrote them down.

Some scholars believe that Mark was
John Mark
spoken about several times in the Bible:

Cousin of Barnabas - Col 4:10

Son of Mary who opened her home for church meetings - Acts 12:12

Accompanied Barnabas and Saul on their first missionary journey - Acts 12:25

Then left for Jerusalem - Acts 13:13

And some believe that Mark was the young boy in the Garden of Gethsemane as Jesus
was being betrayed - Mark 14:51-52


This book was probably written
about 67 A.D.

This was probably the third Gospel written.

It is the shortest Gospel.


The key title for Jesus in this book is



Mark was specifically written to the Roman Christians.


The key image is an


which is a strong servant


Key word found 34 times:


Note that:

a servant goes from one task
to another


Key Verse

"For even the Son of Man did not come
to be served,
to serve,
to give His life
a ransom for many."

Mark 10:45

DISC Personality Styles

The book of


is often a favorite of people with the


DISC personality style.

The "I" style is outgoing
and people-oriented.

They like short, fast-paced writing.

They like lots of action.

The book of Mark
has a
fast-moving style
takes us quickly
situation to situation.

Day 3

Exploring the book of Luke.


Luke was a traveling companion of Paul.

(2 Tim. 4:11 and Philemon 1:24)

He was a medical doctor.

(Col. 4:14)

Most scholars believe that Luke was a Gentile.

If he was,
he was the only Gentile
to write a book of the Bible.


This book was probably written
between 58-60 A.D.

It was probably
the second Gospel written.


The key title for Jesus in this book is

Son of Man.

It was used 80 times.


Luke was specifically writing to the Greeks.


The key image is a


Luke presents Jesus as the Perfect Man.

Jesus is 100% God and 100% Man.

The key verse is:

"For the Son of Man

has come to

seek and to save

that which was lost."

Luke 19:10


Luke gives us information
the birth of Jesus
he gives us
the lineage of Mary.

(Matthew gives us the lineage of Joseph even though Jesus is not the biological son of Joseph.)


Luke also wrote the book of

DISC Personality Styles

The book of


is often a favorite of people with the


DISC personality style.

The "C" style is reserved and task-oriented.

They usually like lots of detail.

They like to read things that are carefully researched and written.

Note that
Luke did careful research
about Jesus
writing the book of Luke.

In addition, there are extra details that are not in other Gospels such as:

Luke gives the most detailed
birth account of Jesus

Day 4

Exploring the book of John.


John was one of the 12 disciples.

John was a fisherman

He was probably the youngest of the disciples.

John's father was named Zebedee.

John's brother James was also one of the 12 disciples.

John and his brother James were sometimes called
"The Sons of Thunder."

In the book of John, he refers to himself as the disciple whom Jesus loved.


This book was probably written
about 85-90 A.D. making it the last Gospel to be written.

Most scholars believe that John knew about the other three Gospels.


John starts his book

writing about:


the beginning of time.

John emphasizes that:

Jesus is God.


Jesus has always been God.


Jesus always will be God.

God is: Father, Son, Holy Spirit

Click here

to learn more about

The Trinity of God


The key title for Jesus in this book is



John gives over 60 names for Jesus

such as:

The Lamb of God

The Vine

The Door

The Good Shepherd

John wanted to write a book to proclaim the deity of Christ.

John wrote it with the whole world

in mind.

He wanted to help everyone

accept Jesus as Savior and Lord.


Key Verse:

"But these are written
you may believe
that Jesus is the Christ,
the Son of God,
and that
believing you may have life in His name."

John 20:31


Two main Key Words:


used 98 times



used 36 times.


Other key words -

Father, Verily-Verily, Knowing, Witness


The key image is an



In addition to the Gospel of John,

John also wrote 

First John

Second John

Third John


DISC Personality Styles

The book of


is often a favorite of people with the


DISC personality style.

The "S" style is reserved and

"Ss" are very relational



John was the best friend of Jesus.

He was the disciple who was leaning on

Jesus' chest during the last supper.

Even though
John was a big strong man,
he was
in expressing his
overwhelming love
his Savior.

How close we are to God is dependent on us not God.

John WANTED to be very emotionally close to Jesus
the others were not as interested in that kind of closeness.

The "S" style is the largest style with between 30 - 35% of the population.

Then when you add people
whose second highest style is "S"
really covers
most of the population.

So when people say
that the book of John
is the most popular Gospel -
now you have
some new possible reasons
for its popularity.

Day 6

Matthew, Mark, and Luke


are called


Synoptic Gospels.


This is because they often have the same story with a different prospective.

Book         Differences     Agreements

Matthew              42%                 58%

Mark                     7%                   93%

Luke                     59%                   41%

John                     92%                    8%

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