Great Marriage Tips!

We have to gain tips

if we want a better marriage!

I'm Beth McLendon.

I want to introduce to you

the BEST couple

when it comes to marriage tips.

I have known them for about 15 years.

They don't have a perfect marriage

but they have a good, solid marriage,

and they are

two teachable people who want to continually

improve their marriage.

Here are three videos with


Beth's Tip

Consider this Marriage Thought

Consider finding joy in something your spouse likes

even though you don't naturally like it.

Consider asking God to help you like that thing

more than you do naturally. 

God has changed me in this area

and he can help you change too!

Lord of Miracles,

I want to be an Amazing Spouse -

no matter how my spouse acts toward me.



I want my spouse

to find that someone >

is me!

I want to show

Changing my Focus

How often do you put aside yourself

and concentrate on others?

The next video helps us

in that area. 


I know nothing about the man in the above video. This is the only video I have watched with him.  

Take Note:

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