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Newest Page:

Gratitude Prayer

New Pages:

Prayers for Pets - Prayers and Celebrations of Pets

Prayer for our Church - Prayers for the Local Church body

Prayer for Strengthening our Churches

Our list of Prayers

Prayer  for  Salvation

Prayers of Joy       (Not on the Navigation Bar)

Pray for Israel Praying Psalm 122  (Not on the Navigation Bar)

Prayer for Persecuted Christians    (Not on the Navigation Bar)

Godly Prayer for Money       (Not on the Navigation Bar)

Sample Prayers - Prayer for a difficult situation and prayer for healing

Prayer for a Sick Child 

Prayer for Courage

Prayer for a Broken Heart  

Prayer for Faith - Subtitle: Prayer for Difficult Times (Not on the Navigation Bar)

Morning Prayer

Bedtime Prayers  (Not on the Navigation Bar)

More Bedtime Prayer (Not on the Navigation Bar)

Miracle Prayer

Financial Prayers

Money Prayer found on the Making a Budget Page

Employment Prayer

Father's Love Prayer- (also called God's Love)

Intimacy with God (Not on the Navigation Bar)

Marriage Prayers

Marriage Prayers - to bring fun into your marriage

Wedding prayer for engaged couples. (Not on the Navigation Bar)

Wedding Dinner Prayer

50th Anniversary Prayer

Prayer for a Troubled Marriage    (Not on the Navigation Bar)

Powerful Prayers for Marriage Restoration     (Not on the Navigation Bar)

Prayer for women in an abusive marriage prayer for an abusive marriage


Prayer for Surgery   

Prayer for a Friend

Prayer for Protection    For a friend     (Not on the Navigation Bar)

Prayer for Men

Prayers for Women

Self-Acceptance (Prayer and Devotion)    (Not on the Navigation Bar)

Prayer for Contentment       

Prayer for Success      (Not on the Navigation Bar)

Prayer for Provision

Firefighter Prayer   -  Prayer and Tributes to Firefighters

Prayer for Despair

Prayer for Emotional Pain

Prayers for Hope

Prayer of Adoration - Music and Prayer to worship and adore the Lord

Cowboy Prayer - Prayer about thankfulness written for Cowboys

Prayer against Pride

Addiction Spiritual Warfare Prayer     (Not on the Navigation Bar)

Prayer for Children - for guidance and for salvation   (Not on the Navigation Bar)

The ones in this section are not on the Navigation Bar....

Cancer Prayer

Prayer for Nurses    

The Secret to Great Relationships - Developing a Tender Heart - Devotion and Prayer

Past Mistakes

Prayer for unmet desires

Prayer for single women that ministers to the emotions of those who are wanting a husband.

Prayer for single women - prayers for singles - who want a husband and child. This prayer ministers to the emotions.

Hannah's Prayer  - Prayer asking God to bring pregnancy and to protect the baby

Infertility prayer to bring understanding and to minister to the emotions of women who long for a baby.

Prayers for the sick

Prayer for the Nations

Soothing Evening Prayers    (Not on the Navigation Bar)

Prayers for Healing

Prayer and Teaching about Healing

Spiritual Warfare

Prayers for Strength

Prayer for Peace of Mind

Prayer for fighting Depression

Prayer for fighting Fear

Prayer to Celebrate and Honor the Men in our Church  (Not on the Navigation Bar)

Christian Fitness  - Prayer to Promote Exercise  (Not on the Navigation Bar)

Senior Citizen Fitness Prayer    (Not on the Navigation Bar)

Prayer and Amazing Insights to become sexually pure       (Not on the Navigation Bar)

Prayer for Enemies - (Not on the Navigation Bar)

Prayer for Patience - prayer for waiting on God and
                                      prayer for an even temper

Parenting Prayers - A general parenting prayer

Johnny Appleseed Prayer - A fun prayer to pray with your children.

Baby Prayer  (Not on the Navigation Bar)

Prayer for a Baby who is soon to arrive! (Not on the Navigation Bar)

Prayers for Children   (Not on the Navigation Bar)

Prayer for Prodigal Sons and Daughters      (Not on the Navigation Bar)

Parenting Prayers for “D” Parents (Not on the Navigation Bar)

Parenting Prayers for “I” Parents (Not on the Navigation Bar)

Parenting Prayers for “S” Parents (Not on the Navigation Bar)

Parenting Prayers for “C” Parents (Not on the Navigation Bar)

Invocation Prayer

Communion Prayer

Forgiveness of Sins prayer

Addiction Prayer

Graduation Prayers  (Not on the Navigation Bar)

Graduation Poem Prayer

Prayers for Prosperity

The Lord's Prayer

Bible Wisdom (Not on the Navigation Bar) Teaching and Prayer

Prayer for Grieving

Prayers for Grieving Spouses  (Not on the Navigation Bar)

Funeral Prayer  (Not on the Navigation Bar)

Funeral Prayers - Prayer and tips on comforting the family

Prayers for Pet Owners whose pet has died  (Not on the Navigation Bar)

Birthday Prayer  - A special prayer page that highlights God's love to you.

Prayer for our Country

Prayers for Soldiers - Lifting up our U.S. soldiers    (Not on the Navigation Bar)

National Day of Prayer 2013 -             Most Facebook likes of all our pages

National Day of Prayer 2014 - Emphasizing Personal Repentance


All Prayers related to Holidays are on our Special Prayers Page.

All Spanish Prayers are listed on Spanish Page.

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