Firefighter Prayer


Firefighter Prayer



This page is dedicated to those

who are prepared to Run into the Flames

while others are running out.


Our main purpose for this page is to

encourage and bless firefighters.


Our secondary purpose is to cultivate

greater appreciation, honor, and respect for firefighters.

First Prayer for Firefighters

God Almighty,

We worship you, the Eternal Flame.

Your holy fire purifies and cleanses. Through you, we are given life and life abundantly.

We come today to thank you for our beloved firefighters who are daily alert to the ferocious fires that seek to destroy both life and property.

Their bravery provides a loving canopy to our lives and our communities.

Loyal and true, they stand ready to protect and defend from the burning disasters that target our loved ones, our homes, our small towns, our big cities, our farms, and our forests.

As they daily stand guard waiting for calls of distress, draw them close to you and nourish them with heavenly blessings.

As they rush to emergencies, riding on engines of mercy, prepare them for the unknown challenges that they will face.

Whether the blaze is large or small,

protect them on each fire call.

After the fire has been quenched and they return to the station, we pray for refreshing times of rest.

Each day, Lord, may your wisdom guide them, your encouragement uplift them, and your love comfort them.


Copyright 2014 Beth McLendon of

More Firefighter Prayer

Dear Lord,

I lovingly lift up the firefighters of my community, and all the  firefighters around the globe.

As I think about firefighters, I think of bravery beyond comprehension.

I stand amazed as I realize that they stand daily ready to lay down their life for strangers.

These incredible men and women give their all to protect us.

Lord, I come to you this day asking that you generously shower on them, and on their families, miraculous blessings of every kind. 

In the mighty name of Jesus, I pray,


Copyright 2014 Beth McLendon of

A Trip to the Firehouse

As a previous preschool teacher,

I know that young children love to go to a firehouse!

There is nothing that lights up

a young child's eyes

like taking a trip to a fire station.

Bright fire engines

Impressive equipment

Friendly firefighters

A fire station has

the sights and sounds of heroes at work.

An Interview

with an adorable future firefighter!

God Bless our Firefighters


Firefighter Prayer to teach young children:

Dear God,

We lift up our firefighters in prayer.

Whether the blaze is large or small, protect them on each fire call.


Firefighters are always

Mission Ready


Prepared and Dedicated for Service

Another Firefighter Prayer of Appreciation

Dear Lord,

I come today thanking you for providing protection for me through an amazing group of people.

Today I feel so grateful for all the firefighters who are standing guard over me and over my community at this very moment.  Their silent love brings me a peaceful security that I rarely ponder.

Today, I ask that you would stand guard over them and keep them from harm.

May your protection and encouragement be renewed daily for them and their families.

In Jesus' mighty name, I pray,


Copyright 2014 Beth McLendon of

Tributes of Appreciation for Firefighters

Most of us have never put

our life on the line for another person.

Yet firefighters are prepared to do that on a daily basis.

Firefighters know, better than anyone,

the high cost of saving lives.


Firefighters are aware that as they whiz to a fire,

this may be

their last day or the last day of a buddy.


Risking it all, they rush into danger

to save a trapped person or even just to save

a home or someone's personal property.

To those who work to stop dangerous fires

from causing destruction

We Thank YOU!

Firefighter Prayer for God's Blessing

Dear God,

We ask that you would bless the firefighters who are reading this prayer.

We ask that you would surround them with your protection, guide them with your wisdom, provide them with the best equipment, enable them to build strong teams, and encourage them with joyful camaraderie as they take care of tasks around the fire station waiting for distress calls.

In Jesus' name we pray,


Copyright 2014 Beth McLendon of

The Life of Firefighters

The following video describes

Everyday Routines of Firefighters,

and it also explains

The Dangerous Challenges

of Firefighters

Great Firefighting Entertainment

The exciting life of firefighters provide the backdrop

to many great movies.

Here are two that I recommend:

Firehouse Dog

an entertaining movie for children, teens, and adults



an entertaining and inspirational movie for adults


Also for some great family entertainment

Don't forget about the old reruns of the T.V. show


Prayer for life at the Fire Station

Dear Lord,

We pray that our local fire station would be a place free of strife and disputes.

We ask that you would help the firefighters to keep it a warm place of harmony, peace, camaraderie, and good-natured fun.

In Jesus' name we pray,


Copyright 2014 Beth McLendon of

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