Prayer for Dedication

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Prayer for


- Deeper Dedication -

to God

First Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father,

You are the God of the Amazing.

You are the God of the Miraculous.

You are the God who has Captured my heart.

My love for you is ever deepening.

My understanding of you is ever widening.

My obedience to you is ever growing.

My heart is set on pleasing you.

I am leaving this prayer time
Freshly Focused, Faithful Follower of Jesus Christ.


Copyright © 2016 Beth McLendon of Inspirational –

This prayer is an adaption from our Generational Issues Prayer.

Lord of my Life,

I dedicate myself to you this day.

Today I will read the Word of God.

Today I will pursue godly thinking.

Thinking godly thoughts

protects me from sin.

Thinking godly thoughts

builds strength of character in me.

Thinking godly thoughts

grows my integrity.

Thinking godly thoughts

brings wisdom and self-control into my life.

Thinking godly thoughts

increases my love for others.


I realize that...

thinking godly thoughts,

reading the Word of God,

putting on Your Armor,



godly actions and attitudes,

will make me a strong, victorious Christian.

I dedicate my mind to you today.

I will meditate on godly things

and reject ungodly thoughts this day.


Copyright © 2015 Beth McLendon of

Dear God,

I will yield to you as you guide and direct me.

I will rise up when you call me.

I will speak when you nudge me.


I am well able to do what you send me to do.

Teach me to love you in a deeper way - in a more obedient way.

Teach me your truth. I do not want to resist you as you shape me into your vessel of love.

Give me thoughts that bring me into more obedience to you.

Give me motivation that propels me toward your will.


I will choose godly thoughts and actions.

I will choose to  walk in the destiny that you placed inside of me.

I will pay attention when you convict me. 

I will repent and learn to follow you more closely.

I will exercise self-control as you redirect me and quiet me.


Copyright © 2016 Beth McLendon of

Ephesians 5:1 TLB


Follow God's example

in everything you do

just as a much loved child

imitates his father.

Dear Lord,

Today, I want to rededicate myself

to following your will.

In loving devotion I pray,


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Dedication Prayer

and Proclamations

taken from


I will

Submit to God

Resist the devil

And he will flee

from me.


Prayer taken from James 4:7


O my God,

I trust,

lean on,

rely on,


am confident in You.


Prayer taken from Psalm 25:2a AMP

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