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Prayer against Insomnia

Prayer  against  Insomnia

~ ~ First Prayer ~ ~

Dear Lord,

I ask for your calmness and your relaxation to overwhelm me.

May your restful sleep envelop me.

I position myself to yield to your gift of sleep.

In Jesus' name I pray,


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Prayer to my Heavenly Father

Dear Loving Lord,

Help me to feel your peace as I come before you now
in prayer.

Help my body to relax.... my mind to be at rest.... and
my emotions to be calm.

I want to float in your arms like a little raft
on a lovely lake
on a lazy day.

I want to succumb to waves and waves of thoughts
of safety and security in you.

In love and devotion I pray,


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More Prayer Against Insomnia

Thank you, Lord,

Thank you for all the nights when sleep came easily.

Thank you for all the times when drowsiness rapidly overtook me and quickly brought sleep.

I will be thankful this day.

I will lift up praise to you.

I will rest and be still and know that you are God.

I am a much-loved child who loves and trusts Daddy God.


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Dear Lord,

You are the author of deep, relaxing sleep.

You want to calm me, comfort me, and relax me.

Lord, I am yielding to you.

I am yielding to your good plans for me this evening.

You have relaxing sleep waiting for me.

I will seek to rest in your arms this night.


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take my sleeplessness

and give me



we share more prayer,

we want invite you to our relaxing

Evening Prayers


Bedtime Prayers

Loving Lord,

For some unknown reason, I find myself wide awake
when I need to be sound asleep.

All the world is asleep and yet my heart is still awake.

Gently comfort me.

Peacefully calm me.

Bring your sweet sleep to me, I pray,


Copyright © 2016 Beth McLendon of

Before we share music

for this topic,

we want to say:

For some people, God may be drawing you

to consider  why you are awake.

For those people,
we have prayer at the bottom of the page.


We warmly present the music below

for your consideration.

For those who need to Hear God's love


"Think about His Love"


Let your love wash over me and soothe me

as I listen to this song.

May the Lord bless you

as you listen to

Warm Words and Gentle Music.

The above song has lyrics taken from

Numbers 6:24-27

For more songs to help you FEEL God's LOVE

please consider our page:

Feeling God's Love

Why am I awake?

Sometimes we find ourselves


late at night


God wants to get our attention




If you believe that is you -

we will highlight two reasons for you to consider.



Perhaps God wants you to

consider something.

Here is a prayer for that:

Loving Lord,

Why am I awake?

Help me see - what is keeping me awake.

Is it unfinished business -

unsettled emotions -

unsafe thoughts or fears?

Let me know if I need to address these issues tonight, or if I can let them wait until tomorrow.

Lord, then help me to place all my thoughts and feelings into your arms.

Lord, I call out for undisturbed sleep.

Bring drowsiness to your child.

In love I pray,


Copyright © 2016 Beth McLendon of


Perhaps God wants you to


Sometimes we are awake

in the wee hours,

because God wants us to pray for someone.

Here is a prayer for that:

Holy Heavenly Father,

In the late of night, you can do things

that are powerful, mountain-moving,



I think that you have me awake,

because you want me to pray for someone.

Put that someone on my heart - now.

Help my prayer for him or her

to be

full of your heart and your will

for him or her.

I wait quietly as you put someone on my mind.

In Jesus' name I pray,


Copyright © 2016 Beth McLendon of

If you would like some ideas


Prayers for Friends

we have an example below


you can quickly go to our page:

Prayers for Friends

Dear Lord,

I pray for _________ this day.

I ask that you would fill every weary area with


I ask that you would fill every financial lack area with


I ask that you would fill every doubt area with

strong faith.

I ask that you would fill every relationship need with


I ask that you would touch every healing need with

healing mercies.

In the awesome name of Jesus, I pray,


Copyright © 2015 Beth McLendon of

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