Prayers for Parents

Parenting is a unique adventure.

This "Prayers for Parents" page

is written to encourage you and assist you

with the ups and downs of raising children.

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Prayers for Children

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God calls us to Biblical parenting.

Raising a child involves an amazing process.

The spectacular parenting journey begins with a tiny child who is totally dependent for every need.

Toward the end of a parent's assignment,

we generally observe a young adult

who believes

he or she possesses

all the important knowledge in the world!

Children are a handful from the very beginning.

They regularly bring us situations that perplex even the most knowledgeable among us.

We cannot always prepare for what lies ahead, but we can learn Biblical principles that will help us with each circumstance we face.

Every child is unique and has special needs.

It is true that only God knows the exact needs of each child.

Only God knows everything about your child's personality, talents, and future destiny.

Yet he does tell us to pursue wisdom from godly people.

This site will bring you insights and tips that will maximize your parenting efforts for each of your children.

Beth McLendon of Inspirational - Prayers has written a book about this.

We want to encourage you that there really are ways to make being a mom or dad more successful, more fun, more peaceful, and more rewarding!

Below is one of our prayers for parents.

(We also have a parenting styles prayer page.)

Shepherd of my Heart,

I sit at your feet, Lord.

I rest in your presence. In your presence, I become satisfied.

Lord grant me a new, fresh season of prayer in my life.
May my prayers
be spoken containers
that hold the essence of your heart.

Grant me insights into my child, so that I can pour out more blessings on my child.

Reveal to me how to love my child,
so that my child will feel the depth of my love.

Move my thoughts to the important things of life.
I will listen,
as you remind me
to delight in being with my child.


Copyright © 2004 from the book Praying for your Child
by Beth McLendon and Robert A. Rohm

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