Bedtime Prayers

Bedtime prayers are evening prayers prayed right before sleep.

The moments right before sleep are an important time to set the tone for rest and for the dawning of a new day.

As you read this page, it is our goal to enable you to feel God's love and receive his rest.

More bedtime prayer, evening prayers, and morning prayers are available on this site.

Loving Father of my Soul,

I quietly ponder your deep yearning to have fellowship with me. Your open invitation to meet with you makes me feel so wanted and so loved. I feel so valuable as I meditate on your never-ceasing desire to spend time with me. Knowing that you look forward to your time with me makes me know that I am special. My wounded emotions are healed as I realize your passion for my presence.

As I perceive the fragrance of your faithfulness, my soul is calmed, and I become prepared for a time of rest.


Copyright ©  2006 Beth McLendon of

Bedtime prayers continued:

Dear El Shaddai, the All-sufficient One,

You are the Father of Mercy and the Father of Grace. I desire to be close to you. I want to cast all my cares on you and enter into a deep fellowship with you.

As my head sinks into my pillow, my cares sink and disappear into the sea of your love. You provide for all my needs according to your riches in glory. I am blessed.

I welcome your peace this night. I have confidence that you are planning good things for me tomorrow.

I imagine myself lying on my back on the beach, resting and relaxing. I close my eyes and breathe deeply. I hear the distant sea gulls calling. The heat of the sun is warming my skin. I feel a gentle wind blowing over my entire body. I smell the salty air. I sense the waves of water running up and then down the beach. As the foamy water soaks the sand underneath my feet, I feel my heels sink slightly, and then I feel the pull of the ocean drawing the water back into the vast depths of the sea. Lord, it gives me peace to know that you are in charge….of everything.


Copyright ©  2006 Beth McLendon of

Tips for Creating Intimacy with God and
Creating a Relaxing Atmosphere

To use these bedtime prayers to develop intimacy with God and create relaxation - copy these prayers (with copyright information) and put them next to your bed. Just before you go to sleep, read one of them and ponder peacefulness with God.

Another Tip for Creating Intimacy with God:

Sometimes I like to think about the following scene right before my bedtime prayers. I picture children getting ready for bed. As they scurry to put on their pajamas and get ready for prayers, there is an open opportunity for building closeness with loving parents. So too, as I put on my pajamas and get ready to express my thoughts to God, there is an open opportunity for closeness with Father God.

Scripture can help us let go of our busyness and allow ourselves permission to relax and enjoy sharing intimacy with God.

In the next Scripture, our heavenly Father expresses his care for us and his understanding of our need for rest.

"It's useless to rise early and go to bed late, and work your worried fingers to the bone. Don't you know he enjoys giving rest to those he loves?"

Psalm 127:2 The Message

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