Prayers for Healing Emotional Pain


for Healing Emotional Pain

Comforting and Healing Prayers

 - Comfort me, Lord. - 

We start with an introductory prayer.

Dear Lord,

We all

put up emotional walls sometimes

to protect us,

because we don’t know how to process emotional pain.

We all need you

to help us become healed and whole. 

We all

need to allow you to have access

 to all of our past in order to heal us,

but we are either ignorant of that fact or we are too afraid

to give you access.

Lord of Love,

comfort me and reassure me as I

lower my walls,

and as I begin to let you into my painful places.

I am your beloved child even if I don't feel like I am. 

You are wanting to draw me toward a blessed happiness

that I have never experienced. 

You are telling me that it is safe to come closer to you.

Thank you, Lord.

In the healing name of Jesus, I pray,


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Comfort me, Lord.

Lord of Comfort and Healing, 

I come to you with emotional wounds and emotional pain.

I don't know what to say or how to get healed.

Shower tender mercies on me.

Be to me comfort. Be to me a shield of protection.
Be to me a fortress that I can run to and feel safe. 

Show me how to take down
the walls that I put up
that have
kept you at a distance.

Whisper to me that it is safe
to talk with you about my innermost thoughts and emotions.

Remind me that your love for me is constant.

Remind me that your love follows me all throughout my day.

No matter what things I do or say, you are with me - 
loving me and accepting me -
even when I don't feel like accepting myself.

I now realize that you are always whispering to me that
I am valuable
and that
I am celebrated by you
and that
I belong in your kingdom  
even when others appear to reject me. 

And you also whisper to me that
you long to hear me talking to you in prayer -
even when my mind says
that you don't have time for me. 

You are my healer.

Each day I will inch toward you - 
knowing that you are bringing me more and more healing.

In the healing name of Jesus, I pray,


Copyright © 2020 Beth McLendon of


When I don't know

what to say,

hear my heart.


In Psalm 139, 

God tells us that he is continually with us


his love follows us all day long.

The following song is based on

Psalm 139.


This next song is a heart-cry to God.

We desire to literally feel comfort and healing

as we come into God's presence in prayer.

In heaven, his heavenly presence

changes everything.

But we want more of that here on earth.

Let the peace

of this song

wash over you and bring you comfort.

Jesus, Lover of my Soul

Time doesn't heal all wounds.

Jesus heals all wounds.

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