Making a Budget

Making a Budget

is the beginning step to eliminating debt.


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help people learn

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Financial Prayer

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Making a Budget is a step each person or family needs to do

when they are beginning their journey to financial freedom.

~ ~ ~

Evaluating your spending and saving

is vital to eliminating debt.


A Budget is just

a plan for our income.

~ ~ ~

Here are some budget considerations to use

for making your own budget:

Add up your Debt:

Credit card

Mortgage (include any second mortgage)

Car or Vehicle (or vehicles)

Cash advance

Legal obligations

Student loans

Medical bills

Money owed to friends or family

Other loans

Other debt

Debt owed ______________________

Add up your Income:


Child support

Food stamps

Social Security payments

Retirement checks

Pension checks

Other income

Income per month _________________

Add up Monthly Expenses:


Lawn care (1/12th of the annual cost)


Food – Groceries, Toiletries, Household products, Pets, Eating out

Transportation – Public transportation, cab, car (Gas, Insurance, Tags)

Alimony or child support payments


Insurance (Health, Life, Home or Renters, etc.)

Work Supplies

Home Phone

Cell phone


Grooming - Hair cuts, etc.

Pocket Money


Child expenses (monthly and include 1/12 for annual items)

Tobacco and other habitual products

Holidays (1/12th for this annual item)

Birthdays (1/12th for this annual item)

Money/Tithing -  for offerings to God


Monthly expenses per month ____________

*We suggest that you have a goal of an emergency fund that you add to this plan.

*We suggest you have a goal of saving up three months of income and that you add this to your budget plan.

From the above Budget Sheet:

You can determine how much you need to cut in order to come out even each month. From there, you can ask the Lord to help you find ways to spend less, bring in more income, and save more.

We at Inspirational-Prayers want to help you with this journey to eliminate debt.

Making a Budget

Making a budget is a tool for controlling our spending.

Making a budget helps us manage our money wisely

Making a budget helps us reach our financial goals.

~ ~

A Debt Free Prayer for You.

This prayer is written for a man.

Women, I invite you to change it to apply to you.

Dear Lord,

You know all things, and you have all power.

Lord, it is your joy to help people get out of debt and stay out of debt.

It is your joy to see your children free from the burdens of debt.

Lord, whatever the reason for this debt, you are the answer.

Bring your encouragement and your comfort as this man looks to you to lead him out of debt and into freedom. Put motivation into his path to keep him steady. Let him hear you encourage him to choose self-control when temptation comes to buy things impulsively.

Lord, as we realize and receive more of your love, your love brings wholeness. I pray that you would bring wholeness to this man's mind, emotions, and finances.

Yes, Lord, bring your financial wholeness to this man, I pray.

Lord, give this man a vision for a life of debt-free living. Give him creative ideas for saving money and generating greater income. May he be determined to walk the walk and emerge from the darkness of debt into the warm light of financial freedom.

In Jesus' Name, I speak blessings over this man this day. I thank you that as he cooperates with you, he is going to grow closer to you and farther from debt.

I pray all these things in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.


Copyright © 2012 Beth McLendon of

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