Prayer for Money

Prayer for Money

We have 2 prayers


then we give

other resources we have available

to help free you from you financial problems.

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We all have one or more times in our life

where we end up in a financial mess.


It may be from making poor decisions

or it may be

the result of

a health issue,

employment issue,

unexpected problem,

death of a loved one, or other tragedy.

It may be from a

joyful occasion

such as an upcoming baby or wedding.


God cares about our money.

He encourages us to come to him in prayer for money that we need for our daily life. He desires to help us.

In addition, God is eager for us to ask him to teach us how to live a life that is debt-free.

God knows how to get us out of debt.

God is eager to teach you!

We at Inspirational-Prayers want to to

cooperate with God to

help you

achieve your financial goals.

We love to help people to get financial health.

This page contains our

Prayer for Money.

Our first prayer is 

a prayer

from a visitor:

Dear Lord,

I pray that my financial needs would be met.

The bills are due, and

I do not have enough to pay my monthly bills.

I also ask that

when I receive the money

that I be a good steward over it;

so that God may gain all the Glory and Praise.


Roslyn W. January 2018

A Prayer for Money

Father God,

You are my rock and my fortress.

In you I find the answer to my every need.

I praise you for you are the one who moves mountains and walks on water.

And you are the one who can calm the rough seas of debt in my life.

You desire to be my ever-present help in times of trouble.

You are aware of every part of my financial situation.

You see my material needs.

You see my lack of money and my debt.

Lord, you see my mind and emotions filled with the heavy burdens of unpaid bills and rising debt.

Lord, you see it all. Nothing has escaped your gaze.

I come asking for you to bring your loving intervention in my finances. Show me how to get out of every financial mess in my life. Teach me how to bring my finances into a healthy place. Guide me in each financial decision that I make. Give me a vision of debt-free living that will motivate me and propel me to that blessed place of financial peace.

Father, thank you for every good gift you give to me.

Thank you for the favor that you are giving me to bring me opportunities for increased income.

Thank you for the protection that you are providing for me so that I will not have as many unexpected bills.

Thank you for the emotional stability that you are growing in me to gain more contentment in my daily life and more self-control in my spending and saving.

I thank you for your favor, your wisdom, your mercy, and your protection.

In Jesus' name I pray,


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