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Prayers for Prison Inmates

Inspiration and Prayers

for Prison Inmates

This page has 

incredibly inspirational videos

and it has

Two Prayers.


Consider trying to share

pieces of this page


people who are in prison or jail.

We have

Two Prayers

One for the inmates who have accepted Jesus

and the second is a

salvation prayer for those in prison.

Awesome Inspiration


Many people accept



Savior and Lord

in Prison.

Here is an

Encouragement Prayer

for a Believer who is in Prison

Father of  Fathers and King of  Kings,


I thank you that you are 

moving mightily on my behalf.

I thank you that you are stirring my loved ones

to pray powerful prayers on my behalf.

I thank you that you are

making me more than a conqueror.

Your hand of love is guiding me to

green pastures of peace.


I am in a desert right now,

but even a desert cannot hold back

the blessings of God.

I am blooming even in this desert.

Your lovingkindness is flowing in my life today.

You are giving me revelations

that encourage me and lift me higher.

You are giving me motivation that

fuels a zeal in me to do your will.

I fear not.

I am not dismayed.

I will not let my heart be troubled.

I am eager to enlarge my faith.

I will believe the promises of God.

My emotions are rising up in me.  

I am being filled with renewed hope and joy.

In Jesus' name I pray,


Copyright © 2005 Beth McLendon of Inspirational-Prayers

The above prayer

is a prayer

you can send to someone in prison


you could add a note


that you are standing with that person

and praying the prayer

with him or her

on his or her behalf.

Also consider these prayers

Important Lessons for Inmates

Important Lessons for Inmates

in order to experience


Salvation Prayer for an Inmate

Consider mailing this prayer

to someone

who is in prison or jail. 

Dear God,

I hate this captivity. I hate this place.

I want to be free.

God, speak to me.

Tell me what I need to hear

in order to be more content in here.

Give me a vision of a better life - even in here.

I feel you stirring me.

I know that you are speaking to my heart.

I know that you want me to give my entire life to you. 

Yes, Lord. I say "Yes" to you.

Right now - in this moment, 

I am turning away from sin.

Right now I am laying down rebellion against you.

Right now I am repenting from all the wrong

I have done.

Forgive me, God.

I believe that Jesus died for me and for all my sins.

I believe Jesus rose from the dead. 

Right now I am devoting my life to Jesus Christ.

I am turning away from ungodly ways of living.

I will submit to being washed

by the Bible

every time I read the words of the Bible. 

Right now, I am giving my life to

Father God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

I believe that they are one God.

I pray

these things through the

Power of Jesus Christ - my Savior and Lord.


Copyright © 2019 Beth McLendon of

The Trinity of God:

Father God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit

Visit our page:  Understanding the Trinity

Hope Brings Endless Possibilities

Developing Your Self Concept

I do not know anything about

Prison Fellowship

but I do know that. . .

When People

begin to understand

how much God loves them

and how

valuable they are to God,

their self-concept begins to rise.

~ ~ ~

Next is ....Worshipping  in  Prision

Transformed by the


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This page contains Inspiration and Prayers to a Prisoner.

Prayers for Prison Inmates was presented in July 2019.

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