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Prayers for Hoarders

Prayers for Hoarders

Prayers for Friends and Family

to pray

for loved ones.


Powerful and Heartfelt Prayers


Overcoming Hoarding

Jesus came so that we can



we will post

Prayers that Hoarders

that they can pray for themselves.

Prayer for a Woman Hoarder -

please adapt for a Man

God of the Miraculous,

I lift up _____ in prayer today.

You desire Powerful Victories in her life.

You have a plan to help her


her hoarding weaknesses.


I ask you to help her. 

Help her to RISE UP with VICTORY



times of feeling overwhelmed.

Help her to have days where she feels like
she is a
“throw-away” machine -
  able to work miracles in her life
through the
POWER of God.

You created her to be a Mighty Woman of God. Show her how to
move closer and closer to her destiny.

In Jesus' name I pray,


Copyright © 2020 Beth McLendon of

Prayer for a Woman Hoarder -

please adapt for a Man

Lord of Mercy and Miracles,

I come to you praying for ___________. 

I lift up ______________’s struggles with hoarding.

_________’s hoarding issues have roots that need your healing touch.

I pray that you would help ________ to more clearly realize what is causing these behaviors.

Minister to her in the areas of fear, insecurity, anxiety, worry and whatever the root areas are.

Help her with her issues of feeling overwhelmed and hopeless.

Give her comfort, hope, and strength.

I pray these things in Jesus' name,


Copyright © 2020 Beth McLendon of

Let's pray for our loved ones!



for a Loved One

More Prayers for Hoarders

Prayer for a Woman Hoarder -

please adapt for a Man

Father God,

I lift up prayer for _______.

Guide her thoughts and help her

to reduce

the distress she feels

when she thinks about

throwing things away.

In Jesus' name I pray,


Copyright © 2020 Beth McLendon of

More Prayers for Hoarders

Prayer for a Man Hoarder -

please adapt for a Woman

Lord of Miracles,

I pray for _______.

Help him to more easily deal with the grieving and mourning involved with throwing things away.

Help him to stir up strength and courage to throw things away.

Help him to be able to stand up in the Power of Jesus and boldly overcome the obstacles and the pain of throwing things away.

Show him how to be a

Courageous Champion

in this difficult area of his life.

And I pray that as a result of facing this difficult challenge, he will grow spiritually, and he will learn to lean on you more in his daily life. 

Help him to realize that he needs you every moment.

Lead him into more and more victory and joy in his life as he learns more about following his loving Savior and Lord.

In Jesus' name I pray,


Copyright © 2020 Beth McLendon of


Draw him to prayer.

Prayer for a Man Hoarder -

please adapt for a Woman


As _______ deals with

difficult things,

I pray that you would give him


overcoming thoughts.

In Jesus' name I pray,


Copyright © 2020 Beth McLendon of

Prayer for a Woman -

please adapt for a Man

Loving Father,

I lift up _______ to you today.

Father, I ask that you would give ________

new inspiring thoughts and new motivation

in order to help ______

to accomplish


"cleaning out"


that you have put on her heart to do.

Show her how to overcome distractions. Help her to more clearly hear your voice as she moves through her day. Help her to stir up the determination to yield to your voice.

As she yields to you

and takes

one victorious step after another each day,

may she

FEEL like a

Strong and Mighty Woman of God.

May she more fully enjoy her victories (small and large)  in this difficult area.

And may she more fully enjoy ALL the JOYS you put in her daily life.

In Jesus' name I pray,


Copyright © 2019 Beth McLendon of



I ask for more peace to come

into ________’s

mind, emotions, and body

this day.


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