Prayers for Singles

This "Prayers for Singles" page is for those of you

who are wanting a husband and a child.

If you are content in your singleness,

then this is not the page for you.

~ ~ ~ ~

Take note that we have another prayer page for

women who are just wanting a husband.

We at Inspirational-Prayers want to provide prayers for singles so that you can lead a good life until you meet the man of your dreams.

This following devotion is for Women with intense yearning for a husband and child - or for someone who wants to understand that kind of yearning.

Sunday Morning Isolation

While I was sitting in our big sanctuary last Sunday, I was very aware of the sermon and its implications on the listeners. Several times as the daily relationships of life were listed, it was spouse and children that were continuously highlighted. It wasn’t that they were part of the list - they were the list.

When life is discussed, it is generally ordered around husband, wife, and children. For those whose hearts are unsatisfied with singleness, the list is just one more avenue for emptiness to find an opening into their day.

As a woman, the pain of singleness can be horrifically excruciating. Every experience, whether at work, church, grocery store - or even turning on the television - reminds her that her deep desire for family is being unmet. She can position herself to find men, but she cannot manufacture the godly man who will create the sparks that ignite romantic love and draw them into the agape experience of a godly union.

Worse yet is the predicament of the woman who sees that her body is coming near the end of fruitfulness. The ticking clock becomes louder and louder in her ears as she desperately tries to contain her desires. Married women sit down next to her in prayer meetings and dramatically explain their dire need for relief of problems such as “time” for themselves. To a dissatisfied single "time for themselves" sometimes seems like a petty problem.

~ ~ ~ ~

The following is one of our prayers for singles.

Dear Lord,

Sometimes I feel like a volcano that is ready to explode: quiet on the outside, solid-looking and majestic. But inside, I’m ready to erupt. Oh, that I could scream loud enough for you to respond to my cry and give me a husband! I feel as though I can’t bear this any longer.

Another day is going by, and it looks like it will be another day without meeting “my prince.”

Another day, God, another day!

You are the God who is all wise. Can’t you think up a way for having a husband to be right for my life?

God, I want to make you proud. I don’t want to mumble or complain. I don’t want to be self-centered or rebellious against your will. How do I get my mind under control so that I do not think, “Husband” or “Baby”? Self-pity entertains me for hours. How do I get the strength to kick self-pity out of my life?

Take me in your arms, and let me feel your love.

God, hold me tight even if I feel angry or struggle to run away from your will. Give me revelations that will keep me from doing something stupid. Help me keep my heart tender toward your will for me.

I love you, God. I really do. But oh, I need your strength. I really need your strength.


Copyright © 2006 – 2012 Beth McLendon

~ ~ ~ ~

Single women who want a family need prayers for singles.

We have two other pages that you may want to visit.

We have prayers for unmet desires, and we have prayer for women wanting a husband.

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