Prayer in times of Crisis

Prayer in times of Crisis

This page has practical prayers for those

going through a

family crisis.

~ ~ ~

Consider copying these prayers
and putting them in a drawer
to have when needed.

"Crisis" can be defined as

a time of intense difficulty, trouble, or danger.

There are many reasons

that we end up in a time of crisis.


Your crisis may be:

It may be a job loss or other financial situation.

It may a marital situation that has just blown up.

It may be a loved one who is addicted to something and bringing havoc to your home.

It may be a rebellious teen.

Perhaps you just caught your teenager doing something wrong.

It may be a relative that is causing trouble for you and your family.

It may be sudden news of a family illness.

It may be news that your child has been hurt or abused.

It may be that someone is directing an unjust financial attack toward your family.

It may be that you are just so tired of a continually difficult situation that you feel a crisis is erupting in your heart.

Crisis Prayer

Some of our prayers are more intense and

some are more calm.

~ ~ ~

We start out with prayer for those

who are trying to calm down.

Prayer in Times of Crisis

Hear my cry, O God; attend unto my prayer.

Psalm 61:1 KJV

Crisis Prayer


It's terrible!

Things are falling apart!

Help me not to overreact.

Help us not to overreact.

Calm us down.

Help us, Lord.


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Intense Prayer in Times of Crisis


I am so upset!

I am so mad!

I cannot believe what has happened.

Show me how to calm down.

Help me to act and react wisely.

Guide my thoughts, Lord.

Help me to calm my emotions.

Protect me - protect us  - from saying and doing things that will make this situation worse.


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More Prayer


I know I need to keep from panicking.

I need to remember that you know how to take this mess and sort it all out.


God, help me calm down.

O God, listen to me! Hear my prayer!

For wherever I am, though far away at the ends of the earth,

I will cry to you for help.

When my heart is faint and overwhelmed, 

lead me to the mighty, towering Rock of safety.

Psalm 61:1-2 TLB

More Prayer in Times of Crisis


I feel upset but I am going to calm down.

I am going to sit down and breathe slowly.

I am going to seek to hear your voice.

Help me, Lord,


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Friendly Reminder

Being around a body of water

often has a calming effect.

I will seek you, Lord.

Prayer in Times of Crisis

This "Prayer in Times of Crisis" has parts that focus on praying that all family members will work together to get through a crisis.

Almighty God,

You see this family crisis.

You understand everything about it.

I am coming to you seeking your help.

Give us new ways of looking at this situation.

Give us solutions we haven't thought of.

Give us insights into the changes that need to take place.

Show us how to get from where we are to where we need to be.

Help us to see this crisis from the view of a family working together  -  not from the view of opposing people fighting each other.

Lord, you are an amazing God, and we need your amazing help.

I will draw closer to you, Lord, during this crisis.

I will not let this situation keep me from staying close to you.

Give me wisdom and discernment.

Help me to make right choices.


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Show me the right words

to bring calmness and godly wisdom

into this situation.


Dear Lord,

Teach me how to love my family

as we move through this crisis.

Showing Love during the Crisis

Love is powerful.

Dear Lord,

Help my mind and my emotions

to stay filled with your love.


In most times of crisis, the words

I love you

help bring a family closer and make things better.

Gentle or Firm

Sometimes in a crisis, we need to be gentle toward our family members. We need to surround them with gentle love.

Sometimes in a crisis, we need to be firm toward one or more  family members. We need to surround them with tough love.

It is vital that we clearly see which one of these kinds of love we need to express.

What do I need to do?

What do I need not to do?

Bring your wisdom.
Bring your guidance.
I seek to hear from you.

If you believe that you need to choose tough love,

make sure that your loved ones sees

the tears of love in your eyes

and the underlying love

in your choice of words and tone.

Tough love shouldn't be cold love.


Sometimes I feel alone.

But I will remember that
I am never alone.

You are with me.

You are working in my life.

You are helping me.


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Dear Lord,

Show me the rays of your hope in this situation.

Show me the rays of refreshment, rest, and rescue.

Show me how to follow you.


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Words have Power

The Words you say have Power.

Power to make things better or worse.


I will choose


Prayer in Times of Crisis

The following prayers have a focus of helping all family members to work together to get through a crisis.

Dear Lord,

Help us to constantly remember
how much we love each other.

Help us to draw together
instead of pulling apart.

Show us how to work together.


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Things might not be as bad as they appear to be.

- - -

And don't forget that
the enemy of our Soul - Satan - wants
to make you think things are worse than they are.

Dear God,

I need to hear your wisdom.

You can give me alternative ways of thinking and alternative ways of handling this situation.

Show me - show us  - what the right approaches are.

Show each of us the next right thing to do.

Help each of us to reject ungodly thoughts.

Help each of us to seek love and cooperation.

Show us how to make sure that each of us feels understood and cared for.

Bring unity to us.

Keep us from listening to the voice of the enemy.

Keep us from focusing - and falling into - the enemy's plans for us.


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Some of you may not be getting cooperation and help
from your family members.

If that is you, you are in a very difficult position.

I urge you to continue to pray for cooperation
and for hearts that become tender.

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