Alzheimer Prayers

We welcome you to our

Alzheimer Prayers.

We extend a hand of friendship to you

as you go through this difficult time.


This page is written for the one who has the disease

and for the family.

No one can truly know the

pain you are in.

We hope this page will bring some comfort to you

and remind you that you are not alone.

Also note that we have a page called

Inspirational Comfort from God


An Alzheimer's diagnosis

can produce fear and sadness.

Dear Lord,

I feel a struggle within me.

Fear and sadness are fighting against each other for dominance this day.

My future seems so hopeless, but I remind myself that you are the God of Hope.

You still have experiences of beauty and love to sprinkle into each of my days.

During times when I feel low, I will comfort myself with thoughts of my heavenly home.

I enjoy thinking about the eternal joy and the everlasting beauty of my heavenly home.

Lord, I plan to come to you each day to help me fight the fear and subdue the sadness. And I plan to come to you to help me handle all the difficulties I encounter. 

You are my Creator.

You are my Sustainer.

You are my All in All.


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An Alzheimer's diagnosis

can make you feel like

you are entering into a dark valley.

Dear Lord,

I feel like I am entering into a dark valley.

Show me your light.

Show me your peace.

Show me your comfort.

In Jesus' name I pray,


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When Memories Fade

Prayers for my Loved Ones

for the time when I will not recognize them

Loving Lord,

Remind my loved ones
that my heart
will remember them
and love them
even when my mind cannot.


Dear Lord,

My heart is filled with tenderness for my loved ones.

I pray that you will bring strong support for my loved ones when they have to experience me not recognizing them.

As my memory fades, help them to be comforted by the understanding that you have taken -  all my love for them and all our memories  -  and together they have become precious treasure that you have stored in my heart.

Comfort them with the understanding that you will protect this precious treasure until it is delivered to me in my heavenly home.

Remind them that there will be a future day when we will walk together in heavenly beauty while we joyfully talk about our happy memories and our love for one another.


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feeling sad and lost

Alzheimer Prayers 

Dealing with Confusion

Dear Lord,

Today I forgot things. Today I was confused.

I want to control my mind but my mind is not cooperating.

I will remind myself that you are the God of peace.

Your Word tells me that you want me to feel more of your peace.

Lord, so many things are ending. 

I can no longer take care of things by myself.

My mind thinks of endings, but you are the God of New Beginnings.

As my life here is slowly fading, I will remind my heart that one day I will be more alert and alive than I have ever been.

I will remind myself that one day I will walk the streets of gold with you by my side. 

As I am put in the position of finding courage for each day, I will comfort myself by drinking in all the joys of this day. 

I will watch with greater clarity the beauty before me.

I will listen with keener attention to the voices and sounds that bring me joy.

And I will seek to feel full and miraculously content  when I am able to be with those that I love.

Comfort them, Lord, as I slip away each day.


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Love to God

Dear Lord,

I love you.

You have been my best friend and my constant companion.

As my symptoms progress and my memory fades, I will not be able to remember even you.

This is my love letter to you.

I declare that even in those times when I cannot remember you, I still love you.

Even though my life is ending in a way that I do not like, I will always love and trust you.

You rescued me when you went to the cross. And you will rescue me again one day and bring me to live with you in your eternal home.

Thank you for understanding the anger I have had with you. 

Thank you for understanding my fears.

Thank you for forgiving me of all my sins. 

And thank you for your love which is stronger and greater than I could ever imagine.

Lord, I am comforted with the knowledge that my heart will remember you and love you - even if my mind cannot.

In love I pray,


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A Song to my Family

This section ends
with a song that expresses
some heartfelt thoughts
from one with
Alzheimer's disease.

Section for the Family and Friends

For those with

a loved one who has


Dear Lord,

What am I to do?

I feel so powerless.

My emotions sometimes scream at me and want to take me captive.

Sometimes they do take me captive.

I want to be strong.

I want to handle things with amazing maturity.

I want to be at peace.

Yet, sometimes I just want to pretend this is all a bad dream and soon I will wake up.

I am longing for your help this day.

Please let me feel your support.

Please let me see your miracles.

Please let me feel your love when I am overwhelmed and crying.

Please forgive me when I get angry.

I need to draw closer to you even when I feel like drawing away.

Hear my heart, Lord, and help me.


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We have posted a song you might want to hear


"Hear my Heart"

on a page called

Inspirational Comfort from God.

I just keep Holding on to You

until we are back together again.

In the song below,
loved ones
are encouraged to say:

When the photos start to fade,

when the memories slip away,

it's a struggle every day.

I will remind you.

- - -

I will always be there to hold your hand.

 You are never alone.

If you are not sure that you will be entering


when you die,

please visit our page called

Explaining Salvation

Take note that if you feel led
to stand for a healing miracle,
we have a list of all our prayers
including our  prayer pages about healing and
we have a miracle prayer page.

These Alzheimer prayers are also written
to be used for prayer for Dementia.

Thank you for visiting our Alzheimer prayers page.

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