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Powerful Prayers
Marriage Restoration

These Powerful Prayers

for marriage restoration

were written to

inspire you,

motivate you,


encourage you.


And we have GREAT Power Proclamations

at the bottom of the page!


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Prayer for a Troubled Marriage

Lord God  - Maker of Miracles,

I give you glory and honor and praise.

Lord, I lift up my marriage to you.

I pray that my heart will be stirred with love and tenderness toward my spouse.

I pray that you would minister to my emotions and that my emotions would become harmonious to your plans and purposes.

May I receive your strength and your supernatural ability to reach out and show amazing love to my mate.

I declare that I will continually draw near to you, and I will be open to your biblical words.

I declare that I will allow you to guide me toward your will and your way.

By faith I believe that our marriage will become more and more pleasing in your eyes.

Blessed be the Lord God of the universe who has supernatural joy, harmony, and peace for those who yield unto him.

In Jesus' name I pray,


Copyright © 2012 Beth McLendon of

The next of our Powerful Prayers for Marriage Restoration

is written for a husband

who wants to improve his marriage.

Wives, please adapt this prayer for you.

As head of my household and priest of my home, I plead the supernatural blood of Jesus over myself and my wife. 

I will now pray for us in Jesus' name.


I ask that you would heal me so that I no longer say or do anything that could create pain in my wife.

I ask that you would make perfect my thoughts, my attitudes, and my words toward my wife,  so that I will no longer hurt her.

May my thoughts be your thoughts and my words be your words.

Because of your power, your goodness, and your mercy, I declare that I will possess more healing in this area when I go to bed tonight than when I got up this morning.

In the name of Jesus Christ, I bind all Satanic forces that would try to come against me in this area.

I declare that I am being molded to be a great husband and a mighty man of God.


Copyright © 2012 Beth McLendon of

For those whose spouse has been unfaithful:


Bring my spouse's heart home.

May my spouse be stirred

with the same loving thoughts

that he/she had when we were dating.

In Jesus' name I pray,


Copyright © 2016 Beth McLendon of

For those whose spouse

who needs eternal salvation -


Please change the gender for a wife.

Dear Lord,

Bless my spouse -  and do whatever it takes to draw my spouse toward you.

Where _______ needs certain words from you in order to give his heart to you - give him those certain words from you.

Where he needs healing from past emotional wounds, give him healing.

Where he needs understanding of how much you love him, give him understanding.

Where he needs a friend, give him a good godly man friend.

Where he needs such and such give him such and such.

I pray that he will clearly hear your voice today and that he will steadfastly follow you.

Thank you for steering him with your protective love and guidance.

You created him to do amazing things as he follows his Amazing Savior.

In Jesus’ name I pray,


Copyright © 2017 Beth McLendon of

We have more prayers for loved ones who aren't following God.

We have a page that is aimed at our

children who are right with God but the prayers

 could easily be adapted to a spouse who is not saved.

Pease consider visiting this page:

Prayers for those who need to be right with God

Powerful Proclamations


Great Proclamations to focus your mind

on the best in your spouse.

Proclamations for your Husband:

My husband is a man after God's own heart.

My husband makes my heart flutter and my soul sing.

My husband pursues God and my husband pursues me.

My husband loves and cherishes me more every day.

My husband is handsome.

My husband is a godly man who listens to the Lord and obeys him.

My husband realizes when he is in the flesh and he moves away from fleshly thoughts.

My mind rejoices in being married to my husband.

Proclamations for your Wife:

My wife is a woman after God's own heart.

My wife makes my heart flutter and my soul sing.

My wife pursues God and my wife pursues me.

My wife loves and respects me more every day.

My wife is beautiful.

My wife  is a godly woman who listens to the Lord and obeys him.

My wife  realizes when she is in the flesh and she moves away from fleshly thoughts.

My mind rejoices in being married to my wife.

We encourage you to take some or all of these proclamations

and add to them and then speak out the proclamations regularly.


You are powerful in the Lord! 

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our Prayer for Strength page.

We also invite you to our Bible Devotions page.


Remind yourself that YOU can pray
Powerful Prayers for Marriage Restoration!

God is inspiring you to pray
Powerful Prayers for Marriage Restoration!

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