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Happy January 2017!

New Pages:

Psalm 40...

God teaches us to
Victorious Champions!

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Prayer for Champions!

This year God wants to teach us

to be

A Champion for Jesus!


New Year Prayer for Friends

And Family


Happy New Year
Prayer and Reflection

Our January newsletter went out

December 30.

Inspirational Music and Motivation

No new updates this month

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Happy December!

Our 2017 newsletter went out

December 30, 2016

Our Newest Pages:

Prayers for Teachers to pray

Why do the wicked prosper?

Psalm 62
which is our easiest Psalm page

Beth's Blog

December 10, 2016

Happy November!

Highlighted Page:

Thanksgiving Dinner Prayer

Newest Pages:

Psalm 88 Prayer

For those

Caught in Despair


Super moons


Psalm 98
Inspirational Joy!


Psalm 103
Prayers and Short Devotions


Psalm 139

God's Psalm of Love


Dating Tips for Women

Updated Pages:

Bible Crafts for Children

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Psalm 117

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Walking on Water

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Prayer for Retirement Party

October 2016

Newest pages:

Prayer for Greater Dedication to God

Psalm 54

How to handle trouble

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God is our Rock

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Prayer for Generational Issues

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Encouragement and Prayer for


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Psalm 131 Prayer and Insights

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Adding Romance

Updated Pages:

Prayers for Pastors


Music for Feeling loved by God

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Helping Teens make good decisions

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NEW for September:

Prayer for those who suffer
from mental illness


Full Armor of God


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Watch GREAT children's Bible stories

on this page

Newly updated:

Prayer after a difficult diagnosis

August 2016

Newest Page:

Inspiration from King David

Updated pages:

The recent search for Noah's Ark


Should we pray to Mary?

Other New Pages:

Celebrating the Promises of
Psalm 84

Getting to know

Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John

July 2016

New Page

Powerful Prayer Page

for a Great Day called:

Remind me, Lord


Highlighted new devotional:

Trusting God


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