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New Series:

Life-Changing Prayer for Men -  Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4 = Life-Changing Prayer for Husbands & Fathers

Awesome August

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Wake up the Church Prayer

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Prayer for Difficult Situations


Our Newsletter went out August 2.


The United States is going to have an

Amazing Solar Eclipse August 21 -

check it out!

Amazing July


Exposing the New Age Movement


a discussion on Christ Consciousness
& the movie - The Shack

Full Armor of God
for wives

Prayer for Loneliness

God roars

as he prevails over our enemies!

Why is Jesus the only way to heaven?

Beth's Blog

Updated July 18, 2017

Happy June

NEW Pages:

For Men: Miracles for your Marriage


Full Armor of God
for women


             Powerful, Victorious Women


Full Armor of God Prayer
for MEN


Praying for loved ones

who are not right with God


God helps us in times of trouble


God's Amazing Love

Magnificent May

NEW Pages:

What is Lukewarm Living? 

Amazing Grace Devotionals

Prayer for Dealing with Strife

Dating Insights for Women


Life-Changing Prayer for Men Part 3


Life-Changing Prayer for Men Part 4


Let's Make Marriage Fun


John the Baptist

Bible Champion!

Awesome April

NEW Pages:

Life-Changing Prayer for Men

Part 2


Inspirational Strength


The Great Commission


Psalm 148


Prayers for Repairs


Life-changing Prayer for Men


Psalm 92 Prayer

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Inspirational Music and Motivation

No updates this month

Magnificent March

New Pages:

Jewish Passover Insights for Easter Reflection

Graduation Prayer for Graduating Seniors

Psalm 3 - a skit presentation

Powerful Prayer for Addictions

Psalm 1

The Secret to Success

Psalm 96 Insights

Prayer for healing from abuse

Prayers for the Discouraged

Psalm 51

Repentance and Restoration of Joy

"POWER SURGE" Power Prayer

Happy February

Newest Pages:

Psalm 63
Prayer and Insights

Prayers for Healing and Strength


Daily Champion for Christ


Prayers for Making Decisions


Waiting on God like a Champion


Morning Prayer for Champions

Happy January 2017!

New Pages:

Prayer for Autism Challenges


This year God wants to teach us

to be

A Champion for Jesus!

New Champion pages:

The Bible verse of Champions

Psalm 40...

God teaches us to
Victorious Champions!

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Prayer for Champions


New Year Pages:

New Year Prayer for Friends

And Family


Happy New Year
Prayer and Reflection

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National Day of Prayer 2017