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God's Amazing Love

Monday June 5, 2017

Incredible - Magnificent - AMAZING




His Love

His love is higher than the highest of mountains.

His love is deeper than the deepest of seas.

His love, it stretches to the farthest horizon.

His love... it reaches to me.

Tuesday June 6, 2017


Never Been a Moment

without God's Love

Dear Lord,

Thank you for creating me!

Thank you for saving me!

My heart is Yours,


Wednesday June 7, 2017


I'm Amazed

at how

You LOVE Me!

Thursday June 8,  2017

Dear Lord Jesus,

Your Grace


Amazes me!

God's Amazing

Love and Grace

Friday June 9, 2017


Author of Wonders and Spectacular Joys,

You amaze me.

You’re the wonder of my night.

You’re the dazzle of my day.

You’re the strength of my heart.

You’re the one and only way.


You’re wonder of my night.

You’re the dazzle of my day.

You're the anchor in my storm.

You bring calmness as I pray.


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Beautifully worded message from God:


Follow God's example

in everything you do

just as a much loved child

imitates his father.


Ephesians 5:1 TLB

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