My Life

In December 2010 I had came home from work and my husband had left me.

We were having problems but I thought we were able to work them out - guess not. It was by the grace of GOD that I had got through the years from 2011 to present.

Soon after that I fell very ill. I couldn't keep anything down - not even water.

To make a long story short, I had lost my home, two vehicles, jewelry all my husband didn't take.

My job was giving so much trouble, while I was sick. My supervisor came to see me in the hospital and then told me I had to call her every day.

I work for the federal government so things had gotten so bad at work, I lost my clearance.

I was under investigation because they was trying to get rid of me.

The people that were responsible for this one was fired and then President Obama removed our inspector general.

My kids had to split up and move with different relatives, and I have a disabled son.

Things were not working out.

I was praying before all of these things started happening, so I use to lay in bed and pray and cry.

Why was I going through these?

We lived in our last apartment in 2014 six months without electricity - no cooked food and because I missed almost two months of work, I was on leave without pay so sometimes no food and no help with my two year old grandson.

I started losing faith because it seem like no matter what I did or said it was wrong.

I use to feel so bad when my friends use to tell me it sucks to be me, so I stop being around them and to myself.

You always have that one friend that would stick by you no matter what. September 2017 we were able to move out of my cousin's home into an apartment. We are blessed with vehicles - maybe not what we want but it's something.

I have my health and can take care of my grandson.

I hope this story helps because this is not all I have been through but just wanted to encourage someone with things that I have been though. I would not wish that on anyone.

I am still going through things but they are not as bad as what I had gone though.

Thanks for the ear.

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