by Rose

Dec 24,2009, my 31 year old daughter, a juvenile diebectic and drug addict, had a 1950 blood sugar.

The hospital told me no one ever survived a 1950 blood sugar. Her vitals showed she was dead.

The nurse looked me in the eyes and said all I had going for me was a Christmas Miracle.

I got in touch with every one I could to pray.

Then went home with my son and became santa for the kids.

Next day when she made it thru the night they said brain damage.

New Years Eve she walked out of hospital fine.
She did go back to drugs. She's a bad heroin addict with hemp c and she's pan handling.

Her father died of an OD in 2004!

I have tried everything and nothing but prayer, Domenica, who is now 40, I believe have things effecting her and she kills the pain with drugs/ Prayers!

I have 2 other children 37 & 29 that are on suboxine so they won't go back to drugs very costly but worth it !

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