Armor Shoes of Peace

ZIP - Zip - ZING!

I'm moving FAST in my Armor

Shoes of Peace!

This page is a

High Energy

Ephesians 6: Shoes of PEACE page!

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calmness & relaxation
aspect of our Shoes.

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about following JESUS!

Our Armor Shoes speak of many things
that are important.

For Example:

Being ready to go where God directs

Walking Victoriously

Being Bold for Christ

Standing firm for Christ

Following Jesus closely

Living in peace with God


Taking the Good News of Jesus
to our friends, family, and the WORLD!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I encourage you to put on

your Armor daily

so you will be strong in the Lord.

Our Bible Shoes help us

to move


away from evil ideas and evil forces.

_ _ _

Our Bible Shoes help us

to move


through trials and difficulties.

_ _ _

Our Bible Shoes help us

to live

(and speak)

more confidently  

as we seek to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Full Armor of God Prayer

Please join me in putting on

The Powerful Armor of God!

Below is a Powerful
Lighthearted Prayer

to put on the Full Armor of God.

Dear Lord,

I put on the Full Armor of God.

I put on my

Stupendously - Strong Helmet of Salvation.

My Holy Helmet saves me from the sin-soaked schemes of the enemy.

I put on my

Powerfully - Protective

Breastplate of Righteousness.

My Righteous Breastplate saves me from the tempting traps of the enemy.

I put on my

Super - Spiffy Shoes of Peace.

My Shoes give me the surefootedness I need to move through the half-hidden land mines of the enemy.

   I put on my

Battle - Ready Belt of Truth.

God’s Truth saves me from all the deceptive plans and sneaky lies of the dastardly - dark forces.


My Belt of Truth EXPOSES and SILENCES the lullabies sung to lull me into lukewarmness.

I pick up my

FABULOUSLY  Fire-Resistant

FAITH Shield.

My Shield of Faith saves me -  by quenching all the fiery darts that the enemy directs at me.

I pick up my

Spectacularly - Sharp Sword of the Spirit.

My Supernatural Sword saves me from a defeated, demoralized life.

I have VICTORY because Hebrews 4:12 tells me that the Word of God is  QUICK, and POWERFUL, and SHARPER than any two-edged sword.

When the enemy’s evil forces come to attack me, they are PELTED, POUNDED, and PULVERIZED with God’s Word.




Copyright © 2015 Beth McLendon of

*Isaiah 54:17

** I actually go through the motions of putting the armor on.

The more enthusiasm
you give to the above prayer,
the more strength and power you will feel!

An Inspiring Video

This FUN-FILLED video inspires


This Uplifting Video

is not just for kids!

The above video

gives us a great visual picture

of moving


away from

the sinful schemes of the enemy.

Winking at sin leads to sorrow;

bold reproof leads to peace.

Proverbs 10:10 TLB

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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