by Lori Rose

Unworthy of You, Your grace and Your love.

Unworthy of Your Son sent from above.

Unworthy to even utter Your name.

I'm just a lowly sinner full of guilt and shame.

Yet it is You that I turn to when life has me down.

You that I call on to help turn things around.

You're who I seek when it's strength I need found.

You who hears me though I don't make a sound.

You love me in spite of all that I've done.

You tell me the battle has already been won.

And yet I still struggle. I feel so alone.

Just me and my shame, no way to atone.

Lord, won't You help me?

Why do You hide?

Why can't I see You at work in my life?

My heart wants to believe You always are there.

But the devil keeps telling me You really don't care.

What use can You have for a sinner like me?

From these doubts that plague me will I ever be free?

So again I hit my knees and call out Your name.

Lord won't You take all my doubts and my shame?

I offer my life, my heart and my soul.

And humbly ask You Lord please make me whole.

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