Prayer for people to forget past mistakes and healthy and happy relationships

by Evelyn

Dear Beth McLendon. I am incredibly grateful to have found your prayer for past mistakes. Even though I have gotten better at moving on from my past transgressions, I am still not perfect and I know people I used to know are still possibly out there trying to hurt me or my loved ones.

My eldest sister is a toxic narcissist who still lives with me and my parents and is 31 with diabetes but brainwashed by the far left.

I am only 18 and I fear I am starting to become a worse version of her. She barely helps out with chores and since my break up with my ex boyfriend Romeo, I have been suffering even more emotional wounding and from binge eating since I was 10 and bullied by my principal.

I used to be a cheater online due to not receiving enough love and attention as a kid and being bullied for years and molested in middle school when I wasn't even that 'bad' of a child before I turned 13 and grew sick of it all.

I know my past may not seem as tragic as others but it still hurt. but my love for Romeo and heading that my father does care for me is what led me to reform.

My eldest sister was toxic even before I was 13 so I suffered from resentment issues which I feel ashamed of having. Can you please help me to find the right prayer to provide a healing miracle to improve my situation with friends online and in person?

I was even told by an ex friend he hated me even though I tried to help him with his depression.

I genuinely like helping people and have a fondness for children and animals but sometimes my desire to help depressed and anxious friends goes too far.

I struggle with self love due to being a mean girl in 2019 and 2020 online and in person when life seemed to hate me the most.

2021 was the year I became a better person and I would like it to stay that way without unnecessary anxiety, anger, or depression. Thank you so much if you made it to the end. I love you so much.

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Nov 12, 2021
Prayer for Evelyn
by: Beth

This is Beth McLendon - the host of this website. Evelyn, you asked me to write a prayer for you. Below is the prayer. Evelyn, also note that I just did two pages that might bless you. They are "Who I am in Christ" and "Heavenly Father's Love Letter."

Father God,

I lift up Evelyn to you in prayer.

You love her totally and completely.

She is precious to you.

You see all the pain and all the suffering.

You want her to feel you comforting her in your arms.

Lord, I pray that you would help Evelyn to learn from her past mistakes but not hurt from her past mistakes. I pray that you would guide her and teach her how to have happy, healthy relationships. I pray that you would bring solid, growing Christians into her life to be her treasured friends.

Lord, you see her heart's desire of wanting to become kinder and gentler and you see the obstacles in her life that are pulling her to become harder and more frustrated, irritated, and unkind. Strengthen her and inspire her on how to handle these situations. Remind her to put on the Full Armor of God so that she can defeat the things that are coming against her. Remind her to speak out scripture when she feels attacked.

I pray that you would inspire her on how to daily become more and more like Jesus. I pray that you would send encouragement to her and I pray for her protection from the forces that want to hinder her fruitfulness in life.

Father, I pray that you would strengthen Evelyn as she deals with her sister. I pray that you would shorten encounters and that you would bring more peace into the times that Evelyn and her sister are interacting. And I pray that you would remind Evelyn that one day she will not be living with her sister.

Lord, I also lift up the sister. You want the sister to give her life to you and become more like Jesus. I pray for that. I pray for that hardness to melt. I pray that you would bring truth and joy and kindness into this sister’s life. I pray that this sister will yield to your hand of guidance. I pray that Evelyn will be able to pray for these types of things for her sister instead of thinking resentful and angry thoughts. Remind Evelyn that when someone does not have a good relationship with their Heavenly Father, that person is likely to be a hard person to deal with.

Lord, you are so proud of Evelyn for seeking to grow spiritually and become more like Jesus. Help Evelyn to learn to encourage herself.

Lord, you want everyone to develop a healthy self-love. I pray that you would guide Evelyn to a place of greater self-love. I pray that she will love herself in a healthy way and that she will feel loved, valued, accepted, secure, and significant in you.

Help Evelyn to become more and more aware of how valuable she is to you. I pray that each day she would feel your delight in her as she wakes up and begins her day. And each night I pray that she will feel your love for her as she climbs into bed to receive your rest.

I pray that Evelyn will yield to you as you guide her to grow into a Mighty Woman of God. Remind her that she has a wonderful destiny that you want her to grow into.

Remind Evelyn that you want to do great things in her life. Remind her that it is important to wait on you as you move circumstances and situations in her life.

Lord, Evelyn wants guidance when she deals with depressed and anxious people and people in general. Guide Evelyn to know when to help someone and when not to. Remind her that praying for someone is a good way to bless someone. And also I ask that you would guide her to know when she should create distance from someone. Father God, in every situation, I pray that you would show her how to make good friendship decisions.

You are an Awesome God and your love for Evelyn is as high as the sky and as wide as the world.

May Evelyn find more and more delight in you and strength in you as she grows to know you better and better.

In Jesus’ name I pray,

Oct 27, 2021
We are here to encourage you and help you.
by: Beth

Hi Evelyn,
Yes, I will create a prayer for you. (update, I did add the prayer a few days later)
I will post it here unless you contact me by my contact page at the following link

If you use the link above, I’ll send it to you directly. …..

Also, if you want my "At Home in God’s Sweater" e-book, I will send it to you but in that case I will need a personal e-mail. Use that "contact us" page link above if you want to send me your personal e-mail.

I have some suggestions you might want to check out from my website pages…

I have some pages that may help you to feel more loved by God and pages to help you feel uplifted.

I also have pages that help elevate self-image.

See the links below....

The first one is help for a healthy self-image...

Next - Creating a great relationship with yourself page

And I am posting a forgiveness page to help you forgive yourself if you need that.

Also putting on the Full Armor of God is one way God uses to strengthen us. I have lots of Full Armor of God prayers…

We at Inspirational-Prayers want to encourage you and help you. We want to provide materials that will uplift you and strengthen you to become happier and healthier. And we want to cheer you on to becoming a Mighty Woman of God.

Our prayer team is praying for you.


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