Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmanary embolism all at once.

by K.Penman
(Ogden Ut)

Back in Aug 2000 exactly 1 year and a day apart from my Hysterectomy I through a blood clot from my left leg to my right lung and ended up with a pulmonary embolism.

I was a walking time bomb with clots from my groin to my ankle. Had several tests done and no one could figure out what was going on at the time. Finally my leg swelled up and then the doctors put 2 and 2 together and had an ultrasound done on my leg when they realized what was going on with all the clots.

I was hospitalized for a week in a small hospital, got out went home for one night and was having breathing problems so I was transported to another hospital and was in ICU for a night.
I was told then that I had a blood disorder called Lupus-anticougulant. It's a miracle prayer that I even lived through all that to begin with. I am thankful to tell about it.

On top of all that I had poor circulation in the left leg. It was always swelling and I ended up with an ulcer on the inside of my right ankle. Over the years kept getting worse and always breaking down with severe infections in it and have to go off of the leg in order for it to heal back up. Would only last for 6 to 3 months and it would be bad again. Wasn't until Feb of this year that my ankle doctor had me go in and see a Carlavascular doctor. My first doctor knew right away when I mentioned I had Deep Vein Thrombosis in the left leg. I had a MRI done and results showed I have what they call May-Thurner Syndrome. Not too many people have heard of it before. I didn't. Where years ago my artery collapsed my vein underneath of it aways and block the vein off for all those years.

I went in and had surgery to correct the problem, had a stent put in my left groin area.

Once that was done all the swelling in my leg went away and my bad ankle for the first time ever has healed from the inside out.

I have blood flowing all out my body that I haven't had for so many years.

I guess to make this Miracle Pray short and to the point - I'm here to tell my story.

I lived through all the clots plus I still have my left leg.

With all the infections I had from time to time it's a Miracle that I even still have it.

I'm not living with the pain that I had before and I totally feel like a new person.

A Miracle Prayer saved my life more than once. I really need a Miracle Prayer for my eyes that are affecting my job. I would really like to have them to where I can see great once again.

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