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Faith - Building Miracles

Monday August 8, 2022

Hearing testimonies of

God's miracles

builds our faith

for future miracles.

God can burst through

with a miracle

at any time. 

This website has a

Miracle Page

with lots of miracles

that we have checked out.


We have posted many new miracles!

Click -  Miracles and Miracle Prayer

This week,

we will give you 

some of the older miracles

from our

miracle page!

When a doctor says you are going to die,

that doesn't mean you cannot get healed.

The month of May 2019

Saved from Death - Last October (October 2018)  a lady at Beth's church was told by her doctor that she had just a few days to live.

We have had answered prayer. God has blessed her with a miracle, and she is doing GREAT! She is looking forward to her  72nd birthday on June 9th.

UPDATE:  August  2021 - still here and praising God.

UPDATE:  This lovely lady died in December 2021. 

Nothing is impossible with God...

Even a blockage can disappear.

The month of August 2015

Miracle Prayer

Saved from a Blockage - A friend of mine (a friend of Beth's) was rushed to the hospital in the middle of the night. The doctors did tests and found a blockage in the intestine/colon area.

Phone calls and e-mails requesting prayer were sent out to friends and family. Within hours of the diagnosis, the blockage disappeared!

Tuesday August 9, 2022

Small miracles...

Large miracles...

God can do anything!

Miracle Prayers from June 2012

Healed Knee - A woman walked up to one of our Inspirational-Prayer team members at a food ministry event. She said that a month ago she was in the hospital for her knee. She said that her knee was still painful, and she needed prayer. Several people gathered around her and prayed for her knee. The woman stood up and exclaimed, "There is no pain in my knee! I'm healed!"

UPDATE - that was June and now as of October 2012 - this woman told me she has had no pain  since!

Miracle Prayer

Healed of a Virus - One of our Inspirational-Prayers team members was having her roof redone this week. She told me that one of the roofers showed up sick. Her husband prayed for the roofer, and the sickness left him.

Wednesday August 10, 2022

What do you do when you face death?

The month of May 2022

Saved from death - A long-time friend of Beth's who is in her mid 80's had an experience a few nights ago where she lost all strength and energy in her feet and legs. She had never felt so weak and truly felt she was going to die. She has many serious issues but is in good enough health to live alone. She was alarmed at how she felt. She thought maybe she was having a stroke but soon ruled it out. She tried to reach out for prayer but couldn't get Beth or anyone else on the phone.

So she prayed and read Psalm 23 and Psalm 91. She had faith in God but nothing was changing in her body.

Then she felt inspired to pray, "Jesus, when you were on earth, you had such strength in your feet and legs. You walked around and healed the sick and brought people back to life. I ask you to give me the strength that you had in your feet and legs when you were on the earth." 

Then she felt emotionally better and she went to bed. In the morning all the weakness and concern was gone and she was back to her normal self. She is convinced God saved her from death. 

Uodate: It is August 2022, and she is doing GREAT!

What do you do

when you encounter a car accident

and a person is dead?

The month of September 2013

Miracle Prayer

Saved from Death  - Our website just got an e-mail from a personal friend of Inspirational-Prayers.  This week, he was driving in his car and came upon an accident between a van and a semi. He got out to help the trapped man in the van. The man in the van was slumped over and dead. Two other people stopped at the accident to help, and they also realized that the man was dead. The man was trapped in the van and had not breathed for five minutes. All the people on-scene began to pray. Suddenly, the man sat up and started talking. The rescue crew came and cut him out of the van and took him to the hospital!

Thursday August 11, 2022

God is not limited to

what a doctor says.

The month of August 2019

Saved from neurological problems - One of Beth's church friends told her that this summer a friend of his was in a terrible motorcycle accident. The doctor told him he would be in the hospital for 6 months, and that the doctor said that he was never going to be right again. After 6 days, he was out of the hospital and he was fine! 

God heals addictions.

God heals migraines.

The month of January 2013


Answered Prayer about Smoking Addiction - A woman at Beth's church asked for prayer about her smoking addiction. She wanted God to help her quit smoking cigarettes. So we prayed that she would dislike the taste of cigarettes. The next Sunday the woman reported that the day after the prayer, her cigarettes tasted terrible.

Healed of Migraines - Two days ago a man was talking to one of Beth's pastors. (They were not talking at church.) The man said that his wife had suffered every day with pain from migraine headaches for 10 years. My pastor prayed with him, ministered to him, and helped him understand how to pray for his wife. The man went home and prayed for his wife. The next morning the wife woke up with no pain. This was the first time she was pain free in 10 years.

Friday August 12, 2022

God has authority over the


The month of May 2022

Saved from dangerous weather -  In the month of May, a precious loved one (who Beth called her second mother) had died and the family had scheduled the funeral service to be done outside at the gravesite. The funeral time was early afternoon.  People were coming from several states. There was no way to re-schedule it.  A little more than 24 hours before the event, local weather forecasters began to send out an alert concerning a rare, horrific thunderstorm full of damaging hail and winds that they predicted would hit on the funeral day probably the worst of it would occur in the early afternoon. Beth called her website prayer team and many of her close friends to pray. Miraculously, the storm never appeared. There was no rain or hail. The weather was mild with some wind. Praise the Lord!

Medical "facts"

do not hinder

a follower of



God has the last word.

The month of August 2017

Saved from COPD -  A member of our prayer team was diagnosed with COPD almost 17 years ago. COPD has no cure. This woman had to endure lots of difficulties with the COPD. Recently, she had prayed and asked the Lord to heal her.

She went to the doctor - today - and her doctor was amazed about the test results. Her doctor said, "Your tests came back with great results. I don't even want to classify you as having COPD - maybe asthma but certainly not COPD."

With a twinkle in her eye, the miracle lady said, "But they told me that if you get it, you'll always have it."

The doctor said, "Yes, that is true - but not for you!"

We are all rejoicing!

Miracles still happen.

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