Common Core

United States
Community Concerns

Common Core implementation in our Schools


 Common Core is being shoved on our children.

Get Informed.

We all need to protect our children.

There are many videos on this page.

We suggest that you scroll down the page to decide the ones you want to view first.

Below, an Arkansas mother obliterates Common Core in 4 minutes.

The video below addresses many issues including:

1/3 of the states have rejected common core or
are seeking to legislatively pause or back out of implementation.

Concerns mount about the personal data collection of students
which accompany using Common Core.

Next, a teacher explains that she quit teaching

in the public school system because of Common Core.

Next a college professor explains
how Common Core students
will be totally unprepared for college.

Below is a GREAT video where a 15-year-old does the presentation!

Between 13 and 14 minutes, you hear
Joseph Rella  - New York Superintendent of the Year -  speaking.

At one point, Joseph Rella says,
"The implementation and testing associated with the Common Core
is hurting our children."

This next video gives more reasons why Common Core

is Bad for our Country.

Next a young student explains why she hates Common Core.

Common Core makes learning complicated.


I personally saw an interview on television

with the father who wrote the following:

The next video is about
Common Core Sex Standards.

Note: This video is  NOT  G-rated

So we encourage you not to listen to this with your children.

Note that in Common Core,
sex will be taught in every subject -
math, language arts, social studies, science, etc.
There will be no opting out.

Common Core News

I encourage parents to do an internet search for:

Common Core Porn

You will be shocked at what is being given to our children.

Also, consider reading this article:

I do not know if it is Common Core, but I add it here -
not for what the alarming article said -
but for the comment section. 
MANY of the people who read the article and commented were
promoting pornography in high school.
That is what shocked me the most.

More News about Common Core

To Conclude This Page:

Do you want your children and grandchildren
educated in this manner?

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