Miracle Prayer

We all sometimes need

Miracle Prayer.

This page will highlight

some recent miracles

that came through prayer.

We praise God - our Healer!


A Prayer for Miracles will follow the praise reports.


Lesson from this page -

We cannot get a miracle answer from praying -

if we don't pray!

So Let's Pray!


Miracle Prayer

The month of October 2017

Saved from amputation and financial trouble I (Beth) met a man and his wife at my church who told me a GREAT miracle testimony. . .  Several years ago, the man had a knee replacement.  He got a staph infection and for four years the doctors couldn't heal it.  The doctor tried surgery after surgery and lots of antibiotics. There was even antibiotics put straight into the knee. In June 2016, after four years, the doctor said that there was nothing they could do but amputate the leg at the knee.  Note that at that time, the man and his wife were not going to church and were not praying to God about the situation.

The next Sunday the couple went to church and went to the altar at the end of the service. The man told me that he prayed to God, "If you want to heal me that's fine. Or if you want to amputate, then help me to deal with it." From that time, the couple dedicated themselves to coming to church and leaning on God.

The very next Thursday the man was able to get an appointment with another doctor for consultation and second opinion. This doctor said, "Oh, I can save your leg, but it will take a couple of surgeries and 4 months of not working."

The couple become uplifted and encouraged. But.. the couple tried but couldn't get short-term disability. They had no money coming in to replace the man's salary. So the couple prayed, "God, we turn our finances over to you."

The man told me, "The best part and the greatest miracle was that God took care of us financially the whole time I couldn't work.  Every bill was paid on time! We didn't lack for anything. Money came in from people we didn't know and places we didn't know!"

October 2016 was the first surgery and December the second surgery.  Then after 4 months, the man was able to go back to work! His knee was healed.

AND in October 2017, the man was taking a walk with their dog. He heard God say, "Run!" The man hadn't run for years, yet he quickly responded and RAN! He has been running whenever he wants to since then!

The month of October 2017

Saved from kidney failureDuring this month, we have been praying for a personal friend of ours who had been having kidney problems for a couple of years.  A few weeks ago her kidney function rather rapidly dropped to a critical place. She was concerned that she might have to be on a kidney machine. She was wanting prayer, and she was working to change her eating and drinking habits to help her condition. 

She contacted us today and said that her latest tests have her kidney functioning up 20 points -  back to where it was previously! She continues to ask for prayer that her kidneys continue to get better.

The month of August 2017

Saved from COPDA member of our prayer team was diagnosed with COPD almost 17 years ago. COPD has no cure. This woman had to endure lots of difficulties with the COPD. Recently, she had prayed and asked the Lord to heal her.

She went to the doctor - today - and her doctor was amazed about the test results. Her doctor said, "Your tests came back with great results. I don't even want to classify you as having COPD - maybe asthma but certainly not COPD."

With a twinkle in her eye, the miracle lady said, "But they told me that if you get it, you'll always have it."

The doctor said, "Yes, that is true - but not for you!"

We are all rejoicing!

The month of August 2016

Saved from Difficult People  - There was a lady who ran the front desk of an auto repair shop in Beth's town.  The shop had a reputation as having the best mechanics in the town, but the lady had a reputation as being very difficult to deal with.  So people would try to put up with the lady in order to get the best mechanics for their vehicle. Beth had experienced the difficulty of this lady. So Beth -  and her friend - decided to start praying for the lady. In just a couple of weeks, the lady was transformed.  Miracles do happen!

The month of July 2016

Saved from Back Trouble -  A friend of this ministry reported a miracle.  She is an older woman with a lower back weakness. She was walking in the rain and slipped and had a HARD fall on her tail bone.

She fell a couple of times before (several years ago) and the day after each fall, she was in a lot of pain and had to walk with a cane for days. 

After the fall, she petitioned God for a miracle.

After prayer and standing on Bible verses about the power of God,  she woke up the next day and hardly felt anything.

She is loudly proclaiming praise to her Lord and Savior!

The month of June 2016

Saved from Family Trouble - A friend of the ministry asked for prayer. The request was for a family member to soften their heart toward the person. God beautifully answered that prayer.

The month of March 2016

Saved from Heart Trouble - A friend of mine (a friend of Beth's) asked for prayer from our team.  The doctor was troubled and scheduled a test for her. God answered our prayers with miracles. After the test, the doctor said her heart was just fine.  AND the woman also shared that she had had the test before and  - this time - the test was much easier than ever before. Note that those were the two things that we prayed for her. (She didn't even know we were specifically praying for that second miracle.)

The month of August 2015

Miracle Prayer

Saved from a Blockage - A friend of mine (a friend of Beth's) was rushed to the hospital in the middle of the night. The doctors did tests and found a blockage in the intestine/colon area.

Phone calls and e-mails requesting prayer were sent out to friends and family. Within hours of the diagnosis, the blockage disappeared!

The month of February 2015

Miracle Prayer

Saved from a Heart Condition - Normally we put praise reports from our visitors at the bottom of this page.  In this case, we felt that the Lord wanted us to put this one in this location. Here is an e-mail that we received from a lady in Ohio.

Hello, I wanted to tell you how grateful I am for your prayers and uplifting messages!

I found your website when I was looking for prayers about healing.

You see, I had heart problems that just kept getting more serious, and I started reading your pages on healing prayer.

I spent a week rereading the prayers out loud and meditating on God's promises.

I admit that when things didn't seem to be changing for the better I got very discouraged. I kept being drawn back to your words of fighting this discouragement so I could see more healing miracles.

The day before my doctor's appointment, I decided to let go of any anxieties and focused on giving praise to God. I believed in his promise to take care of me.

The next day, my doctor gave me incredible news!

My test results came back excellent!

I have been completely healed and I no longer have any heart problems!!

I cannot thank God enough for leading me to your website. Thank you for putting the word of God out there for people like me to see.

I have grown tremendously in my faith since finding your website. You are truly doing great work here!

The month of September 2014

Miracle Prayer

Saved from Death - Beth says: A close friend of mine was born in the month of September. My "birthday friend" invited several of her friends to celebrate her birthday at a restaurant. I did not know one of the women who came.

During the meal, the woman that I just met told me about a miracle that happened last March. The woman said that her grown son had been in a car accident. When he was examined at the hospital, the doctors were sure he was going to die. Her son had severe brain injuries. For several days, the doctors were not aggressively treating her son. The distraught mother was faithfully praying for her son and getting others to pray. She was fussing at the doctors each chance she got. She kept insisting that they do more to help her son. She kept telling the doctors that her son was going to live. She finally convinced them to get aggressive. Her son is still alive and he is well! The doctors later admitted that they were sure he would die within a couple of days.

The month of August 2014

Miracle Prayer

Miracle x-ray - A pastor friend of Beth shared the following miracle.
A woman who attended a  food for the hungry ministry event had a broken arm and asked for prayer because her arm was hurting. She explained that the doctor told her that her arm was broken in three places.  A pastor and several individuals prayed for the women.  The lady came back several weeks later to tell the pastor that when the doctor took an  x-ray of her arm, the x-ray showed a miracle.  The woman's doctor explained to her that x-rays show previous indications of a break. Her new x-ray showed nothing. It was as though she never had a broken arm.

The month of July 2014

Miracle Prayer

Saved from back pain - Beth says: A woman walked up to my pastor at a food for the hungry ministry event. She told the pastor that her back was "killing" her. Pastor prayed, and then she exclaimed, "The pain is gone!"

The month of April 2014

Miracle Prayer

Saved from indigestion - A friend of this ministry reported that a woman was having very irritating indigestion. The woman prayed and asked the Lord what was going on and what should she do. She felt that the Lord told her that it was the genetically modified food she was eating. She changed her diet and in less than 2 days she was healed. The woman was encouraging everyone to do research on genetically modified food.

The month of April 2014

Saved from amputation -  An Inspirational Prayers team member sent out a prayer request for a man who had nicked his leg with his chain saw.  It got infected and the doctor wanted to amputate.  The man chose to wait and rely on prayer for a few days. After prayer, praise God, the man was saved from amputation.

The month of March 2014

Saved from death - At the end of February, a prayer team member of this website, sent out a prayer request about a 12-year-old boy. At first the doctors said that he contracted endocarditis, but soon they called it something like pheumaccocal. The doctors told the family that the sickness is very quickly infecting his kidneys and his whole body and he has little chance of surviving.  The sickness progressed to include all his organs. One of the doctors said he has never had a case like this - with an adult, let alone a young boy -  that the person survived the severity of this case. By the middle of March, the boy was recovering well and strolling down the hospital halls! Then in a couple of days after that update, we found out that he went home!

The month of November 2013

Saved from Indigestion - A personal friend of Inspirational-Prayers got healed of indigestion and wanted to share this miracle with us:

For three months, I had been having pretty bad indigestion. I was taking some pills that contain digestive enzymes. That was helping. I was praying and asking God to heal me. I had also been learning about spiritual warfare and walking in the power and authority that God gives those who make Jesus their Lord and Savior. I've read multiple times the Spiritual Warfare prayers, Healing prayers, and Bible devotions on this site -  about the Full Armor of God and insights into receiving healing. I especially like the Prayers for Strength.

Then one night in November, it was really bad.  I asked God to heal me, and then I began to rise up in the power of God and verbally stand against "indigestion" and any demonic forces that might be connected to it. I had done this before, but it just seemed like this particular night, I was more focused and more prepared to really come against this sickness. I stood up in the authority of God and rebuked "indigestion" and called it "Defeated." I told indigestion to go in the name of Jesus and by the power of Jesus. Scripture and words of authority began to flow from my lips. I began to feel a strong determination rise up in me. I came against this indigestion for about 2 hours. After 2 hours, the pain was almost gone. I felt that I had defeated it. By then it was getting late and I went to bed. It has been two months and I have not had indigestion since and I have not taken any digestive enzymes. (Update from this person - Now it has been almost 4 years, and I am still healed. I have fervently thanked God for my healing.)

I encourage people to read out loud and meditate on Healing scriptures because it makes your faith get bigger, and it helps you to feel more confident fighting sickness. I encourage people to read the pages on this site about healing and about spiritual warfare and about the full armor of God.

God bless you!

The pages mentioned above can be found by looking on these two pages:

Prayers for All Occasions - Bible Devotions

The month of September 2013

Miracle Prayer

Saved from Death  - Our website just got an e-mail from a personal friend of Inspirational-Prayers.  This week, he was driving in his car and came upon an accident between a van and a semi. He got out to help the trapped man in the van. The man in the van was slumped over and dead. Two other people stopped at the accident to help, and they also realized that the man was dead. The man was trapped in the van and had not breathed for five minutes. All the people on-scene began to pray. Suddenly, the man sat up and started talking. The rescue crew came and cut him out of the van and took him to the hospital!

The month of May 2013

Miracle Prayer

Healed of "ADD" -  A friend of this ministry reported that a middle-aged man who had experienced symptoms of ADD since he was a child was healed in May. The man had been taking medicine for the ADD for several years. The man was giving his testimony at a Christian seminar in September 2013. He was sharing the Good News of the healing power of Jesus Christ!

The month of April 2013

Miracle Prayer

Healed so her hysterectomy was cancelled - A friend of this ministry was told by her gynecologist that she needed a hysterectomy, but her gynecologist refused to do the surgery because of other health issues that the woman had. Her gynecologist contacted other doctors in their small town and shared her medical records. None of them would do the surgery because they thought it was too risky. Her gynecologist found a doctor miles away in a larger city who would do the surgery. After prayer, the woman went to the new doctor to be examined. The doctor told her she didn't need a hysterectomy!

The month of March 2013

Miracle Prayer

New Jobs - Two friends of this website were out of work for 3 months. They got a job (two separate companies), and both of them started to work on Monday March 18th.

The month of January 2013

Miracle Prayer

Answered Prayer about Smoking Addiction - A woman at our church asked for prayer about her smoking addiction. She wanted God to help her quit smoking cigarettes. So we prayed that she would dislike the taste of cigarettes. The next Sunday the woman reported that the day after the prayer, her cigarettes tasted terrible.

Healed of Migraines - Two days ago a man was talking to one of our pastors. (They were not talking at church.) The man said that his wife had suffered every day with pain from migraine headaches for 10 years. My pastor prayed with him, ministered to him, and helped him understand how to pray for his wife. The man went home and prayed for his wife. The next morning the wife woke up with no pain. This was the first time she was pain free in 10 years.

The month of October 2012

Miracle Prayer

Heart's desire answered prayer - I (Beth) have a friend who is in her 50's and has never been married. This woman had as her heart's desire to be married and have many children. Yet she has waited patiently and served the Lord all her adult life. She has lived a life of service. I met her when she came to my aid during a crisis in my life. This woman is now engaged to be married to a fabulous widower who has many children. God has taken the horrible grief and tragedy of death and has begun to redeem it for this man and his children while giving this woman the desires of her heart. "Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart." Psalm 37:4

(November update: They are happily married!)

The month of September 2012

Miracle Prayer

Saved from Death - Beth says: A woman at my church shared that she found out that one of her relatives was in the hospital dying. All the relatives were being asked to come and say, "Good-bye." She called our pastors wanting them to rush to the hospital and pray for a miracle but none of them could go at that time. So the woman and her husband decided that they would just have to believe that they had just as much prayer power as the leadership of the church. They rushed to the hospital and found that this woman had double pnemonia, suffering from complications from diabetes , was unconscious and on life support. One of her legs was "dead" below the knee. The couple found that a nurse (a church member) was at the hospital. So the three of them went into the hospital room and prayed together. The husband touched the "dead" leg, the nurse touched an arm, and the woman touched the head. They boldly asked the Lord to heal this woman.

When the husband and wife prayer team later called a family member for an update - the update was THE WOMAN is now OFF life support! The family said that it was remarkable that she had a turn-around! (Later update: She is continuing to improve!)

The month of August 2012

Miracle Prayer

Saved from Pain - A friend told me (Beth) that her sister broke her ankle and was in severe pain. So my friend prayed for her sister and immediately the pain left. Then my friend called another friend who was in the hospital who happened to be in a lot of pain. Again my friend prayed and the pain immediately went away.

Miracle Prayer

Saved from Cancer - A friend of Inspirational-Prayers contacted me and told me that he was part of a group of people who prayed for a man who was having upcoming cancer surgery. The doctors opened the man up and found nothing!

The month of June 2012

Miracle Prayer

Saved from Death - This answered prayer came from one of the recovery ministries in Georgia who are friends with Inspirational-Prayers:

Three months ago a woman, who was an alcoholic, entered hospice. The doctor said she had two weeks to live. Her liver was "shot."

Somehow an out-of-state preacher, who she did not know, heard about her situation and came to visit her. The woman listened to this man explain the Gospel to her. She then prayed to receive Jesus as her Savior!

The preacher also prayed for her health. This week she left hospice and went home!

Miracle Prayer

Healed Heart - During medical testing this woman was told she had a problem with her heart. The doctor scheduled a procedure to put a stint in her heart, but warned her that there was a good chance that they might have to do open heart surgery.

This godly woman received prayer on several occasions from Inspirational - Prayers team members. When she went in for the procedure, the doctor could find no problem. The stunned doctor went into the waiting room and told her family, "She has a perfect heart!"

Miracle Prayer

Healed Knee - A woman walked up to one of our Inspirational-Prayer team members at a food ministry event. She said that a month ago she was in the hospital for her knee. She said that her knee was still painful, and she needed prayer. Several people gathered around her and prayed for her knee. The woman stood up and exclaimed, "There is no pain in my knee! I'm healed!"

UPDATE - as of October 2012 - this woman told me she has had no pain  since!

Miracle Prayer

Healed of a Virus - One of our Inspirational-Prayers team members was having her roof redone this week. She told me that one of the roofers showed up sick. Her husband prayed for the roofer, and the sickness left him.

Miracles reported to Inspirational-Prayers from our personal friends

Healed hands - Friend was healed at a Sunday night service (on 6-17-12) of arthritis in her hands. Another friend at the service was healed of a headache.

Miracle Prayer from May 2012

Healed Lungs - The mother of a friend of Beth's went up for prayer at a healing meeting at her church. During the prayer, she felt a wind come into her lungs. God healed her. Now she can walk up and down stairs without being winded and having to rest!

~ ~ ~

"Hallelujah! I want to express publicly before his people my heart-felt thanks to God for his mighty miracles. All who are thankful should ponder them with me. For his miracles demonstrate his honor, majesty, and eternal goodness.

Who can forget the wonders he performs-deeds of mercy and of grace?"

Psalm 111:1-4 TLB

~ ~ ~

Father God,

You proclaim in your Word that you do miracles. You boldly announce your miracles. You do not whisper them or hide them for fear we will ask you for more of them.

You love to bless your children.

We read that you parted the Red Sea, saved Daniel from the lions' den, and paid the taxes Jesus owed from money inside a fish.

You healed people of every kind of health problem from fevers to blindness to feared diseases. You even picked up an ear laying on the ground and miraculously placed it back on the person's head attached and healed.

Today I come to you with my problems. They are large, but they are no larger than ones you have already performed.

You tell us to ask you for what we want.

In James, you tell us that sometimes we don't get because we don't ask.

Lord, I'm asking that you would intervene in my problem and bring your supernatural power to help me.

I'm going to boldly reach out to others who love you and ask them to pray with me for my situation.

Father, I declare that I will not just seek your power, but I will continually seek an ever deepening relationship with you.

I will agree with Psalm 73:28 TLB "But as for me, I get as close to God as I can!"

In love, I pray in Jesus' Name,


Copyright © 2012 Beth McLendon of Inspirational-Prayers.com

Miracle Prayer Scriptures

"You are the God of miracles and wonders!

You still demonstrate your awesome power."

Psalm 77:14 TLB

Jeremiah 17:7 TLB "Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord and has made the Lord his hope and confidence."

Matthew 7:7 KJV "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you."

James 4:2b – 3a NLT "Yet you don’t have what you want because you don’t ask God for it. And even when you ask, you don’t get it because your motives are all wrong."

(Healed ear mentioned in the prayer - Luke 22:50-51)

The Miracles of God

The Lord tells us to have faith for miracles.

He tells us to pray for the miracles we need.

Miracles do not always come, but many more come when you believe and ask than if you do not!

Each member of the team at Inspirational-Prayers

can attest to that!

Want to share YOUR Miracle?

We would like to hear your testimony of a miracle.

You can share with us using the form below.

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We will also not post any link to a website.

We will not post any specific names of doctors
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