Great Dating Tips for Men

Great Dating Tips

to help you

as you look for

the perfect one for you.


These videos will give you

important dating tips!

When you are dating,


can tend to overwhelm you.

- Intentionally keep your mind sharp -

Be sure that you are carefully watching


she reacts when things don't go her way.

Women need to feel beautiful.

Women need to hear

the man she loves


"You look beautiful!"

A Hilarious Video:

Focusing on

The Importance of Sex

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The # 1 Key to Great Sex

Also on this video:

Masturbation often retrains your body

to only be able to perform

during masturbation.

Part 2

Sex before Marriage

Will make You


More reasons not to have

Premarital Sex

Dating is the time to

create and cultivate

a relationship of love

that will continue to grow in marriage.

There are 5 ways to show


Giving Gifts

Spending quality time together

Helping with chores and projects

Words - compliments and encouragements

Hugs and Kisses

Check out our

Love Languages

to help you understand women!


How to Pursue a Woman

What do women


from a man?

Singles need HELP

to discover insights



to choose Purity.

Below is an Inspirational Movie about

Choosing Purity

while dating

in an impure World


It shows the way (clumsy sometimes) that a man
travels the road to dating in a pure way.

- -

The man -  had led -  a sexually impure life
but is determined to change.

The movie shows the emotional scars and stumbling blocks
that his impure past has left with him.

The movie gives


of mega-happiness

to those who

are not virgins


strength to those who are virgins.

Both main characters have a sexual past to overcome. 

Both find and choose the beauty of purity.

- -

This movie is very real.

It shows courage in handling
the challenges of staying pure

it shows the heartache of dealing with an impure past.

Great movie to show
single adults, teenagers, and parents!

What does God think about


Important Tips and Insights


Gary Chapman

Christian author of

The Five Love Languages


Will the woman I am dating

be a

Good Mother

- or Stepmother -

for my children?

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in our brains!