Prayer request for marriage

by Leo Brosius
(Monrovia Liberia )


I am Leo Brosius from Monrovia Liberia West Africa, love for you to join me to get marry to my wife God will send me.

I do not know her where she will come from, how will she be looking, but through the eyes of faith I see myself marrying before this year come to end because this is the perfect will of God for my life.

I am Adam and I need an EVE.

I do not need game but life time marriage. My mother and father was married for 40 years.


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Jun 07, 2018
Prayer request to marry my love
by: Anonymous

We love each other, but due to caste issue our family is not agreeing for our marriage, please pray for us, we want to live together, his family will today tell the decision, I am worried please help me, I am weak, I cant handle the situation if they will not agree for our marriage,please help us to live together, please help

Jun 07, 2018
Prayer request for arranged love marriage
by: Anonymus

Please pray for me and my love, due to caste issue our family is not agreeing for our marriage, but we love each other, please pray for us so that they will bless us and allow for marriage, please help us.

Apr 30, 2018
by: Brian

Am Brian from Uganda - my prayer request is I want to marry .pray for me to get a good wife breakthrough to pay bride ceremony and sustain family needs..pray for me.Amen

Apr 11, 2018
New marriage prayer
by: Anonymous

Hello, I am asking for prayer for my husband and I. We are both in our mid 20s, and have been married for 6 months. It has been pretty tight for us financially, but the Lord has continued to make provision for us.
My husband has a video game addiction where he will sit and play video games all day on his days off, he lacks motivation, and even spends money that we really should be saving on these video games that he plays on his phone. He admits that it is a problem and feels as if he is stuck in a cycle of this addiction. It has been even harder because we currently do not have a church home, and we desire one. I sometimes feel saddened and discouraged that he will continue on this path.

Oct 23, 2017
From the Inspirational-Prayers Team
by: Beth

Again our prayer team wants to make clear to all who are praying for someone specific to marry them - God respects a person's free will in choosing to marry or not to marry. So if you ask us to pray about such a situation, we will pray that God will make clear to both the man and the woman what His will is about the two getting married.

Oct 22, 2017
Marriage prayer
by: Lawrence

I was in relationships with my girl for 2 years i was to get married to her but her family has done evil work on her to forget me she changed her mind and gone away from me please pray for us that she will come back to me and marry me
Amen - Here is the answer to Lawrence from the Inspirational-Prayers team...God respects a person's free will in choosing to marry or not to marry. So we will pray that God will make clear to both of you his will in this situation.

Oct 18, 2017
by: TIFF M

Satan is trying real hard to destroy my marriage. Please pray for Gods healing had to cast away satans influences and restore and strengthen our marriage.

Oct 11, 2016
marriage and financial
by: jagruthi anilbabu vanam

o master, we anilbabu and jagruthi got love marriage at rigistrer office warangal city , telangana state , mrs. jagruthis parents
mrs. jyothi and mr. kumaraswamy pottabathini ,
principall sathya sai mentally retarded orphon school , jammikunta
has not accepting, giving lot off trubbles.
i am anil babu beliver off lord jesus, please pray for us, bless us.
thanking you.

May 23, 2016
Marriage prayer request
by: Jim Havemayer

Dear staff, I would like you to help me pray so I marry Amy-Jane Peard from Wales , U.K., a blond gal who I love, she is the person I love the most on Earth, Please pray with all your might. I also wish and pray and I want you to pray for us to have kids, me with her, please please and thankyou infinitely. She is the lady I love the most on Earth, the person I love the most in the Universe. Please spread the voice to all you possibly can.

Jim Havemayer (Jaime Flores)

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