Praise Dance Moves

Give yourself a treat

and learn some great Praise Dance Moves!

These beautiful Messianic praise dance steps

will make you want to get up and

worship the Lord!

Also see our page called - Praise Dance Steps

Messianic Praise Music and Dancing

I am Beth McLendon your host here at Inspirational-Prayers. I became interested in this type of dancing when I went to a Paul Wilbur concert. Paul Wilbur sings Messianic Jewish Praise Music.


Messianic Jewish music is a term that means that the composer believes that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah.

We as Christians are grafted into the family of God. Our Jewish friends are the ones who handed down to us the Old Testament and the treasured traditions of the past. It is a cultural delight to share with our Jewish friends the great Jewish traditional dance steps and listen to their Jewish - flavored music full of comforting peace and beauty.

I have learned much from attending Messianic Jewish services at a Messianic Jewish congregation. If you haven't visited one already, I encourage you to reach out and step out and try something new.

There are praise dance moves

for fast and slow songs.

When you are dancing to Messianic songs, be sure to reach out to young and old. It is a beautiful sight to see young children and teens run up to join a circle of dancers. I have been amazed how the music draws very young children and even teenaged boys!

One of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen was when I was part of a circle of dancers at a Paul Wilbur concert and I looked around. There was an already formed circle of children from ages four to ten. They had formed their own circle and were trying to imitate the praise dance steps from our adult circle.

One of the wonderful things about a Paul Wilbur concert is that all ages are free to join in and worship in their own personal and unique ways. There is a freedom that is exhilarating!


The three videos on this page feature Paul Wilbur
singing Messianic praise music.

The first song is "Days of Elijah", then "Worthy," and then
"Draw Me, Lord."

We invite you to our Pray for Israel page.

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