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A Daily

New Year Devotional

Monday through Thursday

by Beth McLendon

Happy New Year!

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Follower of God!

Monday January 2, 2017

During 2016:

Did you grow

 closer and closer

to Jesus


farther and farther away?

After we accept Jesus





Lord of our life,

God intends for us

to be growing more and more like Jesus.


If we are following Jesus,

he will

- more and more -

capture our attention


we will grow

- more and more -

to look like him.

The Gospel can be looked at

like a love story

where our love for Jesus

grows deep and our devotion grows solid.


~ ~

Let’s do a

New Year

spiritual checkup 

Can God easily get your attention?

Are you easily captivated by the world?


Is your love and devotion to Jesus making you more and more captivated by Him every day?

In the past month,

has Jesus captured

 - your attention and your heart  -

more and more  or  less and less?

Tuesday January 3, 2017

In order to be victorious in our spiritual life,

we need to wear our uniform.

In Ephesians chapter 6,

God tells us that he has a


that we need to wear

in order to

stay faithful to him


in order to

be protected from the enemy.

I invite you to join me

in a Prayer for

Putting on the Full Armor of God.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Today I will put on your armor uniform, and I will stand strong for you.

Here are my enthusiastic proclamations of love to you:

I put on the Helmet of Salvation.

I will dedicate myself to You - the God of my Salvation.

I put on the Belt of Truth.

I will dedicate myself to truth and honesty.

I put on the Breastplate of Righteousness.

I will dedicate myself to righteousness and purity.

I put on the Shoes of Peace.

I will dedicate myself to peace with You and with Your Word.

I pick up the Shield of Faith.

I will dedicate myself to growing -  Stronger Faith -  in You.

I pick up the Sword of the Spirit - which is the Word of God.

I will dedicate myself to reading and speaking Your Scriptures.

I am now fully dressed in the Full Armor of God.

I stand dressed and ready to serve YOU this day!

I stand dressed and ready to praise YOU this day!

I stand dressed and ready to receive miracles from YOU this day!

In Jesus' name I pray,


Copyright © 2016 Beth McLendon of Inspirational-Prayers.com

Wednesday January 4, 2017

New Year Prayer 2017

Dear Lord,

I want to become a more faithful follower.

Thank you

for drawing me toward you this day.

Thank you

for reminding me of truth that I know


for guiding me to truth I don’t know.

Thank you for stirring me to

make a commitment


to make all my daily decisions

based on your truth.

I will read your Word.


I will listen for your voice.

In Jesus' name I pray,


Copyright © 2016 Beth McLendon of Inspirational-Prayers.com

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Thursday January 5, 2017


I will be determined

to make

“Being right with God”

the ultimate destination

that I want to arrive at

each day

before I get ready for bed.

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