Graduation Prayers

Inspirational  Graduation  Prayers


Graduation Day is a Victorious Day!

What a Great Day to Celebrate!

This page has Prayers for Graduation.

Farther down the page is a sample "Graduation Greeting"

for the inside of a graduation card,


Dear God,

Thank you for this happy day!

I thank you for _______.  Only you know how much I love __________.

Your hand of help has been with ________ all through these years.

I thank you for your faithfulness to him/her.

I thank you for this happy graduation season and for the wonderful day when _______ will receive his/her diploma of victory!


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This second prayer is written for a male, but can be easily converted to a prayer for a female.

Dear Lord,

I am so excited to see this graduation day come. I have looked forward to it for so long. Lord, help it to be a special day for ___________.

Lord, graduation begins a new season in life for ____________. I pray for good doors of opportunity to open for him.  And Lord, I ask that you close any doors that are not your will. Protect him from harm and guide him continually.

Give ____________ the wisdom to seek you each day. May his decisions always please you. 

Lord, I pray that he will attract people into his life who love you and who will encourage him to follow you. 

May he become strong and steady in the Lord.

In Jesus' name I pray.


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Graduation Greeting

We present a nice note to include in a Graduation Greeting Card.

Reading, writing, and studying,

Pencils, paper, computer, and books,

Have all filled your life for years.

Today we celebrate your hard work.

And today we celebrate our love for you!


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