At Home in God's Sweater

E-book by Beth McLendon

At Home in God's Sweater

This book offers women

an inspirational and practical

look at how to develop a close relationship with God.

At Home in God's Sweater

is a book

for every woman who wants

a closer relationship with God.

Beth pulls back the privacy veil

and reveals her vibrant, warm

relationship with Father God.

This book is written in a way

that not only

increases intimacy,

it nurtures a

healthy self-concept as well.

- -

Each chapter is designed

to build and strengthen

the self-image

of women.


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See what others are saying about Beth's book!

Germain Copeland author of the

Prayers that Avail Much books


Beth McLendon has done an outstanding job
of introducing the reader
to a place of intimacy with the Creator of the universe.


If you have ever desired
an intimate relationship with a loving Father,
this book is for you! 


Beth presents God as a Father
who loves unconditionally,
a Father who will never leave you,
the Father-God who wants you to be comfortable
in His presence
where there is fullness of joy!

Germaine Copeland
President of Word Ministries, Inc.
Author and Speaker

Susan Carter says:

At Home in God's Sweater

is an invitation to journey into

  God's heart of love for you

while breaking through

the barriers of resistance encountered

along the way.

This book is a treat for any woman

seeking the greatest love ever known.

 Susan Carter, President
Release the Light Ministries

And Here is what Others are saying:


At Home in God’s Sweater
had me
enthralled from the
first word.

This book is a beautifully expressed visual of what it means to draw so near to our Creator we feel safe enough to call Him Daddy.   

Linda Germain,
Writer of Christian stories,
articles, and poetry;
Freelance editor and Book Reviewer

If intimacy with God has always interested you, this book is the key to unlock its mysteries.

In the many years I have been reading books, I've never run across a book that made intimacy with God so much fun. This is truly a remarkable book filled with the love of God.

Ora Mosley,
President of
Love Extended Ministries


Mary Ellen Breitwiser says:

“I sat mesmerized
as I read Beth McLendon’s comforting
and encouraging book
on how to let go
and let God be your closest and most intimate Friend —
close enough to cuddle up in His sweater.

She has a keen sensitivity to the Spirit realm,
and this book will take you on an inspiring journey
toward personal intimacy
with your Savior.”

 Mary Ellen Breitwiser
                Senior Editor and Director of Publications
Jewish Voice Ministries International - Phoenix AZ

(A Messianic Jewish organization - they believe Jesus is the Messiah)

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At Home in God's Sweater

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At Home in God's Sweater is a


reality-book experience for women!