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The Inspirational Life, Issue #52
May 16, 2019

The Inspirational Life

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The Inspirational Life.


This is the

June 2019 edition


This edition contains:

WHAT'S NEW on the Website




DEVOTIONAL: A Weapon of the Devil


Power Proclamation


Power Prayer


Simple Prayers for Loved Ones


Movie Time


DISC Insights: Forgiveness Styles



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What's New on the website since the last newsletter?


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Prayers for Conquering Unforgiveness

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A Weapon of the Devil

No weapon formed against me will prosper.

Isaiah 54:17


The devil has weapons of destruction

that he uses to

hurt us and hinder us. Unforgiveness is a weapon formed against us.

The devil wants us to live in unforgiveness.

Unforgiveness keeps us in chains.

But Jesus can break the chains!

The devil wants everyone to live

every day




But God says to each of us ...

Submit yourself to the Lord


resist the devil

and he will flee from you.

James 4:7


We have a Power Page based on James 4:7.

See the following link: James 4:7

Sometimes we need extra help to overcome the attacks from the devil.

Our website has lots of help for those who want to forgive.

In fact, we have a brand-new page with POWER prayers for breaking the unforgiveness.

See the following link: Prayers to Conquer Unforgiveness

~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~

When we read the Bible with a teachable heart,

our mind becomes

more and more


and we begin to think

more and more

like Jesus thinks.


If we want to look like Jesus

and have the POWER of JESUS,

then we have to read the Bible with a

teachable heart.

God wants each of us

to have a destiny



against the forces of evil.


We are destined to be


We are destinted to be



if we don't pursue our destiny,

we won't achieve our destiny.

Power Proclamation

Consider saying:

I was born to be a

Champion for Christ


it is about time I stood up and

Moved Mightily

toward my


Power Prayer

Dear Lord,

I come to you not satisfied with staying average, not satisfied with just the traditional, not satisfied with the way it has always been.

I press into you that I may come up higher.

With your help, Lord, I'm going to take the reins of my life, and I am going to change some things.

I declare by faith that this year, I will become stronger and more determined.

I will take authority over those things that are hindering me.

I will become POWERFUL in Jesus Christ.

I will remind myself that I am the head and not the tail - above and not beneath.

Lord, you have given me Powerful Pieces of Armor. I will put them on, and I will see Amazing Victories in my life!

In Jesus' name I pray,


Copyright © 2014 Beth McLendon of Inspirational -



And I remind you that we have LOTS of POWER pages with Full Armor of God prayers.

God tells us that THE FULL ARMOR of GOD is one of God's main tools that he gives us to fight the weapons of the devil.

Full Armor of God Prayer links

Simple Prayers for my Loved One

Here are two simple prayers you can pray

for your son or adapt them for any loved one.

These prayers are asking God to

help our loved ones forgive others.



I pray that my son would be -

A forgiving man.

A healthy man.

An emotionally - healed man.

In Jesus' name I pray,



I pray that my son

would be

a man of


In Jesus' name I pray,



Un - Forgiveness


Harmful to us.

Unforgiveness torments our mind,

makes our body more susceptible to illness,

is the root of many negative emotions,


interferes with ALL our relationships,

Unforgiveness doesn't just


the relationship that it began with -

it touches all our relationships.

Unforgiveness drags us down.

It is a continual source of agitation


consciously or unconsciously.

Movie Time

I want to suggest a new movie that I saw a few days ago.

It is called

"Alison's Choice."

It is a Christian movie about

unwanted pregnancy.

I urge you to watch it so you can be a better friend to

loved ones who might find themselves in this situation.

~ ~ ~

I urge you to preview it and then show it to your teens

- boys & girls -

not only for THEIR personal information

but so they can be more prepared to be a

good friend if one of their friends becomes pregnant.

~ ~ ~

Don't wait for a crisis.

Watch this great resource now

so that one day you will be ready to use it

to help a friend or loved one.



DISCovering Insights

Each month

this section of the newsletter

focuses on


Four Basic Personality Styles.


Each month this section examines a particular topic

through the lens of the

Four Personality Styles

so that

we can learn more about

ourselves and others.

The Four DISC Personality Styles are

"D", "I", "S", and "C".

Handling Forgiveness

~ ~ ~

God tells us that he wants us to forgive.

Everyone has trouble forgiving

BIG, unfair attacks against us.

(And this website has help for that.)

But what about the smaller things?

In General...

some styles are quicker to forgive than other styles.




The "D" style is

Outgoing and Task - Oriented.

They are usually seen as

Powerful, Results-Oriented, Determined, Dominant, Leaders!

The "D" style is usually quick to get angry


quick to get over anger.


Most "Ds" are quick to forgive

the normal irritations of life.

The "I" style is

Outgoing and People - Oriented.

They are usually seen as

Social, Fun, Spontaneous, Impulsive, and Inspiring.

The "I" style individuals are usually quick

to forgive people of the little irritations of life.

This style basically lives in the now.

So, shortly after an irritation,

they have usually forgotten the irritation.

The "S" style is

Reserved and People - Oriented.

They are usually seen as kind, gentle, compassionate, and easygoing.

"S" style individuals usually do not get angry often.

They are very easygoing people.

They usually have a tender heart.

"Ss" are usually quick to forgive people

for the little irritations of life.


But they often have trouble forgiving themselves.

The "C" style is

Reserved and Task - Oriented.

They are usually seen as Careful, Cautious, Detail-oriented, Perfectionists, and Planners.

People with the "C" style are


They think people should be perfect.

So, they often have trouble forgiving.


People with the "C" style are

Hard on others


Hard on themselves.

The "C" style usually have a hard time forgiving others and forgiving themselves.

They often hold grudges for years.

"C" individuals usually are in great need of understanding WHY they should forgive and practical steps on HOW to forgive.


If you want to learn more

about the

Four DISC Personality Styles,


DISC insights and prayer




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