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The Inspirational Life, Issue #007
January 29, 2015

The Inspirational Life

Welcome to the Inspirational-Prayers Newsletter

Also called

The Inspirational Life.


This edition contains:

WHAT'S NEW on the Website

INVITATION: For a FREE Financial Freedom course

DEVOTIONAL: Waiting for my Cat to Bark


DISCovering Success: Amazing Money Insights


What's New

We at Inspirational-Prayers are praying that you will have a Happy New Year.

New on the site:

This year we have added several pages:

**The Shield of Faith - a power page that energizes and motivates

**Prayer in Times of Crisis - this page has prayers to help calm you and comfort you while reaching out to the Lord for help

**Mourning the loss of a young child - prayer and comforting music

Those pages have a link on our "What's New" page which is featured on the top right side of every page.

Also note that we have several new "Prayer and Inspirational" pages that create excitement and motivation for the New YEAR!

You will see a text link below to get to the Holiday pages.

Invitation for a FREE Financial Freedom course

HELP our website's 501C3 ministry and you will receive a FREE online multimedia course taught by well-known financial coach Sharman Lawson.

The course includes several hours of teaching and Sharman's e-book "12 Steps to Eliminate Debt Forever!"

For a donation of $ 15.00 to the ministry of this website, Sharman Lawson is giving you her "Financial Freedom" course FREE......

Note that Sharman has been on numerous television and radio programs. She teaches people to manage their personal finances, payoff debt, and create a debt-free lifestyle.

Sharman Lawson wants to bless you with her Awesome Financial Freedom course.

Sharman is a personal friend of mine and of this ministry. She wants to help you with your money situation and help support the ministry that supports

The course is called "Financial Security and How to Live Debt-Free"

Note that you take this course at your own speed.

We made the donation amount very low so that everyone could easily participate.

Make THIS Year the year you turn your money situation around!

To learn more about this course, click the following link: Money Freedom

Waiting for my Cat to Bark

What are you waiting for?

Has God told you to do something and you haven't started?

Sometimes people are not aware of the fact that they are hindered from moving forward with the Lord because they are waiting for their cat to bark.

If we are waiting for things that will never happen, we will end up not moving forward.

The Bible explains this situation to us through the following scripture:

"If you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get anything done." Ecclesiastes 11:4 TLB

Remembering that scripture - as we move into a new year - will be helpful to us both in service to God and in our spiritual growth.

Also note:

Some people are waiting for God to reveal the full plan before starting something for God.

It is helpful to realize that sometimes God will not give you the full plan at one time. Sometimes he gives you one piece of the plan - and you must do that piece before he gives you another piece of the plan.

Copyright © 2015 Beth McLendon

Experiencing a Spectacular New Year:

In 2015 we presented several new motivational pages for the New Year.

We want to help you have a Spectacular YEAR!

We hope our pages will be a positive and powerful help for you!

Click the link for one of our pages: Inspiration for the New Year

Spiritual Gifts

The New Year is here.

A new YEAR means new opportunities to serve God.

If you have never explored your spiritual gifts, I have a great offer for you.

Below is a link to a FREE "Spiritual Gifts" test.

You are a unique part of the body of Christ.

I pray that this year you will take delight in the gifts God has placed in you and take joy in using your gifts to bless others.

Spiritual Gifts

DISCovering Success

Amazing Money Insights that help you get out of debt!

In this article, I will share insights into WHY you BUY - so you can take more control over your spending habits.

Also, this article will help you understand more about the spending habits and impulses of your family members. Understanding one another helps create cooperation and increases team work.

Consider Your Buying Habits.

In order to get out of debt and stay out of debt, it is important that you understand how you and your family members make buying decisions.

I am going to share a few tips about how understanding the four DISC personality styles will help you reduce your spending and eliminate debt.


For example, if you are an outgoing, task-oriented “D” personality style, you need to monitor your quick decision style. You are a "get-it-done-and-move-on" type of person. You probably do not like to comparison shop. But if you will make a goal of doing online searches before you buy large ticket items, you will save a lot of money during this year.


If you are an outgoing, people-oriented “I” personality style, you need to be aware that you are probably an impulse buyer. You buy things on a whim that you do not need and later do not even use. As an “I”, if you will discipline yourself to wait one day (preferably at least two days) before buying things that are not necessities, you will make great strides in eliminating debt.

A pause for a little background information about DISC.

Understanding DISC

The 4 DISC personality styles are actually 4 sets of traits. Each of us has traits from each of the four personality styles. The style that contains most of our traits would be called our Personality Style. For example, if you have more "D" traits than "I" or "S" or "C" traits, then you are a "D" personality style.

Note that as a DISC expert, the way I teach DISC doesn't limit anyone or pigeon-hole anyone. My DISC insights just give everyone more information to consider. Then people can take any information that applies to them and use that information to take more conscious control over their life. This article shows how important DISC insights can be to improve areas in our life like our finances.

Our highest personality style and our second highest style greatly influence our thoughts and actions.

The four styles are the:

“D” dominant style - outgoing and task-oriented

“I” inspiring style - outgoing and people-oriented

“S” supportive style - reserved and people-oriented

“C” cautious style - reserved and task-oriented

The Four Buying Methods:

D = Dominant – Decides quickly, prefers the new and practical

I = Inspiring – Decides impulsively, prefers new and fun

S = Supportive – Decides slowly, prefers the traditional

C = Cautious – Decides cautiously, prefers excellence and value

When shopping, each style is looking for different things. Be aware that when a salesperson understands your unique style and presents his or her sales pitch with your style preferences in mind, you will be VERY tempted to buy the product or service.

What are the Four Personality Styles Looking For:

“Ds” I want solutions. I want fast results.

“Is” I want fun. I want prestige. I want to be popular.

“Ss” I want service. I want security. I want to be helpful.

“Cs” I want knowledge. I want excellence. I want everyone to do things the right way. (And I would like security, too.)

Earlier in this article, I highlighted a paragraph for the "Ds" and the "Is". Now I will come to the "Ss" and the "Cs".


"Ss" are the style that generally has the hardest time saying "No," to a salesperson. For many "Ss", one of their main money problems is saying, "No." They find it difficult to say "No," to a salesperson. They want to help salespeople and make them feel successful. "Ss" also often have difficulty saying "No," to their children. They love to make their children - and other family members - happy. Even if it means going into debt, "Ss" feel compelled to buy in order to see the happy face of a loved one. Therefore, it is helpful when "Ss" have an understanding with their family members that we ALL have a goal of getting out of debt, and we ALL are going to work on saying "No" to buying unnecessary things. Making a family goal will help "Ss" to say "No" more often.


The "C" style is the style that usually has the easiest time learning how to live within their means. When "Cs" decide to reduce their debt, their natural tendencies of being careful, cautious planners aid them in making a powerful plan to get out of debt. They generally have more natural self-control than the other styles. So once they truly decide to get out of debt, they will generally make great progress. One thing for them to remember is that they will probably need to work on being understanding toward their family members who will not be able to be as self-disciplined as they are. And "Cs" need to remember that you cannot make "getting out of debt" all work - and sacrifice - and no play. If you do, you will create strife and anger in your family.

I hope you will join me each month as I highlight new insights about the personality styles!

All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 2015 Beth McLendon


If you are interested in learning more about "Money and DISC Personality Styles", contact me through the “Contact Us” button on the website for information about receiving my book MONEYstyles. The book is available to be sent to United States addresses for a limited time for a donation to this ministry of $14.00 which includes shipping and handling.

Money Pages on our Website

Also note that there are several pages about money management on our website. Check out the "Sitemap" on our website to find them.

Understanding DISC

If you would like to know more about the four DISC Personality Styles, I have written a book about it.

It is called "Praying for your Child" but it is not just for parents.

It explains ADULTS also.

It will explain in easy terms the 4 styles and give you lots of information about children AND adults.

It also has great prayers to pray.

People rave at how it helped them understand their spouse, their family, their boss, their co-workers, and their friends.

And for those who serve in leadership roles - at work or at church - DISC will enable you to greatly enhance your leadership strengths.

The book is available to be shipped to those who live in the United States.

There is a link for information about my book located directly after the prayer.

Prayer for You

Dear Lord,

I want to thank you for these wonderful men and women who have joined my newsletter list. They are an encouragement to me.

I pray that this year would be a year full of new understanding and insights that will help them in their walk with you.

I pray that they will increase in their recognition of what you want them to do. I also pray that they will increase in the motivation to do what you want them to do.

May this year be blessed by you with being amazing, miraculous, and life-changing.

I ask that you would protect each one this day and every day.

In Jesus’ name I pray,


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