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The Inspirational Life, Issue #0028
October 18, 2016

The Inspirational Life

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WHAT'S NEW on the Website




DISCovering Power to Improve your Life



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What's New

What's New on the website since the last newsletter?

New Pages:

Psalm 54 How to Handle Trouble

Psalm 131 Prayer and Insights

God is our Rock

Prayer for Caregivers

Prayer for Generational Issues

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Updated pages:

Helping Teens make good decisions

Prayers for Pastors

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All the new pages - and updated pages - have links on our page called "Info on New Pages" found in the top right of each page.

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Inspirational Prayers

Power Words

Everyone wants to become better in some area.

Everyone wants to move forward in some area.


I have discovered

Two POWER Words

that when put together

become a powerful tool in spiritual growth.


These two Power Words are:

I will.

In my walk with God, I take note of what I want more of in my life, and then I make “I will” statements.

When I regularly speak out those two power words, they miraculously add determination to my goals for my life.

Here are some examples of “I will” statements:

I will become more organized.

I will make a budget.

I will gain control of my over-spending habits.

I will say "no" when it is the right thing to do.

I will volunteer my time to worthy causes.

I will become more compassionate and gentle.

I will spend more time with God.

I will become more determined to do God's will.


As you can see,

the words

“I will”

can be very helpful in

growing us - up -

in whatever area we need growth.

I call these “I will” statements – Proclamations.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

How the Power Words work:

Step one

Take note of one thing – just one thing - that seems hard for me in my daily life.

~ ~ ~

Step two

Create some “I will” statements that are designed to move me forward.

Write my "I will" statements down, and say those “I will” statements regularly.

~ ~ ~

Step three

Find one or more Bible verses on that topic and say them out... loud regularly.

I have found that by using the words “I will”

I increase my motivation and my determination.


I grow my faith in believing that I can and will improve in this area.

One important Bible verse

that needs to be kept in our mind is:

“Don't despise small beginnings.”

Zechariah 4:10

That is one of my favorite verses. God has used that verse to help me get moving - and keep moving - concerning many areas of my spiritual growth.


Another scripture that is helpful to me is 1 Samuel 30:6 which says that David encouraged himself in the Lord.

I realize I need to encourage myself in the Lord.

~ ~ ~

It motivates me

when I encourage myself

in my small steps of progress.





Too many times we forget to encourage ourselves and to celebrate.

We need to pat ourself on the back.

Everyone needs a little encouragement, and some of us need a lot of encouragement.

Take Note:

In our DISC section

- further down the page -

there will be more insights on how to use POWER WORDS

according to your personality style.

Secrets for Spouses

Are you a team with your spouse?

Do you have team spirit?

By team spirit,

I mean -

Can you easily stir up excitement about the one you married?

It creates harmony and unity

when a married couple

think of themselves

as being a married


instead of being an individual

who is married to an individual.


Being a married team for Jesus Christ is a lofty and inspiring goal. That thought helps to keep hearts tender, motivations elevated, and enthusiasm at its peak.

A Married Team needs


Every day, we will face the decision to keep our heart tender when our spouse does things that are in:

the selfish category,

the foolish category,

the unthinking category,


the "what in the world was he/she thinking!" category.

Life is hard. Life is hard for everyone. Life is hard for singles and for married people.

The challenge for married folks is to keep their heart tender toward their spouse and toward God - through all the bumps, bruises, disappointments, hurts, trials, temptations, etc. that they face through life.

David wisely said (twice) in the Bible that God's gentleness hath made him great.

- - Psalm 18:35 and 2 Samuel 22:36 - -


At some point in David's life,

he realized that being gentle and tender

toward God

and toward others

is one of the real secrets in life.

~ ~ ~

Sadly, many times,

we learn that lesson too late in life

to fix the damage we have done

to important relationships in our life.

~ ~ ~


is one of the nine

Fruit of the Spirit

listed in Galatians 5:22-23.

~ ~ ~

Today, I encourage you to ponder

The POWER of Tenderness and Gentleness

toward God


toward your spouse.


The Secret to Great Relationships


Consider visiting our "Autumn Romance" page in order to stir up some fun.

Autumn Romance Ideas

I encourage you to:

Do what it takes to build a marriage that is AMAZING!

Thoughts for Parents

The words you speak - today - to your child can brighten your child's day and uplift your child.

Your words can make your child feel optimistic.

Your words can make your child feel loved and that he or she belongs in their family and in this world.


Today, the words you speak to your child can discourage your child.

Your words can make your child feel pessimistic.

Your words can even make your child feel lonely

and like he or she isn't loved

and like

he or she doesn't belong.

DISCovering POWER for your Life

This section will give insights into how

to relate personality styles

to the topic of POWER Words.


First I will give an introduction

to the

4 DISC Personality Styles.

~ ~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~ ~


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

There are 4 basic DISC personality styles.

They are:

The "D" style which is outgoing and task-oriented.

The "I" style which is outgoing and people-oriented.

The "S" style which is reserved and people-oriented.

The "C" style which is reserved and task-oriented.

~ ~

We are a blend.

~ ~

Note that each of us is a blend of traits from each of the four personality styles. Yet, the style that contains most of our traits tends to powerfully pull our thoughts in certain directions.

Each style has a tendency to see life in a different way.

So each style approaches tasks with a different mindset, different thoughts, and different goals.

~ ~ ~ ~

We are all unique,


the following information is generally true

for children and adults.

~ ~ ~ ~

Take note that for DISC Personality Styles:

Green stands for the "D" style.

Red stands for the "I" style.

Blue stands for the "S" style.

Yellow stands for the "C" style.




The "D" Personality Style

~ ~ ~

“Ds” have traits such as dominant, direct, determined, and demanding.

The “D” style is so strong, direct, impatient and blunt that they frequently run over people during the day.

“Ds” often leave people bruised and wounded. They usually have difficulty in being gentle enough - and seeing the need to be more gentle and kind.




If a “D” wants to grow in this area, he or she might want to consider using the Power Words in an “I will” statement. An example would be:

“I will make caring about the feelings of others more important to me today.”

Another "I will" statement they could use is:

“I will slow down and notice the needs of others today.”

~ ~ ~

After a "D" realizes the power of being kind -

Making a daily goal of being more gentle and kind is usually helpful to a "D".

The "I" Personality Style

~ ~ ~

The “I” style has traits such as inspiring, involved, fun-seeking,

enthusiastic, and energetic.

~ ~

They love to start things.

They are great starters but they aren't always great finishers.




If that is an area that they want to grow in - they could use the power words to create some “I will” statements to help motivate them to finish projects.


Some examples of POWER Statements would be:

“I will be more determined to finish what I start.”

“I will become more motivated to finish projects. ”

“I will feel impressive when I finish a project.”

“Is” - you may want to ask a friend to encourage you and help cheer you on........ in order to help you finish what you start.

You might also want to ask a friend to send you an e-mail reminder of upcoming deadlines.

As an “I”, you may never become the best finisher of all the personality styles – but you can certainly become the best finisher of all the “Is” you know!

The “Is” really like attention,

and they are the style that is THE BEST at celebrating –

so let's celebrate the “I” style –

Whoo Hoo!” Way to go, “Is”!

The "S" Personality Style

~ ~ ~

The “S” style has traits such as supportive, stable, steady, easygoing, and kind.


They love routine and sameness.

They generally do not like change.




Sometimes God's plan for them will involve change.

In fact, spiritual growth usually involves change.


“Ss” can use their

Power words

to help them with change.

~ ~ ~ ~

Hint - “Ss” - it helps if you emphasize the words “I will”.

~ ~ ~ ~

Examples of statements for change would be:

“I will learn to become more comfortable with necessary change.”

“I will remind myself that this change will help me please God.”


And “Ss” how about this “I will” statement -

“I will thank God when he lets me keep certain things the same!”

The "C" Personality Style

~ ~ ~

The “C” style has traits such as cautious, careful, consistent, correct, organized, and analytical.




People who have lots of “C” traits usually have trouble with worry.

“Cs” can use the “I will” technique to help them defeat worry.

When worry tries to capture their attention and drag them down, they can use their power words and say sentences such as:

“I will trust you, God, to take care of me.”

“I will see my problems as small and my God as big.”

“I will refuse to let worry drag me down.”

- - - -

Sometimes people fast food – they fast eating food – which means they don't eat food for a certain amount of time.

Sometimes it helps “Cs” to make a proclamation that they will fast worry for one day. Telling a “C” to stop worrying cold turkey (suddenly) usually doesn't work. It helps to start with small goals.


So “Cs” - consider saying, “I will fast worry today"

Or maybe

"I will fast worry this morning!"

And “Cs” when you do a good job, cheer yourself on! Don't expect perfection from yourself every day.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

When we understand ourselves better and others better, then we can view situations with wiser eyes.

When we are aware of our tendencies and preferences - and those of others - then we can have more control over whether to do what comes naturally to us or choose to do something that is wiser in the situation.

Copyright © 2016 Beth McLendon of

Life comes together


when we

understand ourselves


understand others!

~ ~ ~

If you would like to learn more about personality styles, click the link that follows:

DISC Personality Insights

A Book that Creates Champions

I have written a book that highlights and praises the strengths of each of the DISC personality styles. This helps each of us value the wonderful things about us.

In the book, I also share powerful prayers that position us to get help for our weaknesses. The prayers are written to be uplifting and encouraging.

The book - quickly and easily - explains the key differences in the four styles. It also gives lots of amazing information to help you understand yourself and others.

Understanding others leads to happier relationships at home, at work, etc.

The book's name may fool you. It is not just for parents. It is actually for everyone. Yet the book gives some specific advice about parenting that can transform family life.

So I encourage you to get my book called "Praying for your Child." It is a DISC handbook and prayer book all in one.

The prayers are not just to pray for children - they will transform adults' lives as well!

The book is available to be shipped to those who live in the United States.

It is available for a donation to our ministry of $ 14.95 + $ 5.95 shipping.

Here is the link to get more information: Beth's Book

Power Prayer

Please join me in putting on:

The Powerful Armor of God!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My Lord,

Thank you for your Armor.

I will put it on this day.

I put on the Helmet of Salvation.

I allow myself to pause and think about your salvation.

Your deep love for me compelled You to the cross.

Your love is amazing.


I put on the Breastplate of Righteousness.

I feel honored to wear Your Righteousness.

I will show my love and respect for you by choosing to live right.


I put on the Belt of Truth.

Your Word is Truth.

As I read your Word, you give me Truth to protect me and to show me how to find the path with your best blessings.


I put on the Shoes of Peace.

I put on your Shoes, and I ask that you direct my steps.

I will choose to stir up peace and joy as I walk through the difficult parts of my day.


I pick up the Shield of Faith.

I pick up the Shield of Confidence that you are working in my life this very day.

By faith I believe that - today - you are busy working on my behalf.

I pick up confidence that - right now - you are working on my relationships, and right now you are working on my finances, and right now you are working in my body to create more health and more strength, and right now you are working in my emotions to create more zeal for following you!

Thank you for everything you are doing for me this day!


I pick up the Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God.

I pick up Victory.

I am more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus who loves me.

That is Romans 8:37.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

That is Philippians 4:13.

I will submit to God, resist the devil, and he will flee from me!

That is James 4:7.

YES - I will speak out your Words today, and I will have


over unexpected temptations,

over ungodly attitudes,


over destructive sinful habits

that come to defeat me this day.

I am dressed and ready to walk in POWER.

I am dressed and ready to demolish selfishness, self-pity, lukewarmness, laziness, and excuses - and instead - I choose to walk the Path of Champions!

I am dressed and ready to LIVE for YOU - TODAY!


Copyright © 2015 Beth McLendon of

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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