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The Inspirational Life, Issue #0025
July 14, 2016

The Inspirational Life

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This edition contains:

WHAT'S NEW on the Website

BIBLE DEVOTIONAL - Is God's will always done?

SECRETS FOR SPOUSES - What Motivates You?


DISCovering Success - Security Issues



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What's New

What's New on the website since the last newsletter?

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Who is the devil?

Exercising Praise - Praise songs to Exercise to

Courageous Men

Daily God leads me: Prayer, Scripture, Encouragement


Updated prayers pages:

Funeral Prayers

Praying for my children

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Is God's Will Always Done?

Some people say that

God is in Control and Nothing you do matters.

- - -

I encourage you to keep that in mind and

review that thought

after reading the following story.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I heard someone say recently during a Bible teaching:

In our company we were having a lot of accidents.

So we wrote and posted some safety rules.

Since then, the accident rate has gone down.

Some people say that God is in control and nothing we do matters.

But I say that it is interesting that after we posted the safety rules, God's will was that less people get hurt.

As I pondered the above story,

I was reminded that

God's will isn't always done.

Scripture also tells us that God's will isn't always done.

(For example, in the Old Testament, God's will was that his people would NOT have a king. But God allowed Saul to be king, because the people were so adamant about wanting a king.)

I want God's will in my life. I don't want to be headstrong and stubborn.

~ ~ ~

Every day God gives me lots of choices.

I want to choose God's will each time I make a choice.

Since I have a goal to be more like Jesus, I will remind myself to choose to make wise, godly choices each day!

Secrets for Spouses

What Motivates You?

Today's insights will examine how each spouse, in a marriage,

is motivated in life.

There are many aspects involved in our motivation.

I am going to talk about one of the aspects.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Are you more motivated by pleasure or by pain?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Some people are motivated by pleasure.

Those people are strongly drawn to do things that will cause immediate pleasure.

For example, buying something on impulse gives immediate pleasure.


Someone motivated by pleasure might buy a new car on impulse.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Some people are motivated by pain.

Those people are strongly drawn to do things that will result in avoiding pain in their future.

For example, if they hear people talking about buying a new car and talking about the wonders of driving a car freshly off the car lot, those motivated by pain will be inundated with thoughts of future car payments.

The pain that would come in their future - keeps them safely away from buying a new car on impulse.

~ ~

What happens when both spouses are motivated by pleasure?

Both Spouses Motivated by Pleasure

If both husband and wife are motivated by pleasure, you can probably readily see that they may easily get into debt.

It is wonderful to be in agreement on taking a great vacation. A vacation generates lots of pleasure. BUT when the bills come in, there is often conflict and debt.

In addition, parents who are motivated by pleasure often choose to make their children happy instead of properly disciplining their children.

When their children disobey, these parents quickly realize that if they discipline their child, their child will be upset with them. If their child is upset, there will be no pleasure in their immediate future.

~ ~ ~

Both Spouses Motivated by Pain

If both husband and wife are motivated by pain, you can probably readily see that they will probably be careful spenders. They may even be too tight with their money.

And, they may be too tough on their children.

~ ~ ~

One Spouse Motivated by Pleasure and One Spouse by Pain

If one spouse is motivated by pleasure and one by pain, there may be lots of conflict as each one pulls in a different direction.

One may be angry at the "Big Spender" while the other is angry at the "Scrooge."

And as parents, one parent may continually try to ignore their child's improper behavior and sweep it under the rug (so we can have a pleasurable time) while the other is trying to firmly address the problem (to avoid future troubles for their child.) And sometimes the tough parent can be too tough.

As you can easily see, both husband and wife need to seek to make wise, godly decisions. Therefore, both pleasure and pain motivations need to be carefully (and prayerfully) examined so that a wise choice is found and chosen.

Copyright © 2016 Beth McLendon of

The above article is presented in order to highlight this phenomena so that couples can consider - if - their problems might have a root in their routine choice of immediate pleasure or avoidance of pain.

As my friend Dr. Robert Rohm is famous for saying, "You cannot beware of something you are not aware of."

I encourage you to:

Do what it takes to build a marriage that is AMAZING!

A Thought for Parents

Praying for your Child

Is a Powerful Thing


You can do to Bless your Child.

~ ~ ~ ~

Consider visiting the following page: Praying for Children

DISCovering Success

The Topic Today is


But first an introduction to DISC personality styles.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

There are 4 basic DISC personality styles.

They are:

The "D" which is outgoing and task-oriented.

The "I" which is outgoing and people-oriented.

The "S" which is reserved and people-oriented.

The "C" which is reserved and task-oriented.

~ ~

Note that each of us is a blend of traits from each of the four personality styles. Yet, the style that contains most of our traits tends to powerfully pull our thoughts in certain directions.

Each style has a tendency to see life in a different way.

So each style approaches tasks with a different mindset, different thoughts, and different goals.

We are all unique, but the following information is generally true for children and adults.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Each of us wants to feel secure.

Most of us are not aware of our need to feel secure.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In the DISC personality profiles, each of the styles wants to be secure, but they go about it in very different ways.

Every person is unique but in general, these are the ways the styles gain more security.

(Note that "Ds" and "Cs" are not as feeling oriented as "Is" and "Ss".)

"Ds" would say,

"I feel secure when I am in control."

~ ~ ~ ~

“Is” would say,

"I feel secure when I have approval from others."

~ ~ ~ ~

“Ss” would say,

"I feel secure when I feel peaceful."

~ ~ ~ ~

“Cs” would say,

"I feel secure when things are done the right way."

The "D" Personality Style

~ ~ ~

To become more secure I will attempt to:

Gain Control

My aim is measurable results. I want tasks done quickly. I want my goals attained quickly.

The "I" Personality Style

~ ~ ~

To become more secure I will attempt to:

Get Attention

My aim is to get approval and recognition.

I want to be assured that I am liked.

I want to feel popular.

The "S" Personality Style

~ ~ ~

To become more secure I will attempt to:

Give In

My aim is to have peace and harmony in my life.

I want calmness and stability.

The "C" Personality Style

~ ~ ~

To become more secure I will attempt to:

Change Things

I will change my environment or attempt to change people in order to do things right, have perfection, or have excellence.

I want everyone to follow the rules.

My aim is to do things right.

I like perfection.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

When we understand ourselves better and others better, then we can view situations with wiser eyes.

When we are aware of our tendencies and preferences - and those of others - then we can have more control over whether to do what comes naturally to us or choose to do something that is wiser in the situation.

Copyright © 2016 Beth McLendon of

Life comes together


when we

understand ourselves


understand others!

A Book that Creates Champions

I have written a book that highlights and praises the strengths of each of the DISC personality styles. This helps each of us value the wonderful things about us.

In the book, I also share powerful prayers that position us to get help for our weaknesses. The prayers are written to be uplifting and encouraging.

The book - quickly and easily - explains the key differences in the four styles. It also gives lots of amazing information to help you understand yourself and others.

Understanding others leads to happier relationships at home, at work, etc.

The book's name may fool you. It is not just for parents. It is actually for everyone. Yet the book gives some specific advice about parenting that can transform family life.

So I encourage you to get my book called "Praying for your Child." It is a DISC handbook and prayer book all in one.

The prayers are not just to pray for children - they will transform adults' lives as well!

The book is available to be shipped to those who live in the United States.

It is available for a donation to our ministry of $ 14.95 + $ 5.95 shipping.

Here is the link to get more information: Beth's Book

Dedication Prayer

Father God,

You possess all knowledge. You know all things.

You gave me your Word to help me to grow to be more like Jesus.

Today I want to rededicate myself to you.

I realize that even though I say that I believe your words, I don't always act like I do.

Father, help me to grow my faith. Help me to develop deeper faith in your words. I want to trust you more. I want to follow you more closely.

In Jesus' name I pray,


Copyright © 2013 Beth McLendon of

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