Easter for Teens

Information for


to strengthen their commitment

to Christianity.

Teens will be the target of unbelieving teens and adults.

Protect your teens

by giving them some ammunition

for standing with the Bible.


Make sure your teen understands the story of

the death of Jesus before beginning.

I encourage you to go to our

children's page and get helpful information

that most adults do not even know.

And before you start this page, please go to our

Helpful tips page.

This page begins where our page

Easter for Children


So check out that page to make sure

your teens know the information on that page

before you come to this page.


The video below is on the Children's page -

and that page has extra information

to help you explain the last days of Jesus

to teens and children.

You may want to start this page

with something splashy

that will grab the attention


your teens.

The Shroud of Turin 


the burial cloth of Jesus.

The first video is

Dr. Gary Habermas

a well-known expert on the resurrection

- and -

a former professor of mine.

We also have a Shroud of Turin page

that has some


amazing information.

Here is Dr. Habermas' website

with lots of videos and information.


Josh McDowell

Next we have several short videos from Josh McDowell.

He was an atheist who wanted to prove to Christians that Jesus did not die and resurrect.

After his research, he became a strong Christian believer!

Here is an introduction


Josh McDowell.


Introduction to Josh

Watch before you share it with teens.


I miss hearing Josh when was younger and sharper.

I see his age showing. I would rather post videos from 20 + years ago of Josh. He previously did a better job of explaining the evidences of Christianity.

Also Note: 

Josh recently made some comments about CRT, and he made sweeping generalizations about most black people.  Because of that, he was criticized and he later stepped down from his ministry.  As I was searching for videos about Josh for this Easter page, I found out about this situation. I almost didn't post this page. I hope I made the right decision. 

See my page Josh McDowell


The Principles of Evidence


Jesus was crucified

Josh describes the general way a person was crucified.


Buried in a Sealed Tomb


The Tomb was Guarded


Who Rolled the Stone?


The Tomb was Empty


The Conversion of Saul


Hostile Witnesses


Wrong Tomb

Watch BEFORE you share with teens.


For more on Josh's testimony, see my page Josh McDowell

More on Dr. Habermas

Dr. Gary Habermas

is one of the world's greatest authorities

on the truth of the resurrection.

He studied the resurrection

because he himself wasn't convinced of Christianity. 

When I was in seminary,

Dr. Gary Habermas was one of my professors.

He told our class that he had a good friend

who had been one

of a handful of experts

to get to actually work

on and with

the Shroud of Turin.

Their job was to see

 if they could authenticate the Shroud.

Was it truly was the shroud of Jesus?


Dr. Habermas told us

that after their testing procedures and observations -

his friend

was convinced that

The Shroud of Turin

was the shroud of Jesus.

Click Here to visit our page on the Shroud.


Youtube has videos with Dr. Habermas.

I may do a page of  his videos - similar to this page.

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