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School Hidden Agendas

 Children need us

to be paying attention.

This includes -

young children through teenagers

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 While many

parents and concerned citizens

are busy

working and taking care of daily living,



doing some

alarming things.

- - Topics for this Page - -

 # 1

* School Surveys

Surveys ask children

  about their sex experiences, drug use,

and thoughts on being their biological gender,


# 2 (a)

*Traditional masculinity is being

undervalued and more and more


Traditional traits of boys and men
more and more
being labeled toxic and in need of major changes.

 # 2 (b)

* Young adult women speak out

and expose what schools are teaching about


Pro and Con videos

Let's Wake up

# 2 (c)

* NBC news


Men are evil and a blight on the earth.

# 2 (D)

* A Prominent Feminist thinks

we have gone too far.

Listen to this feminist

who has interesting thoughts

about the new practice of blaming men.

# 3

* Inclusiveness training:

Is inclusiveness training

becoming incoherent?

# 4

  * School textbooks:

School textbooks


influence your child's thinking.

 # 5

* Capitalism is more and more presented


dangerously wrong.

                                # 6

* What do you think of the cultural forces that are

trying to say that men and women just the same?

                                # 7

* Are schools promoting only one view

of a girl's future?

Are they devaluing motherhood?

This section has some interesting thoughts.

School Surveys


School Surveys

given to children

The Silent Majority

Needs to start making some


Children Need Us.

Toxic Masculinity?

Traditional masculinity


under attack

in our society and in our schools.

Are public schools trying to make your little boys

more like little girls?

I believe they are.

I believe that schools have become less and less

Boy Friendly.

The first video addresses

  some of the issues

which have been simmering in schools for years.


The second video goes more into the current

out-right attack

against boys and men.

More and more the word


is being paired with

negative traits and negative propaganda.

 The following video

helps to show that

there are two types of


One is positive and one is negative.


Note that our current society

is moving away from supporting the

healthy masculinity that is described below.

In General

Boys play rougher,



more aggressively.

I raised a son and have been around a lot of young boys. Soooo....

Personally, I have been shocked at the zero tolerance of pretend guns in the schools.

What do I mean?

Our schools don't want literal guns being brought to schools - agreed - but that is not all they want.

They want no child playing with something labeled a gun.....

Almost ALL boys naturally make guns -

out of legos, or blocks, or paper or

(as in one school recently)  a pop tart.

Making this an unpardonable sin can have long-term consequences for boys
who have a mark put on their permanent record.

Many little boys take legos and make a gun and then their teacher puts on their permanent record that this boy was a trouble-maker for making a gun.

Here is a 2020 article about a down syndrome 6-year-old girl who made a finger gun and the police were called.

Here is an article about a girl who made a gun with her hand at school and ended up arrested and charged with a felony.


And Updated Section for the year 2020

You cannot have any guns in your room when you are doing online school.

Ladies and Gentlemen


When I was growing up, children were taught to be ladies and gentlemen in society.

(Some refused to show those traits, but we were taught in school how to act like ladies and gentlemen.)

I actually remember the last time I heard the word "Gentleman."

It was over 20 years ago. I was sitting in church. The pastor said, "When was the last time you heard the word "gentleman"?

I thought about it. It had been a LONG time. Think about that. Twenty years plus another 10 years or so - about 30 years from today is the last time I heard the word "gentleman" in a normal sentence.

What about you?

Is traditional masculinity


(The American Psychological Association)



Newly released guidelines

from the APA say that

Traditional Masculinity is Toxic.

I urge you to take note that this idea

is being taught

in our public schools and taught very adamantly in

in the colleges.

Be Forewarned

Some people

are now saying that

ALL Masculinity



Boys and Men

are having to deal with

an onslaught of negativity

toward their natural masculine traits.

Take note:

Some people say the new Gillette razor ad


is saying that traditional masculinity is toxic.

What do you think?

After the ad, we will discuss:

What are schools actually teaching?

August 2019 update

on the above ad:

Gillette's "toxic masculinity" ad resulted in an almost $ 12 billion loss for them from customer backlash to the ad. 

So now they say that their company is "shifting the spotlight from social issues to local heroes." 

What are the public schools actually teaching?

First, I emphasize that new ideas

such as "toxic masculinity"

start in the colleges and move

downward through the school grades.

The videos below explain what is being teaching...

Young Adult Women speak out

Did you know there is a

war on men?

I present these videos

to highlight


"war on men."

In the first video,

the young woman helps us to understand

what the

present school system

wants the youth to believe.


she gives us a look at how bad


Programming of Students

really is.

(The video below was very informative, and I am dismayed that it was taken down for some reason.)

Below is a video

where a young woman questions

the "programming" being taught

about men

and what results are occurring because of it.

The young woman in the video below

agrees with the views

that she has been taught in school.

In the video below

Young adult women

and men

help us

to define

Toxic Masculinity

 In the video below....

An ex-feminist talks

about a

kind of harmful feminism

that is gaining ground.

Below is a video

that you might like

to watch

on the subject of Toxic Masulinity:

NBC News - Men are evil

And August 2019 - 

NBC news 

recently presented an article called

 Times Up on Heterosexuality 

written by Marcie Bianco.

NBC columnist Marcie Bianco penned what can only be described as a bizarre column in which she argues that men are evil and “heterosexuality is just not working.”

Bianco isn’t content to denounce heterosexuality as simply not working, she goes on to explain why it is actually sexist and a tool for men to wield dominance over women.

“Framed differently, the picture is this,” Bianco continues. “Men need heterosexuality to maintain their societal dominance over women.”

“Women, on the other hand, are increasingly realizing not only that they don’t need heterosexuality, but that it also is often the bedrock of their global oppression.”

Men, on the other hand, particularly heterosexual men, are a blight on the earth.

Taken from:


Our World needs Prayer

A Prominent Feminist thinks we have gone too far

It is becoming politically correct to

male bash.

Are all feminists and liberals for this

  male bashing and other politically correct


(Quick answer is no)

In the video below

famous feminist Camille Paglia

gives a rousing speech

about the importance of men

while bringing important points

to the subject.

She says,

"Male Bashing - needs to stop"

She says,

"Stop Blaming Men."

Camille adds some

important considerations for us

at this time in our nation's history.

She suggests that:

We need to learn from history.

Has Inclusiveness training gone too far?

Has inclusiveness training

becoming incoherent?

Can the leaders of the movement

explain what the definitions of terms are?

Question: Who is in control of the schools?

And.... what are their views?

Pay attention to your child's textbooks

Textbooks and library computers

are allowing

pornography into the curriculum.

Consider the vimeo video below that exposes

The Comprehensive Sex Agenda for schools:

Also see our section on "Pornography" on page 1 of this school issues topic.

Are history textbook publishers

"Making History fit an agenda" ?

Some school textbook publishers

are expressing concern

at the pressure

they are being given

to label a historic figure an identity choice

that the historical figure did not publicly express.

As you can see below,

there are many difficulties in picking out

appropriate textbooks for students.


I wonder if

  parents and grandparents

who visit this site

realize the kind of indoctrinating books

that are increasing becoming available

in schools and libraries.


Many of our schools are not showing

capitalism in a positive light. 

This is clearly seen in our public universities

but it is also moving down the grade levels.


This section has important information.

2019 Newest info:

California wants to teach your children

that capitalism is racist.

This section now shares the story of a

man who escaped

Cuba to come to the U.S.

He begs people to listen as he warns them of the dangers of socialism.

His family was starving yet

they would go to jail if went to the ocean

and caught a lobster. 

Lobsters, beef, and many other foods were

only to be

eaten by government officials.

His story is below - also note that Bernie Sanders has praised Cuba and gone there many times.

Running away

from Socialism

Bernie Sanders said,

"For better or for worse, the Cuban revolution is a very profound and very deep revolution. Much deeper than I had understood,"

Sanders wrote. "More interesting than their providing their people with free health care, free education, free housing ... is that they are in fact creating a very different value system than the one we are familiar with."

Sanders mocked the notion that Cuba was an undesirable place to live, chalking up criticisms of the island nation as right-wing propaganda.


In 2016, Harvard University

did a survey that found

that 51% of people who are 18 to 29


they do not support capitalism.

Only 42% supported it.


August 15, 2019

Senator Rand Paul said,

"Nearly 50 % of America's youth now saying that

socialism might be a good things and over half

of the Democrats are saying it."

Rand Paul's new book is

The Case against Socialism

Here is a link to a study that found that 73% of Republican Students are afraid of letting their teachers know they are Republican.

Public schools

are more and more planting seeds of

dislike and fear about capitalism.


Our educational system is becoming more and more

intolerant of capitalism - and conservatism.

As I was finishing up this page, I realized that I've heard

a growing amount of 

instances of blatant and subtle statements

that say that capitalism is a terrible thing -

so terrible

that we must not allow people to hold that view.

Many college campuses are actively

trying to stamp out capitalism.

This turn toward socialism is just recently bursting on the scene. I couldn't find a great video about this topic but below I have put a couple that are worth watching.


Another video to consider:


I urge you to keep your ears open

to the ways that our society


tearing down

the idea

that it is o.k.

for a person to view capitalism positively. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And take note of how schools are cleansing themselves

of political diversity.

December 2019 story headline:

Yale professor estimates that

Faculty Political Diversity is at 0 %.

Men and Women are the same?

What do you think of the cultural forces

that are saying that

men and women are the same?

Thoughts for Young Women to consider

I am very pro-education. 

I have earned college degrees up to and including

a master's degree.

~ ~ ~

Many young women are not serious enough

about getting a good education.

Nevertheless, some women may be too focused

on career and advancement

and ignore other important aspects of life.

Schools are really pushing a feminism

which focuses only on a career.


Should young women

be totally immersed in career thoughts


should they be considering motherhood?


Interesting that this Prominent Feminist

is giving an alternative

to the politically correct views

on what a young woman is supposed to choose.

She wants women to consider carefully

their career and motherhood options. 

Here are some dating tips from our site:

Click - AMAZING dating tips for Women

Click - GREAT dating tips for Men

To parents, grandparents, concerned citizens -

whether you are liberal or conservative -

take note that young conservative adults that you love

  will have great difficulty if they decide to go to college.

Here is just one example of the problem...

Being conservative at Washington University


Final Point -

Let's do some research...

Let's find out what is going on...

Let's be part of the discussion.

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