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Public School Issues

What is Quickly Happening

in all our

Public Schools

and libraries

in the United States?


This page will highlight several issues.

The most recent addition to this page

is a section about the dangers of 

out-of-control children

upon other students and teachers.

Note that the teachers are

being told not to directly intervene.

First Section:

Just 8 years ago, all of the staff in our public schools felt free to identify the children in our schools as boys and girls.

Children were obviously and easily identified as boys and girls - and - no one would be offended if you referred to them as such.

Today, we face a world where things have gotten a lot more complicated.

Did you know...

In 2014, Facebook created new options

for people who use their site.

They offered people a choice


50 different genders.

(Yes, I said 50 - And now there are more than 50.)

Consider doing a Google search if you are unfamiliar with the change.

Take note: many college students are saying that they are "gender fluid" - which means that they are  not a boy or a girl.

Definition of Gender Fluid:

Our culture is quickly changing.


Our schools are quickly changing.

Most parents - and other concerned adults -  do not have a clue
about what is beginning to be
into all the public schools
in the United States.

This page will give you some beginning information.

Take note that we here at this website

are very caring and compassionate

toward people

who are experiencing gender issues.

Likewise we are caring

toward those who think

that it is important to

slowly and carefully think through

all the ramifications

of any proposed change

before using our children

as test subjects of a new, uncharted, way of life.

Facebook says there are over 50 genders. God said he made two genders. Societies and science have agreed with God for thousands of years.

We need to tread slowly in changing our entire society -  even though we want to be compassionate to those who are not satisfied with their biological gender for whatever the reason.

For most of us,

it has only been a couple of years

since we first heard about any of this.

All of us need to take some time

to think this through.


Let's be wise by

finding out

what is currently being taught

(and what is being planned)

for all our public schools.

These school changes are for all children

starting with kindergarten.


Please spend the time

to listen to the following video.

She explains what is going on in our schools.

As is mentioned in the above video - The book "It's Perfectly Normal" is being used in schools. Many parents think it is too pornographic to be used.

Also Note August 2020 article:

From above article ...... This radical “guidance” redefines abstinence to mean not just abstaining from sex but also “deciding when to start having sex and with whom.” 

If this is confusing to you,

think how it feels to little children.

We have very difficult situations

to handle in our schools.

Do we have the freedom to think and to discuss all these issues openly or are we just pressured to parrot the ideas of the teachers' unions or other governing bodies?


I encourage you to look up Sharon Armke onYoutube.
She was a public school teacher who went back to school to get
her master's degree.

Right before she graduated, they refused to let her graduate. Even though she never publicly spoke out
when her professors spent lots of class time speaking about
gender ideology - she was not allowed
to graduate the master's program because
she refused to enthusiastically affirm the gender ideology
that they had been presenting.

Are we moving toward more freedom or more indoctrination?

Gender Identity

The public schools are encouraging children

to question

what gender they are


what gender they might like to be.

In the video below, the teacher asks the class - three times - "Have you ever questioned your identity?"

The teacher wanted them

to raise their hand if they had.

In the above video,

the makers of the video wanted parents

to complain after something was presented.

But.... "Isn't that too late"?

Don't we need to consider ideas and school materials


they are presented to our children?


June 20, 2019

Most schools can't give a child an aspirin without getting a parents' okay. But in Vermont, kids are about to get a whole lot more than Tylenol. Under a new rule, they'll be able to get entirely new bodies -- in some cases, without ever calling home.

If you thought the war on parents' rights was bad now, just wait. The Green Mountain State just dropped a massive bombshell in the transgender fight. According to local media, Vermont's health insurance regulators are about to overhaul the state's Medicaid rules, forcing taxpayers to cover the cost of everything from genital surgery to a mastectomy for minors. If the new guidelines go into effect, kids under the age of 18 would be able to undergo radical procedures -- paid for by Vermonters.

And that's not the worst of it.

With a simple judge's note,

they can bypass mom

and dad altogether.

For the rest of the story.....


Below is a link that gives an example of a

  school system

pushing to allow schools

to allow children to pick their gender.

Parent involvement might be sought

after a child chooses the gender....

Very few people are talking

about the implications

of running full force

toward the transgender agenda

that is being pushed by so many people.

Take note that many experts say that many young children

want to be

the opposite gender

for a short time

and then

easily go back to enjoying their original gender.

So... for children who this is a temporary fascination,

adults are now seeking to make a permanent solution to

a temporary situation.

(There are some interesting thoughts in the article below.)

Take note that

doctors are taking children as young as 8

and giving them hormonal medications.

Some of these children

are getting chemical castration at age 8.


There are no long-term studies

to show the future side-effects of the

medications given to transgender children.

And there are no public discussions

of the medical complications

that sometimes occur with medical transitioning.

Also note that there are some biological advantages

to transitioning after puberty

because there is more tissue for surgeons to work with.

December 2019

~ ~ ~

Everyone should be compassionate

toward children with gender issues.

That being said - if we as a society don't think things through, we will see a new group of victims with heart-wrenching problems.

For example, what will schools do and the court system do, when a mother wants her biological son to be a girl at school and her ex-husband wants him to be a boy?

And in the case below, the biological boy wants to be a boy.

And as in the story highlighted below -

the biological boy wants to be a boy,

but the courts are forcing the dad

to go along with the transgender wishes of the mother.

This is posted in order to highlight some points but we here at this website do not support the video's decision to speak negative personal words about the mother (we haven't even heard her side) and to speak extremely unkind comments about the situation. 

These are

and will be

REAL situations

that we will be facing more and more.

We need to have real, open, discussions about this topic so we don't make a new group of victims.

We need to think through these things more so we don't make new victims while we seek to help children who have gender issues.

August 2020

Below include more stories about James of the above link.

January 2020

January 2020

October 2019

Previous articles about this story:

The author of the above article was a biological male (Walt Heyer) who became a woman and lived as a woman for many years. Walt mentions in the article that he has a story similar to the child in the article. Walt now helps transgenders
who feel regret. As we can see, this topic is complicated.
We need to listen to all sides in order
to wisely think through this topic.

May 2019 Parents suing School

because of private transgender tutoring instruction.

The parents told KPTV it started when their son began using the staff restroom
at Nellie Muir Elementary School in Woodburn
because a stomach condition
left him feeling uncomfortable using the boys' restroom.
The parents believe the teacher assumed their son — who was 8 at the time — was uncomfortable using the boys' restroom because he was transgender.



Why can't we find a way

to be compassionate and inclusive

without changing everything

and adopting every detail of these agendas?

Plans go wrong with too few counselors;

many counselors bring success.

Proverbs 15:22
Living Bible Translation

In our society, we are making "transgender" appear as a popular choice.

Many children have a strong pull to make
popular choices.

This can have implications that most people are not foreseeing and thinking through.

Public Library Events

You might be interested

in the direction the public libraries are going.

They are having drag queen story hours 

AND they are not vetting the drag queens.

Church Event

Drag Queen performing at a church

Back to - School Topics

In my research for this page,
I came across information about young children
who were playing with toys at school that are usually seen for the opposite sex.
The teacher saw the child and his/ her choice of toy
and then
the teacher began to
counsel the child and help the child
with his/her "transgender feelings."
These children were not asking for help, nor were they appearing dissatisfied with their gender.
They just wanted to play with a toy
that might be seen as a toy for the opposite sex.

Haven't most of us played with toys that could be seen as being for the opposite sex?

Below we see how

Canada is handling

gender issues.

Should we just throw away

the words "boy" and "girl"

and just call children "scholars"?


The video below highlights that question.

No matter what you think

about the video below,

it appears to me that we need to do

more talking with one another

in order to make our schools function


compassionately and smoothly.

Something to think about:

After being taught the

new gender agenda

in public schools,

the college students

in the video below

don't know the

the difference between a man and a woman.

It starts at the one minute mark on the video.

We now go to

our next school topic.

Did you know


drag queens

are starting

to be speakers

in our schools and public libraries?

(Drag queens are biological men.)

Library story time

with a

drag queen

who asks the children,

"Who wants to be a drag queen when they grow up?"

Below: Drag Queens are

going before governing boards

seeking to get permission to have story time

with young children.

Here is another concerning report:

If you go to Youtube and put in the search bar

"Drag Queen story hour"

you will see

that there are many drag queens

who are

presenting story hour with young children.

~ ~ ~

October 2019

Go to your search bar and type

"Drag queen story hour strip tease"

July 2019

Quote from the above linkAccording to the news report, Jo Guidice, Dallas library system director “said her office received more than 700 calls, 250 emails and an uncounted number of complaints on social media” about the event.

Guidice said, however, that parents who disapproved of the event could take their children to any of 17 other reading programs within the library system occurring at the same time.

July 2019

“Drag Queen” in Maryland library exposed by MassResistance: He runs lurid sex-oriented businesses, posts pornographic photos of nude men on social media.He read stories to children at June 23 "Drag Queen Story Hour" event


July 2019

May 2019

~ ~ ~

Some drag queens are helping to create

the sexualization of children.

I oppose the sexualization of any child.


The videos below feature

an 11-year-old drag queen

who was exposed to drag queen entertainment

at age 2

and wanted to be one ever since.

Children are imitators.

What we present to children matters.

What we show to children

is likely to

influence their behavior


it will definitely

influence their thinking.

Let's remind ourselves that children love

being celebrated

for imitating.

And many children will change their behavior

in order to please adults.


This child performs at


TV shows such as Good Morning America,


strip bars

(where men appear to pay him for taking off clothes).

This idea is now on MAINSTREAM media.

Good Morning America TV show

is an example of the mainstream media

pushing the sexualization

of children.

The staff on this television show

were confident that their audience will celebrate this.

There are videos of Desmond dancing in a gay bar.

For example:

The following video

discusses the implications of the background image

prominently placed over

Amazing Desmond's head.

Some of you may want to view the following video where a drag queen answers questions from children .......

Some of you may want to read

Deuteronomy 22:5 as you

think about and evaluate the

drag queen topic.

~ ~ ~

At this point, we conclude the drag queen topic.

Are you o.k. with

leaving out the traditional family

when schools

teach about families?

The video below has a few moments of silence

before the audio starts.

This is becoming a trend.

NBC news recently presented an article called Times Up on Heterosexuality written by Marcie Bianco.

NBC columnist Marcie Bianco penned what can only be described as a bizarre column in which she argues that men are evil and “heterosexuality is just not working.”

Bianco isn’t content to denounce heterosexuality as simply not working, she goes on to explain why it is actually sexist and a tool for men to wield dominance over women.

“Framed differently, the picture is this,” Bianco continues. “Men need heterosexuality to maintain their societal dominance over women.”

“Women, on the other hand, are increasingly realizing not only that they don’t need heterosexuality, but that it also is often the bedrock of their global oppression.”

Men, on the other hand, particularly heterosexual men, are a blight on the earth.

Taken from:


Also check out our information
about the growing devaluing of men in our
"Toxic Masculinity" section of page 2 of this topic of  school  issues.


Pornography in our Schools

Every day

we place our precious children

in the hands of teachers, coaches, librarians, etc.

trusting that they will protect our children

- as they train them in a manner -

that does not conflict

with the long-held beliefs and traditions

of a huge part of our society. 

But many times this does not happen.

Below is one of many videos I have viewed about 


being put into public school curriculum

and what happens when parents try to stop it.

Notice that the news editors

chose the very last statement

of the news report

to be a comment by the author of the book

- instead of choosing a parent comment -

and therefore

the last thing we heard

was essentially

supportive of pornography in the classroom.

Before we continue this topic,

you might want to see this article:

And speaking of Common Core - Here is our Common Core page

Porn in the Schools

A concerning video about porn that was available at

a high school event


California Schools and Sex 

All sex ed instruction must be acceptable to “organizations like the American Academy of Pediatrics.”

In February 2017, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) reaffirmed its position that adolescents have a “right” to abortion even without the knowledge and consent of their parents.

Parental notification laws increase “the risk of harm to the adolescent by delaying access to appropriate medical care,” the group said in its policy statement titled “The Adolescent’s Right to Confidential Care When Considering Abortion.”

“For some people, gender identity can be fluid, shifting in different contexts,” AAP said in its policy statement.

(Fluid means sometimes the child identifies as a girl and sometimes the child identifies as a boy.)


School Libraries and Porn

Note that the magazine

Teen Vogue

has recently done an article

that positively portrays


Teen Vogue is aimed at girls as young as 13.

High School Student 


the Porn Industry

Also note this January 2020 news story:

Food for Thought:

One of our prayer team members
for this website
was trained as a public school teacher
over 25 years ago.
She tells that during her training
for her bachelor's degree in education
she was taught
how to deceive parents and how to marginalize parents
when parents disagree with
what a teacher wants to teach.


Here is a recent news article that agrees with the above:

Parents Rights are being eroded

Important information

but I apologize for the speakers

being harsher than they need to be.

Teachers were told not to talk about this

In January 2019, teachers in Indiana

had to take training that involved being shot at

by soft pellets. Some were bleeding.

Whether you agree or disagree with this,
one thing that got my attention
was that the teachers were told not to talk about this.

Don't teachers still have first amendment rights?

Violence in our schools

More and More

Disruptive kids

are often


 Revealing the rise in dangerous behavior.

Students and teachers are in danger.


More About Disruptive Kids

A personal friend of Beth and this website states:

"Fifteen years ago I was hired to work in a high school

in a southern state

helping a classroom teacher.

That teacher told me not to


interfere in a brawl between

two boys or even two girls.

She said the last time

that happened

a teacher put a hand on a boy to try to stop him 

from hurting another boy

and he was fired for that. "


if teachers stand back as a child or teen

is being beaten,

who is going to protect the victims?

We have a problem in our schools.

- - - 

From the video below:

He says, "Gangs of kids will roam the building; they're looking for a certain person. They'll walk into the classroom. They'll find that kid and just start a fight in that class."
He says, "Our school is an indoor street corner. When I walk in that building, I have no idea anymore the concept of what right and wrong is."

And the video says -  the goings on in the school are no secret to the administration -- after all, much of it is caught on the security cameras. The administration is more interested creating the facade of normalcy than correcting the problems.

Next video

Violence toward teachers - 

The video says,

"ONLY 10% of teachers say
they have been
with injury
in the past year...."

ONLY 10% - That is a HUGE number.

Also -

Parents - You don't want to believe that this kind of stuff is happening - but it is.

Below is an important 2016

video link

of an award-winning teacher's resignation speech

about the violence she and the students have endured.

More on Gender Issues

All compassionate people are concerned

about the plight of children with gender issues.

Yet we need to

not only

approach this topic

with our stirred up emotions

but also with a lot of ideas and other input

from all parents.

Gender Studies

No matter what you think of the above video,

the curriculum

of gender studies college courses

are so out-of-step

that I venture to say that

this curriculum would concern

the vast majority of the adult population.

One concern is how women in the U.S.
are taught
that they are just as oppressed
as women
in all other countries.


Another concern is how
are being portrayed and downplayed.

Subtle public school programming concerning
 how to view
boys and men
will be discussed on page two.

New ideas start in colleges

New curriculum

starts in college

and then proceeds to move down

to high school and then middle school and then

elementary school.

In the next video,

you will hear about 

"questionable required curriculum courses"

needed in order to receive a college degree.

Note that:

the political correctness


that the girl talks about

is currently being practiced

in most schools in all grades of public school.

We often lower our concerns about curriculum

because we somehow think

that our children will magically absorb our values

and see the rightness of our views

while they sit in a classroom for 35 hours a week

listening to politically correct teaching

that is actually having a 

powerful influence on their thoughts and behaviors.

Consider the following:

Luke 6:40 says -

Students are not greater than their teacher.

But the student

who is fully trained will become like the teacher.

How can you really know what is going on in our schools?

After all,

parents can't go into a classroom

without being announced or

having planned ahead with the teacher.

So we don't really know

what is being taught in our child's school.

Let's decide to wake up...

Let's do some research...

Let's be part of the discussion.

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