Important News

Free Speech  is  in  danger.

We are losing the right to Free Speech in the U.S.A.

When I was growing up,

there was a quote that was drilled into my mind

at school and on TV.

I heard it over and over again.

It was presented as the greatest principle of our country.

It is,

"I may disagree with what you say,

but I will defend to the death

your right to say it."

I tried to look it up and apparently

Voltaire originally said it.

He died in 1778.

~ ~ ~

Many media outlets

and many in politics

are doing everything in their power

to hinder

speech that disagrees with them.

- This page has been updated - 

On November 12, 2020

U.S. Supreme Court Justice 

Samuel Alito


FREEDOM of Speech is under assault.

Then he said...

“Although that freedom is

falling out of favor in some circles,

we need to do whatever we can

to prevent it from becoming

a second-tier constitutional right,” Alito said.

He also warned that our religious rights are under attack.


Also - Consider this quote ...

"If you don't believe in free speech

for people

who you disagree with,

and even hate for what they stand for,


you don't believe in free speech."

Ricky Gervais - a Hollywood Liberal

If we don't act quickly,

we will have our Free Speech rights taken away


November 17, 2020


The idea of  Free Speech  is on life-support

all over our country.

This page will show you examples of those who are

working against 

free speech.

Included are

  Facebook, Google, Twitter and the News media. 

Take note that Colleges and Universities

have been shutting down

free speech for years.

73% of college Republican students fear speaking ...

Conservative Students and Professors 

in educational institutions

fear speaking.

All conservative speakers are being banned from these institutions.

Many powerful people in the United States

want to shut down any speech 

that disagrees with them.

The United States could be

fundamentally changed

if we are not alert, knowledgeable, 

praying for wisdom from God,

praying for protection for our country,

and educating ourselves

on what is going on.


This page has

FREE Speech concerns and other important


Take Note:

There are some political topics and views

on this page. If you don't want to see that,

please don't continue reading.

Usually our website content is not political.

This page has

Must See Videos...

Note that comments from


Franklin Graham and other Christian leaders

is found near the end of the page.

Our next video

is from

After the November Election.

It talks


Big Tech using our personal information

and then it tells us about 




a Video we posted


the election

Facebook & Google

Election tampering

- video is pre November 3rd - 

(and in the 2nd video - silencing conservatives)


by a 

Patriotic Political Liberal

Even though the man above is a liberal,

he is alarmed that tech companies are silencing

the free speech of conservatives.

He says...

Google Employees

program their search engines to 

manipulate search results

against conservative content.

Oct 20, 2020

Another liberal sends out alarms about Google and free speech.

Oct 21, 2020 Google employees work against conservative politicians.

November 11, 2020

Conservatives are running away from

Twitter and Facebook in droves

after censorship runs wild in those platforms.




Free Speech

Further down a former Facebook executive warn us.


(Mark Zuckerberg)

is working to block the

Free Speech 

of people that he does not agree with.

More and more Facebook is

* taking down content they disagree with, or

* hiding content they don't like, or

* using their opinionated, left-leaning so-called


to justify putting

disclaimers on content to scare people away from

ideas Facebook doesn't like. 

Sharyl Attkisson

November 20, 2020 wrote this tweet...

Faceless Big Tech "fact checkers" disseminate false info, put their partisan opinions on studies & posts, & call it Truth.

When asked who their gatekeepers are, they name "news" outlets responsible for some of the biggest disinformation of the past 4 yrs.

Americans don't need

Social Media

Fact Checkers.

Facebook "fact checkers"

have personal beliefs that

they work hard to protect.


has employed 20 "fact-checkers".

At least 18 of them are associated

with George Soros.

Note: George Soros is known for

getting banned by 6 countries

 - and unwelcome in other countries - 

because of his devastating effects on countries.

                     Many news shows protect George Soros                                                     

 from criticism.

Note that
Alex Soros, who is George Soros' son,
sent a social media "congrats" message
to the new
Democratic Vice President candidate Kamala Harris.

New Section

More Alarming info about Facebook

Anna Makanju is 

Facebook's lead executive on election policy.

She was a

former Joe Biden advisor on Ukraine

And she's also a recipient of a George Soros Fellowship.

Even more about Facebook

Facebook has something they call a "hate speech engineering team." At least a half a dozen members are Chinese nationals in this country on visas.  So Chinese nationals are censoring American speech.   Sohrab Ahmari broke the story on 10-20-2020.

More from Facebook

Facebook censorship of ideas 

has included a fact check of a documentary

about the lab in Wuhan, China...

that was under investigation

as a possible source of the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Facebook claimed the documentary was “false.” 


 an investigation

by well - respected reporter, Sharyl Attkisson, 

revealed that their investigation

is tainted by

their choice of the authorities

Facebook referenced in

 discrediting the documentary. 

They relied heavily on a scientist who 

worked at the Wuhan lab.

(Obviously, that is not an unbiased source.)

George Washington said:

"If freedom of speech is taken away,


dumb and silent we may be lead

like sheep to the slaughter."

We cannot allow people like

Mark Zuckerberg

to take away our



Mark Zuckerberg of


is deciding what is

"Accurate Information"


HE will not allow information

"HE says"

is not accurate.

HE is going to CONTROL information.

HE gets to control

who we rely on


correct information.

Listen carefully to the video below...

Mark Zuckerberg explains that he is in control

of speech.

He and his hand-picked team

decide what is misinformation.

They do the investigations.

They decide what experts to rely on.

We don't get to see both sides of controversial topics.

In the video, he uses examples that sound


Yet, he is a passionate liberal who censors voices

that disagree with him.

Mark Zuckerberg is strongly pushing

mail - in voting.

Yet many people say that it is a terrible idea.

For example,

Democratic President of the United States

Jimmy  Carter

and a bi-partisan commission

concluded that it encourages fraud.

More about "Mail-in voting"


on October 28, 2020,

Democratic Senator Cantwell

gave her thoughts about free speech

while talking about mail-in voting.

She was addressing

the big tech companies

in a Senate hearing.

She labels speech she doesn't agree with as


She says we must restrict misinformation.

She says restricting certain speech

(speech she doesn't like)

is free speech.

In the Senate hearing,

with CEO's of Twitter, Facebook, and Google,

she applauded 

them for

censoring ALL voices

that say that mail - in voting is not safe.

She wants censorship

even though

we have had many news stories exposing the

problems around the country with mail-in voting.

Twitter censored the President for posting about mail-in voter problems...

Below is a video about the subject of mail-in voting.

The next video features

The Attorney General of the United States Bill Barr.


Wolf  Blitzer is implying that A.G. Barr's words are -


This video shows the tremendous importance of

free speech

in order for us to decide for ourselves

what we think about a subject.

In the world that is being created,

a video like this could soon be banned

because it contains speech that powerful people

don't want us to consider.

To make good decisions, we need more information not less information.

How can we make an informed opinion on issues, like mail-in voting,
when powerful people are
pushing one side of an issue while
actively suppressing
as much opposition information as they think
they can get away with
demeaning opposition information that
they "allow" to be heard? 

Tech companies need to quit censoring information.

And we need to be more alert to the ways that news outlets try to shut down certain opinions and influence public opinion - including the use of chyrons (the words that news stations write at the bottom of the screen while conducting interviews and doing news broadcasts.)

For example, CNN may interview a conservative and during the interview, they are writing words in the chyron to influence the audience. For example - "quoting" someone and actually they are misquoting a person or writing words that demean the opinion of their guest.

FOX may do the same thing but instead of slanting the chyron to help the liberal view, they would usually seek to promote the conservative view. 

Former Facebook  executive  WARNS  us

One of the original Facebook executives

Chalmath Palihapitiya

warns that


- and other social media - 

knows how to

move a person's views

(including political views)

  in subtle ways......

Social media is trying to 

"program people"

to agree with their left leaning views.

One of the original Facebook executives

Chalmath Palihapitiya 


"You are being programmed."

Chalmath Palihapitiya 

Link below -

More from Chalmath Palihapitiya including his confession that he doesn't use Facebook anymore because he doesn't want to get programmed - and he doesn't let his children use Facebook.....

He says, "There are people drunk with power." Tech can exploit people and manipulate them.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is suing Facebook

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

(of the famous Kennedy family)

is suing Facebook 

for taking away his FREE SPEECH

to present facts

that the so-called “fact checkers” have silenced.

November 2020 Update on the case:

Kennedy says in video:

RFK says their speech has been taken down
not because it is incorrect
but because the words offend powerful people.....

Our founders gave us the 1st amendment
to protect unpopular speech
and speech critical of government officials and critical of government corruption and critical of industries....

The video also shows how Facebook's financial interests often link to their silencing of speech.

Video at 19 minutes - includes Dr. Elizabeth Mumper and how she was treated by Facebook. 

See the November 2020 article below.

Original information on the case:

From the article above - 

Facebook acknowledges censorship coordination with

W.H.O. and C.D.C.

Since when are they in charge of free speech?

Both have been known to sometimes be wrong.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. says...

"This is an important First Amendment case testing
the boundaries of government authority
to openly censor
unwanted critiques
of government policies and
pharmaceutical and telecom products
on privately owned internet platforms."

October 14, 2020

Senator Josh Hawley cries fowl at


censoring the New York Post

The New York Post

is the oldest news publication

in continuous circulation

with a huge circulation.

It was founded by Alexander Hamilton.


censoring the New York Post.

Twitter has taken down their whole account.

It has been 13 days to this point.


finally quits censoring the New York Post

Twitter, Facebook, Google,

the Democrats in Congress,

and almost every

left-leaning organizations...

want to restrict information

from being shared.

October 29, 2020

Below is a

patriotic liberal journalist

who was censored

from saying anything negative about Biden.

He is sounding the alarm.

video of the above story:

- - 

November 11, 2020

Many people who have opinions opposed to Twitter have had their account taken down.

A Stunning amount of people are leaving

Facebook and Twitter this week

because they are not allowed

to discuss election fraud.

November 11, 202

Respected pollster is censored from speaking on Twitter



Free Speech

at Google

Google has interfered with election searches:

Google has a bias

against conservatives.



fires conservatives

Senator Cruz listen carefully...

Twitter censors "pro-life" paid ads.

Take a look at how

The New York Times

shows bias against conservatives ...

Note that print media almost always tries to influence their audience through their choice of the wording of the headline to a story. 

Twitter censored Bible message

Tim Tebow

famous athlete

was censored by Twitter

for presenting an uplifting message based on the Bible.

Twitter later said it was a mistake.

Interesting how the mistakes appear to always be

only on one side of each issue. 

See his message here:


is putting warnings on people

who don't have their views.

Twitter is suspending accounts of people who dare to write something they disagree with.  They suspended Donald Trump Jr.  That is totally taking away free speech rights.


puts a

Warning on the 

President's comments

They did it again...

New Section

Liberals for Trump

Many liberals are leaving the Democratic Party 

because of the extreme views of the

Democratic Party. 

Why is Liberal Tim Pool leaving the Democrats?

The next link is important information from liberal Tim Pool about the left going off the rails.

Tim Pool - Google is against free speech


Gay Democrat Brandon Straka

(former Democrat)

who voted Democrat in 2016

started the "walkaway movement"

(walkaway from the Democrat party).

Below -

Find out why he left the Democrats.

This is a 2018 video.

This link will take you to lots of

"walkaway" videos:

Covid 19 -

Consider this observation

It is notable that

all the major media and social platforms

that I have highlighted

 - that are working to hinder free speech - 

promote the same opinions on basically ALL issues

and they promote

the same political party.

I have friends who have differing views

on political issues, religious issues, and health issues

( like how to handle covid 19 )

but there seems to be

no differing views


in those groups who are trying to take away

Free Speech.

They are determined to control what is said.

Protests and Public Safety

A Message of

Love and Respect for Everyone 

The Tennessee Democratic Party’s
State Executive Committee
recently voted to remove
civil rights activist hero
Rep. DeBerry 
from the Democratic primary ballot
after 26 years in office.

Listen as this hero cries out to his fellow Democrats

to come back to common sense

on current events ....

Don't miss the end of his awesome speech!


Here is the link to the above video-

Kamala Harris

wants this to continue

from the video above

Public Safety

Safety is vital to every American.

Speaker of the House of Representatives

Democrat Nancy Pelosi

was asked


she agreed with defunding the police.

Nancy Pelosi refused to answer.

(See the video below)

Almost every elected Democrat has

suddenly started taking

one of two positions -


Defunding the Police


Taking away a large chunk of the funding of the police

and putting that money elsewhere.


Almost all conservatives want

the police fully funded

and they want other important things funded.

(Things such as Kamala Harris lists below.)

Conservatives believe that

taking money from the police

will hurt the poor in the cities the most. 

As you can see below,

Kamala Harris does not want to fully fund the police.

She dances around it until near the end and then it is clear.

Kamala Harris talking about the police.

Democrat Mayor of Chicago boldly proclaims

that her street will be protected against crime

but not other streets. 

Many Democratic elected officials

who have tax-payer funded body guards

are turning a deaf ear to citizens. 

The President has offered to send federal troops to ANY city that asks for help. 

The mayor of Portland rejected the President's offer to bring in federal help for riots. Then the mayor called on Oregon sheriffs to send help to Portland. The sheriffs refused because Portland does nothing to protect law enforcement while the DA and court system of Portland refuse to give consequences to those who destroy property.

Police Chief in Seattle says - You are on your own.

Safety and the 2nd Amendment

In 2020,

Joe Biden says,

"I've beat the NRA twice."

And in 2020,

Biden tells the NRA - "I'm coming for you."

Biden says - I don't want gun manufacturers exempt from liability.
We don't exempt drug companies and tobacco companies from liability.

Above taken from...

As President, Joe Biden promises to put

Beto O'Rourke in charge of gun control.

November 4, 2020

Trying to change our Government

! ! ! ! ! ! ! 


Franklin Graham

says the

Democrats are taking us to socialism.

Franklin Graham fears for the churches.

During the DNC convention to elect the

Biden / Harris ticket,

the DNC featured talk about

tearing down capitalism.

This is from

an official part of the DNC convention.

Senator Rand Paul

has been so concerned about the

talk against capitalism and

move toward socialism

that he wrote a book about it.

Note:    Senator Rand Paul

(and many other conservatives)

was attacked by a large mob 

as he was leaving

the last day of the 

Republican National Convention.

* * * 

Below: Senator Rand says the socialists are

going to dominate the Democratic Party.

The Democratic Platform

was created this year with each issue being decided

by a team of 4 Joe Biden supporters and

4 Bernie Sanders Socialist Supporters.

Here is an article about that -

Take Note:

During the enthusiastic applause at the State

of the Union 2019 when the President said,

"We will never be a socialist nation"   

Bernie Sanders and others sternly remained

seated and defiant.

Start at  - one minute 57 seconds...


Even Democrats admit that

Biden will not have a second term and

probably not finish out his first term.

It is likely that Kamala Harris will be President.


"Harris, a former prosecutor, has established a voting record as one of the most liberal members of the
U.S. Senate, according to GovTrack, an independent nonpartisan website that tracks legislative records."

Taken from:

Where is Free Speech?

The Democratic National Convention

encourages voices

who want to get rid of capitalism.

But silences pro-life voices.

Democrats and Most News Media

silence pro-life voices.

Where is the media that doesn't silence them?


Franklin Graham

called the Democratic ticket of

Biden / Harris

the most

abortion ticket in American history.

Democrats silence PRO - LIFE

The Democrats silence voices who are pro-life, and

they actively run them out of their party.

The Tennessee Democratic Party’s State Executive Committee voted to remove
Rep. DeBerry who is pro-life
from the Democratic primary ballot
after 26 years in office.

He is going to run as an independent in November.

Click for our Pro-life page

Christians need free speech 

Christians need free speech.

We need to be praying about current events.

Franklin Graham has warned the church about

the Biden / Harris

Democratic ticket.

“The Democrats, if anything, they are opposed to faith,”

Graham asserted after being asked to compare and contrast

the major parties’ positions on faith. 

Franklin Graham’s daughter,

Cissie Graham Lynch,

also gave warnings during a speech at the

Republican National Convention.

She said...

"The Biden / Harris vision for America

leaves no room for people of faith."

Here is the link of her speech at the Republican National Convention.

Heartfelt message from a


who speaks for so many pastors and church goers.

Democrats are telling churches

NOT to open

in California and in Chicago

to name a few areas. 

November 2020

Democratic Mayor of Chicago had a police raid on a church...

Some churches in California are having church on the beach. One church (apparently in Pennsylvania) met at the Walmart to sing hymns because meeting at their church building would be illegal.

If churches insist on having services in California, the Democrats in charge of government are saying they will shut off water and electricity and even threaten a year in jail.


refuses to let worshippers met in the park, and then...

We need Medical Free Speech

Free Speech is under attack

in the

Medical Community.

We cannot make good decisions

when we are

prohibited from

hearing and discussing

facts and opinions

on all sides of health issues.

Dr. Scott Jensen

2016 Minnesota Family Physician of the Year


Minnesota State Senator

He is being persecuted for free speech.

He is being targeted for quoting facts,

exposing wrong-doing,


speaking truth.


As he says,

"If it can happen to me, it can happen to anybody."

Video of the

2016 Minnesota Family Physician of the Year

Twitter and Facebook

are cracking down on free speech.

More and more Twitter and Facebook are moving

against people who don't agree with everything

those two organizations view as correct. 


is now banning

any ad that discourages vaccines.

The article also says that it bans groups

that focus

on giving others health advice.

And below is another article about that.

The article above says,

"It is crucial that people get their health advice from

authoritative sources."

Twitter and Facebook

are openly saying

that medical speech that disagrees with their

hand-chosen medical officials

will be targeted, and they will either 

put a warning on it or suspend the account.

One of the obvious issues of this is:

the experts they admire

have put out information and then later totally did an

about face - so -  their experts have not presented a

consistent message on several areas of public health.  

Free speech is not free at Twitter and Facebook.


Vaccine Information Censorship

A Debate


you are interested in

hearing some concerning facts about vaccines


you may want to watch the video below.

Robert Kennedy Jr.

has a medical issue with his voice.

Skip to one minute thirty seconds.

Have patience because the debate starts slow.



New Deal

Most people know nothing about the details of the


Green New Deal

that Biden wants to implement.

News outlets are mainly silent on the details.

Biden will put AOC in charge of the


and implementing the Green New Deal.

More Details on Attkisson's articles

 Sharyl Attkisson

is a well-respected journalist.

Here are two articles by her

about facebook "fact-checkers"

She reports that 18 of the 20 "Fact Checkers" on facebook are associated with George Soros. .......

Here are the highlights of that article....

A closer look, however, reveals that 18 of its 20 members collaborated with or are tied to groups that have received funding from George Soros’ Open Society Foundations – which is one of the most well-funded and influential progressive organizations in the country.

.....But the fact that 90% of the board’s members have ties to that progressive group raises questions in an environment where conservatives complain about big-tech bias and internet censorship.

And here is another article she wrote:

Near the end of the article she said that the fact-checkers (these liberal fact-checkers)  have associations with "hot button" issues but that "By contrast, however, no members of the Facebook board have known public positions on the conservative side of hot-button controversies."

Here are more quotes from the article:

The fact-checkers are like-minded journalists or often liberal Silicon Valley gatekeepers, who frequently rely on partisan news sources and political activists to control narratives on a wide variety of issues and controversies. This small group of players exerts an oversized influence, using fact checks to shape and censor information.

Like many questionable “fact checks” at issue, Twitter’s critique wasn’t really a fact check at all. It used past reporting from selected partisan news sources to claim that a prediction about what could happen in the future is untrue -- before it even happens or doesn’t happen. It was, in short, a Democratic Party talking point.

Google has stoked criticism for inserting its judgment and opinions between internet users and their search results. In February, the search engine announced it was fighting “disinformation” about coronavirus by partnering with the World Health Organization (WHO). Google explained that user searches about COVID-19 would be directed to WHO’s online information. One big problem: WHO itself was guilty of factual misinformation in multiple instances. For example, the agency admitted it had wrongly called the global risk of the virus emanating from China virus “moderate” at a time when it had actually been “very high.”

Also note the title of her new book: Attkisson's new book "SLANTED: How the news media taught us to love censorship and hate journalism

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