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The Inspirational Life, Issue #001
June 02, 2014

The Inspirational Life

Welcome to the Inspirational-Prayers Newsletter

Also called

The Inspirational Life.


This is my FIRST Newsletter!

I'm excited!


This newsletter will include:

Article: Your Heavenly Coach

Ad for Beth McLendon Life Coach

WHAT'S NEW on Inspirational Prayers?

What can YOU do to help promote this website

Prayer for You

Your Heavenly Coach

Have you ever thought of the Lord as your Coach?

You have a Private Coach!

God is the most famous and most successful coach in the universe. He knows how to structure your career, manage your family, and balance your life. Moreover, he gives his wisdom freely.

If we will give God our devotion and a measure of time, he will lead us to green pastures and fill our days with purpose and peace.

If we don’t stop him, he will mold us into the image of Christ.

God created you. He knows your talents, your strengths, and your desires. He intentionally decided on your destiny, and then he chose talents, strengths, and a personality that would complement that destiny.

He has a beautiful plan for you that will use your strengths for the kingdom of God.

New Revelations in our thinking lead to new Possibilities in our living!

Our Heavenly Coach wants to give us Revelation and Motivation in order to bring about beautiful Transformation in our life.

Be sure and meet with your coach every day!

Earthly Coaching

Take note that I am available for telephone coaching - for those in the United States.

If you would like some earthly help with relationship, financial, spiritual, or emotional issues, contact me.

To find out more, you can go to

And look for the "Life Coaching" page listed on the left.

The best way to contact me is by going to the bottom of any page on the site and filling out a form on the "Contact Us" page.

What's New?

Today I just got off the phone with Sharman Lawson - one of our Inspirational-Prayers team members - who presents seminars about all aspects of finances. She not only teaches, but she also coaches individuals and families about how to manage their finances.

Hopefully, I will be able to schedule Sharman for a mini-seminar later this summer. Stay tuned for updates.

I am also considering setting up a telephone prayer time. If you are interested, please use the "contact us" button on the bottom of the website to let me know what days and times are best for you.

New Website Pages:

Recently we have added several new pages.

We have noted that our "Prayers for a Broken Heart" page is one of our most popular pages. So we decided to provide more prayer pages to help people who need their emotions uplifted.

We have added:

Prayers for Hope

Prayers for Emotional Pain

Prayers for Despair

Prayers for Provision

Prayers for Surgery

And Cowboy Prayer - Yes, there really are cowboys!

We also want to announce our 50th Anniversary Prayer page for all who are celebrating with those June brides from a half-century ago!

On our "Holiday Prayers and Devotions" page listed on the left-hand navigation bar near the bottom - we have Father's Day and July 4th pages.

For a list of all our prayers see the:

"Prayers for All Occasions" page on the left-hand navigation bar

Daily Inspiration

We continue to provide a "Daily Inspiration" page each week. Two weeks ago, we highlighted "Spiritual Warfare," last week we highlighted "Hope," and this week we highlight "Forgiveness."

Our "Receiving Comfort from God" Daily Inspiration page was very well - received, so we are featuring it on the right side of each page.

Beth's Blog

Note also that I have a blog that is updated several times a month.

If you are a regular, you will notice the word "New" when a new blog is available.

Helping to Get the Word Out

Thank you for all the Facebook likes!


Would you consider helping this website by:

E-mailing appropriate prayers to friends and family?


If you have a website, would you put a link to our site?


Would you ask your church if they will put a note in the bulletin about our website? A link on your church website would also be great!


If you have a business, would you consider advertising with us?


Would you send in a small donation to help this 501C3 ministry?

- - - -


Also, I'd love some encouragement.

Has something on the website helped you? I'd love to hear.

Do you regularly read the "Daily Inspiration"?

Please give me some feedback so that I know you are out there.

The best way is to fill out a "Contact Us" form on the website.

The site gets a lot of visitors, but only a handful of people have written to me.

I value each encouragement!

Prayer for You

Dear Lord,

I pray blessings for each one who receives this newsletter.

Lord, I ask that you uplift them this day.

I ask that you help them to realize that each one of them is a pivotal part of your beautiful plan.

May they easily receive your instructions for this day, and may they have great motivation to serve you.

Thank you for the encouragement they have given to me through visiting my site and requesting a newsletter.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen

Beth McLendon website

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