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The Inspirational Life, Issue #003
August 08, 2014

The Inspirational Life

Welcome to the Inspirational-Prayers Newsletter

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The Inspirational Life.


This edition contains:

CELEBRATING our first seminar.

WHAT’S NEW on Inspirational Prayers

DEVOTIONAL: Inspirational Insights into Tests God Gives Us

DISCovering Success article: Why can't you be like me?



We had our first seminar on July 29th. Sharman Lawson presented a financial seminar with lots of great tips, insights, and information.

What's New

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Tests of God

Mini-Thought to begin the devotional:

If I am living my life “for me” I will battle life and be unhappy and disappointed. If I am living my life “for God” I will find life and find it more abundantly. Life is designed to be lived “for God.”

Tests of God

We all have a destiny inside of us. Many people experience their destiny as a dream in their heart. Satan knows that all of us have a destiny and dreams we want fulfilled. Satan's demons will tempt you to get out of step with God’s plans for your dreams and your destiny.

Satan tempted Jesus, but Jesus knew that to accept would be out of Father God’s timing and outside God’s rules. Jesus chose to do things Father God's way. That is a choice we also need to make.

God doesn’t tempt us to sin. (James 1:13) But God does put us through tests to mature us and get us ready for our destiny.

There are tests that you and I have to take and pass in order to get to our destiny.

I am going to give a list of some of the tests that people have to take. This doesn’t mean that you will take and pass all of these tests. I am just giving you examples of tests that people sometimes have to take in order to get to their ultimate destiny for God.

I will give examples of people in the Bible who had to take each test. You will notice that some biblical characters passed their test and some did not.

Test # 1

The willing to look foolish TEST.

Noah passed it. He was diligent in building the ark even though he looked foolish. He withstood peer pressure.

Noah had to build the ark for years with thousands (maybe millions) of people laughing at him. But he never stopped building the ark.

Many people will not follow God, because they will look foolish.

Test # 2

The willing to spend time with God alone TEST.

David passed this test. David was alone a lot with sheep when he was young. David decided to use that time to spend quality time with God. Many of the psalms reflect that time in his life.

**We all have to pass this test in order to fulfill our destiny.

Test # 3

The willing to refrain from blaming others for your decisions TEST.

Adam failed it. He ate of the tree but blamed Eve. Eve blamed the serpent.

Test # 4

The willing to see your dream die and still continue to have a happy attitude TEST

Sarah failed it. She saw her time of fruitfulness pass as she went through the change of life. She decided that she could not be happy without a child, so she took matters into her own hands.

Sometimes we see our dream die (or appear to die), and later God resurrects our dream.

Test # 5

The willing to refrain from becoming bitter when people treat you wrong TEST

Joseph passed. He overcame bitterness from the actions of many people. He passed this test many times. God wants us to learn to forgive and overcome offenses.

Test # 6

The willing to quit longing for evil things TEST

Lot’s wife didn't pass this test, and she turned into a pillar of salt.

Test # 7

Will you stop listening to God when he says hard things that you don’t want to hear TEST

In John chapter 6, Jesus preached a hard sermon and all the people who came to hear him left. Then he asked the disciples if they were going to leave also. They stayed with him and continued to listen to him and follow him.

We must listen and continue to obey God even when he tells us hard things.

Test # 8

Are you willing to suffer and not give up on God TEST

Joseph passed. He was suffering in Egypt, but he didn't give up on God.

Test # 9

When you know you are doing wrong, do you get upset with people who are doing right TEST

Cain failed this test.

Test # 10

The willing to walk all alone TEST

Elijah passed it. Elijah did a lot of walking alone for God.

Test # 11

The willing to allow God to mold or change your dream TEST

Mary passed the test. She had a dream that her first child would be Joseph's child. She endured the gossip and the hardships that came with God's destiny for her. Mary pleased God, and Mary was content and pleased with her destiny. Notice that Mary's ultimate dream was to please God. May we all have that as our ultimate dream and main destiny goal of our life.

Test # 12

The willing to work hard TEST

Nehemiah passed the test. He got the walls rebuilt for the Lord.

Copyright © 2014 Beth McLendon of Inspirational

DISCovering Success

Why can't you be like me?

When you don't understand others, it can lead to irritation, frustration, and even conflict.

Have you ever been working with someone on a task and that person just kept trying to goof off? Or have you ever been trying to put a little fun in the work and that other person was just a "party pooper?" What about the person who kept being so meticulous about everything, and you just wanted to get the task done and be finished? Or maybe you just wanted to do things right and make the job excellent, and the other person just wasn't serious about doing a good job.

What is wrong with people?

The answer is that there is nothing wrong with people. We just have different views on life. There are basically four views on life. They relate to the four personality styles.

"D" = Dominant - Chooses the Quick Way

"I" = Inspiring - Chooses the Fun Way

"S" = Supportive - Chooses the Easy Way

"C" = Cautious - Chooses the Excellent Way

In a work situation, here is the way people generally view the work:

"D" personality style - They generally are not interested in perfection or fun or even being friendly while working.

"I" personality style - They generally prefer speed, but fun is vital.

"S" style - They prefer the easy way while being friendly with others.

"C" style - They desire perfection. Finishing is second to doing things right. Socializing is not important while working.

Take note that each person has some "D" traits, some "I" traits, some "S" traits, and some "C" traits. The style that contains the most of our traits would be called our personality style.

Understanding the personality style of the people you work with and live with makes a huge difference on the amount of teamwork and harmony that is enjoyed.

I encourage you to get my book PRAYING FOR YOUR CHILD.

It not only helps you understand your child but ALL the people in your life. In addition, it has discipline secrets for parents and grandparents AND it has great prayers!!

No one wants to be pigeon-holed, but everyone wants to be understood.

(Beth McLendon is an expert in DISC personality styles)

Copyright © 2006 Beth McLendon of


PRAYING FOR YOUR CHILD is available for those living in the U.S.A.

For the month of August, we are offering to send you the book Praying for your Child without charging you shipping for orders in the lower 48 states of the U.S.A.

If you go to and scroll down to the bottom of the home page and give a donation of $15.00 and then send me a note from the "Contact Us" page, we will send you a book without charging you shipping.

Prayer for You

Dear Lord,

I thank you for all these people who have asked to receive this newsletter.

Lord, I ask that you would refresh each one this day. Bring clarity to their mind and strength to their body. And may they find joy sprinkled throughout their day.

You have great plans for them. Help them to realize that you want to accomplish great things through them for your glory.

Remind them that you are a miracle-working God!

In Jesus’ Name I pray,


Beth McLendon of

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