Romantic Ideas

Romance can take your Marriage

to an


Level of Passion and Joy!

Try a little Romance!

This page has some great ideas

to add

sparkle to your marriage!

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This is our Introduction

Romance Page.

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When spouses add


they add

Spice, Fun, and greater Stability

to their Marriage!

Notice that the word


has the word "MAN" in it.

There is no Romance without a Man in it!


So I pray that Husbands will dip their toe in the
Ocean of Romance!

- - -

Why Lots of Men don't like Romance:

My husband told me that most men
do not want to participate
in Romance
for two major reasons:

# 1   Men believe that if they start embracing romance, then their wife will add tons of things to her honey-do list.

Men do not like to feel vulnerable.

# 2  Men believe that if they do something romantic, then they will be expected to top that
with something better - and so on and so on!

Men think they will end up
with their wife eventually mad
about his efforts at romance
so why give the effort?

Assure your husband
that you will not fall into the above traps!

Some men - and some women - just don't think
they would like romance.
If that is you or your spouse - then pray.
God still does miracles.


Celebrate what you want more of!

Be easily thrilled!

Men need to feel successful.


Celebrate and act like you enjoy
every little thing your husband does!

God created the idea of a man and a woman

falling in love.

So we Christians should have the best ideas for Romance.

Here are some ideas -  with specific examples - to
help you get started!

Love Songs

We all know that most music

is about love and love songs.

In this wonderful day of technology,
send your sweetie
a romantic Youtube song
to heat up your relationship.

The first song I have chosen to highlight is

"I love you" by Martina McBride.

This song is full of upbeat, funtastic lyrics.

~ ~

The first version I present

has pictures of Nancy and Ronald Reagan.

No matter if you agree or disagree
with the late President Ronald Reagan,
I challenge you to look at these pictures
and try to tell me this is not a couple madly in love!

They are a great inspiration

to students of romance.

- -

This version is presented to stir romance in you.
The next version
is probably the one you will want to send to your Sweetie!

This song has lyrics that are light and fun.

This song creates a wonderfully playful atmosphere.

"I love You"

By Martina McBride


Have You Ever Been in Love?

Wow, this song will make most women melt!

Tell your loved one -

I just want to be

Close to You

Tell your Sweetie:

"The most wonderful person God created

was YOU!"

How to send a Youtube song:

Click the top of one of the videos that I have posted.
That will open Youtube.
Then copy and paste the address of the video
and put it in an e-mail to your Sweetie.


You can go to
and type in the name of a song that you love
in the search box.
It will give you selections to choose from.
Copy and paste the address of the one you have chosen,
and put it in an e-mail to your Sweetie.

Playing "Our Song"

Think back,

Did you two have a "Song?"

If yes,

Why not start playing it again?

If no,

Why not go set a goal to find one
that you both love?

Love Letters

Writing love letters is as old as time

but it is one of the best ways

to add sizzling flavor to your relationship.

A love letter can be one simple line sent by e-mail or text,

or it can be an actual letter or even a poem.

For example,

"Eternity would not give me enough time to be with you."

For ideas - visit a greeting card store!

Consider -

Taking your sweetie's name and make a wonderful compliment with each letter.

Examples for a Wife:

To Jane - The Love of my Life!

Jane - Joyful, artsy, nice, enthusiastic!

Trish - Terrific, ravishing, incredible, shy, hot!

Deb - Delicious, Enjoyable, Beautiful!

Pam - Pretty, Adventuresome, Marvelous!

Examples for a Husband:

Mike - Masculine, inspiring, knowledgeable, exciting!

Dan - Dreamy, alluring, nice-looking!

Important Note about Names

Calling your wife "mother" because she is the mother of your children
is not romantic.

It actually hinders romance!

Call your wife (or your husband)

a nickname she (or he)  loves - like

Honey, Sweetie, Baby, etc.

More about Love Letters

I love you!

I love you in every language!

Consider finding out how to write

"I love you"

in multiple languages.

- -

Then send her/him
an "I love you" each day
for several days in a different language.

Men and Love Letters

Men, I imagine most of you feel

that you are at a disadvantage.

Most men feel overwhelmed when it comes to love letters.

But the good news is that most women are thrilled by anything you send them.

If your wife is not thrilled,
it is usually because she has
been starving for romance for too long.


If you don't get the reception you want,
consider apologizing for not doing this sooner.

Then tell your honey that you think that adding romance would be fun.
Ask her if she would please play along.....
And men - doing it on bended knee is a great idea!

Every Prince Charming

knows that most women


when he gets on bended knee.

~   ~

Getting on bended knee to sincerely apologize
or to
romance a woman with words of affirmation
is a great idea to do for most women.

Every Princess knows that
forgetting the past and becoming flirty
is a great idea to do for most husbands.

I pray that your spouse -
whether husband or wife -
will play along and have fun!

Location, location, location
Taking your Love on the Road

Take your Honey on a Picnic!

Grab a blanket, some sandwiches, and



~ ~

How about an Ice Cream

with the

One of your Dreams?

There is nothing like sharing an ice cream cone.

What a great opportunity to be flirty

while looking deeply into

each other's eyes.

No cell phone calls - except emergencies!

A Book to Boost your Love Life

I Love You, Ronnie

is a great beginner handbook



This book contains letters
Ronald Reagan sent to his wife Nancy.

AGAIN, I point to the Reagan's in order to spotlight mega-romance!

I've seen grown male journalists
talk about the book and get teary-eyed!

For example, on Thanksgiving,
Ronald gave Nancy a card.
Inside the card it said,

"You are the Real Whipped Cream
on the Pumpkin Pie of Life!"

Then in his own handwriting he wrote:

& boy am I a dessert man!

~  ~

We've got a copy - What about you?

~  ~

I'm considering doing a

Romance e-book.

It would be filled with Romance Tips.

If you would be interested in reading it,

contact me by using the "contact us" button

at the bottom of the page.

~ ~

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