Rebounding Exercise

Many Health Professionals claim

that using a rebounder

(a mini-trampoline)

is part of a healthy weekly exercise program.

Several years ago, I heard that using a rebounder
would increase or at least help maintain your health.

I bought a rebounder and now enjoy using it.

I have no medical credentials,
so do your own investigation in order
to gain knowledge on whether or not
rebounding is as good for your health
as these videos say it is.

I enjoy using a rebounder to get some exercise,
and I hope it is as healthy for my lymph system
 as it is rumored to do!

Be sure and do warm up exercises

before you start using your rebounder.

~ ~ ~

If you are a beginner or a senior citizen,
 we suggest that you look at the
beginner tips section and prayer points
that we have
at the bottom of the following page:

 Senior Citizen and Beginner Fitness Tips

We also have another fitness page with
lots of motivational prayer

Click: Christian Fitness

Important Note:

Any time you are starting or changing

your exercise habits,

you need to check with your doctor.

Your doctor's advice is vital in helping you

make wise choices.

The first video is a good choice for most beginners.

Keep in mind that as we age, our ability to balance
naturally goes down.

Seniors need a rebounder with bars to hold on to.

Seniors, please be careful not to fall. 

Seniors need to hold on at all times.
And make sure someone is home when you use a rebounder.

Youtube has lots of rebounder exercise videos.

I posted a couple of videos as an example.

The following video was chosen
because he gives some advice on how to begin very slowly.

Also, this video reminds us that
we can do rebounding anywhere.

Prayer for Fitness

We have lots more prayer for exercise on our
Christian Fitness page.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for the wonderful body you gave me.

Help me to find healthy exercise ideas that will maintain and even increase my health.

Lord, I need your revelation and motivation in order to improve my health.

I will give you thanks and praise this day for your goodness and mercy to me.


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