Prayers for Children

Prayers for Children
that are filled with warmth and inspiration.


This page has

Three Prayers.


The first two are general prayers for children and
  the third one is written for us as role models.


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Prayers for Children
Prayer for Children

First Prayer


We delight in our children.

They come to us as tiny, cooing ones wrapped in a warm blanket.

Soon they are smiling, laughing, babbling.....

crawling, walking, and then running.

Children are blessings of joy.

Lord, thank you for our children.

We ask you to protect, provide, and guide
our children.

In Jesus' Name we pray,


Copyright © 2012 Beth McLendon of

Prayers for Children - Second Prayer

Dear Lord,

We thank you for your gift of children.

We celebrate the freshness children bring to daily routines.

We celebrate the excitement they bring to holidays.

We celebrate the amusement they bring to us through their antics.

We celebrate the amazing love they create in our heart.

Father, we lift up our children and ask that your blessing would rest upon them.

We thank you that your goodness and mercy will follow them all the days of their life.


Copyright © 2012 Beth McLendon of

Psalm 23:6

Children are Imitators.

Children watch us and then pretend to be us.

As those who love children,
we need to remind ourselves
that children look to us
as those who
love them, protect them, provide for them,
and as those who model for them -
how to daily live in this world.


Children will copy what we model for them.

Prayers for Children - Third Prayer


I lift up my need to  grow spiritually and to mature as a person, so that I can show my children the best way to live in this world.

Help me to show my respect for your Word, so that my children will grow to respect your Word.

Help me to deepen my love for you, so that my children will know how to love you deeply.

Help me to be more teachable, so that I can show my children how to be teachable.

Help me to be more forgiving, so that I can show my children how to be forgiving.

Help me to be a more loving and compassionate person, so that I can show my children how to be loving and compassionate.

Help me to be determined to follow through in order to finish tasks and honor commitments, so that I can show my children how to follow through in order to finish tasks and honor commitments.

Help me to say no to bad things in my life, so that I can show my children how to say no to bad things in life.

Help me to admit when I have been wrong, so that I can show my children how to admit when they have been wrong.

Renew my mind, Lord.  I will learn to think like you.

Remind me to read your Word. I will listen to you.

I will grow in my determination to learn to act and react as you would.

I will model that following you is important.

I will remember that little eyes are watching me.

In Jesus’ Name I pray,


Copyright © 2012 Beth McLendon of


Parents are generally the most influential people in a child's life. However, grandparents and other authority figures
are also influential.
And do not forget how influential entertainment figures are.

I encourage you to monitor access, and consider restricting frequent access, to entertainment figures who project morals that do not conform to Biblical values. (Yes, I know that is not at all easy.)
I encourage you to go buy DVD's of the old TV shows that were good or find some of them free at the library.


Prayers for children, modeling for children, and protecting children from worldly entertainment all work together to bless our children.


People look to us as Christian role models.
May the Lord help us grow to be good ones.

Praying for our Children

This page contains childrens prayers.

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